McKinney calls on education commissioner to resign

By Christine Stuart

HARTFORD, Conn. – In a hastily called press conference, Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney, R-Fairfield, called for the resignation of state Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor.

Outside the Capitol press office Tuesday, McKinney, who also is running for governor, said it had nothing to do with Pryor’s personality or anything he did specifically. He just happens to be the head of the Education Department, which has been charged with implementing the new teacher evaluation system and Common Core Standards.

The confluence of the two new systems have since been slowed by the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council, which received a federal waiver to delay implementing a new computer-based test and a new teacher evaluation system that relies more upon student performance and classroom observations than in the past.

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  1. EveT

    This opener may lead the reader to believe there is a legitimate reason for McKinney’s calling for Pryor’s resignation, and could imply that Pryor is indeed resigning. So it’s worth reading the complete story, in which Gov. Malloy’s Chief of Staff is quoted as saying, “While the administration is working with teachers and parents to improve public education, John McKinney is working to further his political ambitions by scoring political points at the expense of Connecticut’s children.”

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