McKinney comes out swinging

The primary election will be held Aug. 12.
The primary election will be held Aug. 12.

HARTFORD, Conn. – Sen. John McKinney pledged from the beginning of the campaign that he wouldn’t attack his Republican opponent, but in his first campaign ad he takes a jab at Tom Foley’s budget plan.

“Tom Foley says he won’t cut spending,” McKinney says in the ad.

The statement is followed by video of Foley saying “I’m not going to cut spending.”

McKinney then goes onto explain in the 30-second ad that not cutting spending isn’t going to solve the problem.

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3 responses to “McKinney comes out swinging”

  1. Oyster

    McKinney’s use of the phrase “size of government” seems to revolve around the size of union pay. He forgets that one of Malloy’s firse moves was to consolidate dozens of state agencies, and to regionalize others. THAT is a reduction in the “size of government”. If Mr. McKinney is really out to cut core government services in order to remove some of the last livable wage middle class jobs in CT, he should come out and say he wants us to become Wisconsin. But, he’d better be prepared for the cost of social spending to soar as a result.

  2. One and Done

    Oyster missed the part where the budget has grown an average of 8% a year under Malloy.
    McKinney is slowly but surely ruining his own good name. He wouldn’t have even qualified for the ballot if it wasn’t for Tom Foley. What a joke.

  3. potaxpayer

    the biggest problem in this state is welfare. ct has the 5th best paying welfare in the country. we need to be 50th best in welfare.

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