McKinney: Scrap income tax for those making less than $75K

John McKinney (Hugh McQuaid photo)
John McKinney (Hugh McQuaid photo)
The primary election is Aug. 12
The primary election is Aug. 12

STRATFORD — Republican gubernatorial candidate John McKinney released a plan Thursday to eliminate the state income tax for residents earning less than $75,000 beginning in 2017.

McKinney, the state senate minority leader, is competing for the Republican nomination against Tom Foley, the party’s convention-endorsed candidate. Republican voters will go to the polls on Aug. 12 to pick a candidate. Whichever wins will face incumbent Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

“We believe middle class people across Connecticut have paid too much in taxes and they deserve their money back,” McKinney said at a press conference outside a plaza in Stratford.

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5 responses to “McKinney: Scrap income tax for those making less than $75K”

  1. EveT

    When you read the complete story you find out that this so-called cut comes “at the expense of our schools, our roads and infrastructure, and elimination of other vital services. John McKinney has proposed slashing the Earned Income Tax Credit for low income residents, rental rebates for seniors, gutting money for schools, pulling the plug on health care, and laying off droves of employees. Under his latest plan, the cuts would be even deeper.”

  2. Don’t Panic

    Literally a “Hood Robin” plan. Take money from the poor, limited income seniors and students to give to the middle class.
    As long as he fails to understand that cutting government jobs does nothing to create jobs, he has nothing to offer this state. We won’t even be able to commute to the few privaye sector jobs that exist because there will be no roads and rails left to travel on.

  3. One and Done.

    There is still a Federal earned income credit. The state run welfare program is another reason why we are not competitive anymore. Time for people who understand basic economics to be running things before the liberals completely ruin this state. Hint: rising tides.

  4. Piberman

    Public unions will like this proposal. McKinney is a “deep thinker”.

  5. DeeeeMoooo

    This sounds suspiciously like an upstate-CT idea to shift even more tax burden to lower Fairfield.

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