McKinney tells Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots he would support gun law repeal

HARTFORD, Conn. – Sen. John McKinney, who represents Newtown and supported stricter gun control measures, told the Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots on Tuesday that if he was governor and the legislature sent him a repeal of the gun bill he would sign it.

The Connecticut Democratic Party, which captured the video of McKinney’s remarks by using a video tracker, called it “political pandering.”

An audience member asked McKinney, “If the Republicans took over the General Assembly and they put forward a repeal of SB 1160, if you were elected governor would you sign it?”

“If the legislature repeals something, I think the governor owes a great deference to what the legislature does, and I would,” McKinney replied.

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3 responses to “McKinney tells Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots he would support gun law repeal”

  1. Joe Espo

    “I was for it before I was against it.” “I took the bucks before I said ‘aw shucks’”. Can you spell T-O-A-S-T ?

  2. John Hamlin

    This is another reason why the Republicans are on a downward spiral — they may never win statewide office again. Next he will try to ban gay marriage and deport all illegal immigrants. See how the support of the radical right translates into electoral defeat. He must be truly desperate.

  3. M. Murray’s

    Yet they keep electing that idiot Malloy

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