McKinney-Walker close to qualifying

Sen. John McKinney (CTNJ file photo)
Sen. John McKinney (CTNJ file photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – The deadline for qualifying for public funds is fast approaching and at least one gubernatorial candidate is still waiting for his funds.

Republican Sen. John McKinney and running mate David Walker said Friday that about $4,600 of their more than $250,000 was called into question by election regulators. In order for a donation to qualify the donor has to disclose their name, home address, and employer.

However, the duo still believe they will qualify for the $1.35 million grant by July 10.

“This morning we received a report that the SEEC review of our application for grant funding will only require follow-up on about $4,600 in contributions in order to qualify for the state grant.  The required paperwork will be submitted expeditiously,” the campaign said.

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