McMahons stuff Moccia’s campaign coffers

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Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia leads a Linda McMahon campaign event last October.

NORWALK, Conn. – Mayor Richard Moccia’s support of Linda McMahon’s recent senatorial candidacy seems to have paid off – at least financially.

Linda and Vince McMahon have donated $1,000 each – the maximum allowed by law – to Moccia’s re-election campaign, helping the mayor get off to a strong start, financially speaking – although he hasn’t raised half the money that one of his Democratic challengers has taken in.

The Moccia campaign had raised $7,725 as of March 31, according to papers filed with the town clerk’s office Monday. Much of that came from people the mayor has done political favors for, or who are politically connected. That includes freshman Councilman David McCarthy (R-District E), who donated $1,000.

Compare that total to the 2011 re-election campaign: Moccia had raised $2,100 as of March 31, according to a story at the time in The Hour.

But Councilman Matt Miklave, who would like to get the Democratic party nomination to run against Moccia, had raised $16,839.49 as of March 31, according to papers filed with the town clerk’s office last week. More than half his donors are from out of town. Former Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel, who is also competing to be the official Democratic candidate this fall, had taken in $7,433, the majority, nearly 80 percent, from within Norwalk, according to papers filed with the town clerk’s office last week.

Both men began fundraising in mid-November; Moccia’s first donation, $100 from Councilman Doug Hempstead, came in Feb. 5, the night Moccia announced his intention to run for re-election.

Art Scialabba, Republican Town Committee chairman and Moccia’s campaign manager, said he is pleased with $7,725.

“It’s a very good sign especially since we haven’t sent any fundraising letters out yet,” he said in an email.

Asked about the higher total Miklave has raised, he said, “You have to realize that the mayor doesn’t have the free time as other candidates do to do nothing but fundraise.”

Miklave is a partner in a New York City law firm and a Common Councilman. Garfunkel works full time as a studio mechanic at the Connecticut Film Center in Stamford.

Most of Moccia’s support thus far comes from in town, with 17 Norwalkers donating and five donations coming from other Connecticut residents.

The donations are:

Vince McMahon of Greenwich $1,000

Linda McMahon of Greenwich $1,000

David McCarthy of Norwalk $1,000

Attorney Peter Nolin of Norwalk $1,000

Peter Torrano of Norwalk $500

Sheldon Miller of Norwalk $500

Daniel McCabe of Stamford $250

Jill Travello of Fairfield $250

Michael Interieri of Norwalk$200

Jack Smith of Norwalk $200

Doug Hempstead of Norwalk $100

Mathew Surpine of Norwalk $100

Sarah Mann of Norwalk $100

Ernest DeRoches of Norwalk $100

Daniel O’Connor of Norwalk $100

Jack Orchulli of Darien $100

Lindsay Wrinn of Norwalk $50

Megan Wrinn of Norwalk $50

Anil Kamath of Norwalk $50

Arthur Petrone Jr. of Norwalk $50

Laurie Williamson of Darien $50

Alan Moccia of Norwalk $25

David Park of Norwalk $25

Art Scialabba of Norwalk $25

(For a list of Garfunkel and Miklave donors, click here.)

The campaign has paid $982.61 in expenses. That includes credit card processing fees of $160.67, website fees of $287.50 to a California company, $460.66 to Walmartchecks.com, $86.73 for a cell phone and $308.25 to Professional Graphics, a Norwalk firm.

Correction made, 2:25 p.m. April 10


16 responses to “McMahons stuff Moccia’s campaign coffers”

  1. M. Murray

    Interesting choice of headline. To be fair and unbiased, your previous article about Miklave’s campaign should have been “Out of Towners Try to Buy Norwalk Election” since A much higher percentage of his donors are not from Norwalk. Fair is Fair.

  2. EveT

    Is there a reason why the amounts raised by the Rilling and Mangiacopra campaigns are not mentioned?

  3. David McCarthy

    Mike, don’t waste your breathe. Rather than being called an “ardent supporter” which is what I am, I am referred to as “politically connected” or perhaps the recipient of “political favors”. I defy anyone to point out any “favor” I’ve received ever…. If I am connected….it is by my very existence, I guess, as I had never met the mayor before I ran for office the first time.

    So, rather than the many things I’ve done in the city (which one can agree with or not, I have no qualms with that) I’m trashed for supporting an effective, competent mayor.

    At this point if the mayor sprouting wings and flew around city hall, Nancy’s headline would be “Moccia Breaks Laws of Physics”

  4. Don’t Panic

    Campaigns have ten days after the end of a reporting period to submit. The other two have apparently waited until the very end of the window to report.

  5. Hobbes.the.Calvinist

    Much ado about nuttin’, honeys.
    It’s fine that elected officials contribute to Moccia. If you know these people, you know they’re good guys- maybe they are “political insiders”, but Hempstead and McCarthy are class acts. But I don’t think the article disparaged either gentleman.
    Can we move on to discussing the campaign instead of the reporting about the campaign?

  6. ScopeonNorwalk

    The deadline is tomorrow. I think the Town Clerk should have to hold the reports until the deadline. I don’t know if these numbers came directly from the campaigns or the Town Clerk’s office but usually when there is a deadline, all information is held until the deadline.

  7. ScopeonNorwalk

    Anyways, both Miklave and Andy have more Norwalk contributors than Moccia.

  8. oldtimer

    The McMahons have been significant Moccia supporters for a while and there are others, from far out-of-town. It is much too early to draw conclusions from contributor lists. Any candidate that has supporters writing $1000 checks must be doing something. Wait till the checks start coming in from people doing business with the city, using names of company officers or employees.

  9. Mr. Mangiacopra and Mr. Rilling had not yet filed their papers yesterday. ScopeOnNorwalk is right, the deadline is April 10. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the clerk’s office today but I suspect they won’t be there anyway.

  10. Nancy, what are the political favors you say, “the mayor has done political favors for” to the people who supported his campaign?

    If you are going to be a blatantly biased and print a statement like that then you need to support it. On the other hand, will it be like the other lily liberal who stated that the republicans buried Garfunkel in retaliation to the Knopp campaign (cannot remember exactly because the request for support and clarification never came…)

    Throwing out unsupported statements like that just make you seem petty, because your liberal prejudice is showing, and a bad journalist.

  11. RedRover

    So Linda and Vince are listed as Stamford residents, which I understand they own a few homes, however I thought their main residence was in Greenwich. Let’s hope Linda becomes a supporter of many and not a candidate of any sorts!

  12. You’re right, they’re from Greenwich. Their business is in Stamford. Correction made.

  13. @IrishGirl

    Political favors were obviously made for Linda McMahon. He led her around SoNo on a sight-seeing tour, generating publicity. Are you going to tell me that was part of his official mayoral duties?
    When you appoint people to positions of power and political influence you are doing them a political favor. Many of the people on this list are commissioners or past commissioners. The three-member police commission is chaired by Moccia; the two other members, who he appointed, are on here.
    As far as bias, you make no mention of the spotlight shown on the Democratic fundraising or the investigation into the town clerk’s office. Not everything that you think has a negative tone to it is biased, it just may be facts you find distasteful.

  14. Tim T

    McMahon and Moccia
    or in other words
    Dumb and Dumber

  15. Tim T

    So true political favors were obviously made for Linda McMahon. It was so obvious it was disgusting. I was actually expecting Moccia to be on wrestlemania this past Sunday. McMahon should stick to what she is good at in running the freak show the wwf. Well I guess that is kind of like Moccia’s campaign a freak show.

  16. Actually Nancy, it was a genuine question…sorry to read that it seems like you are on the defensive.

    But as for your answer “he led her around on sightseeing tour, generating publicity” – well, you are saying that if the situation was reversed, it wouldn’t be the same?? Of course it would!

    All this hoopla about political favoritism occurs on the dem side as well, it’s just that you probably won’t read about it on this site but another.

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