McMurrer – an easy choice for Common Council

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Jenn McMurrer is running for Common Council and going into a primary – I am writing to convey that Jenn sitting on Common Council will benefit the entire community. Jenn winning will mean a voice for all of the parents, children, and those that often don’t feel heard in town.

Not everyone knows Jenn yet, but they will soon learn she is a proven communicator, honest, transparent and a thoughtful listener.

Dedication, hard work and an ‘all or nothing’ approach to life are non-negotiables with Jenn and just how she lives her life. These attributes are what allow Jenn to be so in tune with the community (a regular volunteer for families in need, our schools, and other community members) as well as her friends and family.

As I mentioned previously, while everyone may not know Jenn, she is not an unknown – she has a proven track record as an SGC community member, Norwalk SPEDPAC, President of the Marvin PTA and member of the PTOC – she is the strongest advocate for our children – all children.

It has been said that Jenn has an uphill battle – well victory is waiting at the top and the ride down for all will be smooth with Jenn on Common Council.

It’s pretty simple. Vote. For. Jenn.

Lindsay Shurman


Jason Milligan July 28, 2021 at 6:38 am

Who did John Kydes piss off and when?

John can you at least write a tell all book before you are retired?

Start with POKO.

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