Meet, Greet and Eat: Support for NoN Thursday night at Oak Hills Restaurant on the Green

NORWALK, Conn. – NancyOnNorwalk readers and staff will converge Thursday night at the Oak Hills Restaurant on the Green for the Three F’s – Food, Friends and Finance support.

We call it Meet, Greet and Eat, and it is intended to bring together Norwalk people who care about their city for a chance to meet and chat, meet and give some input to Nancy, Mark and Eric Chapman – the NoN team – and enjoy all the fabulous food you can eat.

Suggested donation is $25. NoN depends primarily on the largesse of its readers to continue bringing Norwalkers daily reports about what is going on in and around their city government. How is your tax money being spent? What are your elected and appointed officials doing in your name?

So if you want to continue to read NancyOnNorwalk – Norwalk’s free and independent source of political news – join us from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Thursday for our third Meet, Greet and Eat fundraisers, or consider making a donation by going to the box at the top right side of the page and either clicking “donate” or getting the address to send a check.

NoN thanks you and hopes to see you Thursday night.



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