Memo to Dathan: Middle class private sector would love a raise

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Connecticut Democrats are all aboard the tax-and-spend express, and state representative Lucy Dathan has enthusiastically donned her conductor’s cap.  She voted in favor of an 11% pay raise for assistant attorneys general.  The vote followed whining by union leaders that wages have effectively decreased because assistant attorneys general now contribute more towards the cost of their benefits.  In effect, Dathan and her colleagues propose to tax private employees even more to raise pay for government employees at a rate faster than private employees can obtain.  All this in order to compensate those government employees for bearing benefit costs that private employees have borne for many years.

Meanwhile, Democrats including Dathan have sponsored a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, regardless of skill, training, education, or supply of competent workers.  If approved, the increase will serve to diminish the already paltry spending power enjoyed by what remains of the Connecticut middle class.  So a middle class private employee will see less money in her pocket each month after paying taxes to give her government colleagues a raise she is not getting, and the little money she still has will buy even less than it does now.

Memo to Lucy:  Party bosses in Hartford didn’t elect you; voters in your district did.

Irina Comer


8 responses to “Memo to Dathan: Middle class private sector would love a raise”

  1. Sue Haynie

    Great comments. All of Norwalk and most of Connecticut Democrats are owned by the Unions. They are killing Connecticut.

  2. Steve Mann

    When I met Lucy back in October, before the election, one of her comments stood out. “I spent twenty-five years in the finance industry and I understand fiscal responsibility”.

  3. Lisa Brinton

    At the Chamber Breakfast – Bob Duff said the Asst. AGs bring useful lawsuits for the state. Really? Chasing out the private sector is good for Connecticut? Adding lawyers to collectively bargain salaries and benefits against taxpayers is just unfair!! How much longer does Hartford think regular citizens can pay up? Corporations and small business jobs continue to leave. This is not economically sustainable.

  4. Ron Morris

    Lisa once again with her Republican party, old worn out fact less talking points. Tell us for a change Lisa what you do as Mayor to make things better. All we hear from you is what the Democrats are doing wrong. We never not even once hear how you would be better. What happened to your city manager form of government from the last time you ran for Mayor?

  5. Bill Dunne

    The Dems are like the scorpion that stings the frog that is attempting to take it across the river to safety. Before they both sink, the dying frog asks: Why did you do that? The scorpion explains that it just can’t help it. “It’s my nature.”

  6. Tysen Canevari

    Why dont we interview Stew Leonard who employees tons of high school kids and part timers. If he has to pay them a minimum wage of $15 who will that bounce back to? Us of course. Can we get something useful done in the capitol please?

  7. Joe

    Your really expect Ms. Dathan to buck “the machine” ?

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was a movie like Batman.

    The machine has been dominating our state since we made it fat and strong with the income tax.

    So we get sanctuary status … a domineering 22-year-old kid senator… Gavin is back… Perez is back …dope and tolls…

    Don’t hold your breathe.

  8. John ONeill

    I really believe Lucy Dathan wants to do what’s right for 142. It will be disappointing if the above comments come to fruition.

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