Merritt 7 train station construction funded by state

A 2015 rendering of the proposed train station at Merritt 7.
A 2015 rendering of the proposed train station at Merritt 7.

NORWALK, Conn. — The state has approved funding for a new train station at Merritt 7, on the Danbury line.

The State Bond Commission on Wednesday approved $20 million for “the design and construction of the Orange, Barnum and Merritt 7 Stations on the New Haven Line and Danbury Branch Line Station upgrades – Merritt 7 Station – Norwalk.”

State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) could not immediately provide details, with his aide commenting that things are hectic with the legislative session.

The proposed station was the topic of a public meeting in April 2015. At that point it was estimated that design would be $5 million and construction $15 million.

The plan was designed in collaboration with the Norwalk Transit Authority and Norwalk officials. The station was planned to be 600 feet north of the current station, with Glover Avenue moved to the west about six to eight feet.

One of the ideas behind the design is to allow for future upgrades, such as leaving room for possible catenary towers for electrifying the line, CDOT Project Manager Bruce Olmstead said, citing that as the reason the road would be moved.

The platform would be 510 feet long to allow more train doors to open onto it, with bicycle racks at either end under the full-length canopy, officials said. There would be an overpass that would link to a driveway at Merritt 7, linking the station with Main Avenue and allowing pedestrians access.

There are 5,000 apartments planned for Glover Avenue, John Eberle of Stantec, an engineering firm, said Monday.

Also approved by the Bond Commission was $48 million for the design, engineering and construction of a new dock yard on the Danbury Branch Line, a project linked to the reconstruction of the Walk Bridge.

A 2015 rendering of the proposed train station at Merritt 7.
A 2015 rendering of the proposed train station at Merritt 7.


2 responses to “Merritt 7 train station construction funded by state”

  1. DrewT

    A new train station is a great idea when a State has the revenues to do such projects. It’s kind of like fixing Westport & East Ave, not a great situation at the tune of $2 Million but the State DOESNT HAVE EXTRA MONEY FOR THESE PROJECTS!! Are they needed YES! But we have an enourmous defecift that needs to be addressed first before Bob’s pet projects happen. Further, we need more PARKING at our current stations in SONO & The Diaster for years that is E. Norwalk! But maybe Danny Boy will screw the commuters AGAIN and raise fares to fix Bob’s Pet projects. We need money for NEW Schools, we need to fix our bridges and roads that are in DIRE need! We don’t need Pet Projects or MORE apartments. The station and intersection need to be addressed but not now when the Defecit is close to the Billions!!! Once again the State has its priorities all out of whack!! We can wait a few extra minutes getting down Westport Ave and another couple of years for a modern station. It’s not going to hurt us! But when our bridges fall apart and school buildings start to crumble that’s a different story!!!

  2. Michael Foley

    I think this is a great move ! Now we need the Redevelopment agency to take all of the buildings on both sides of Wall St and tear then all down and start over, we could relocate the post office and make parking for the Library and even bring back the Wall St train station! We Can make this area a place where people would want live and dine and have access to several types of transportation ( buses & trains )

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