Middle school sports

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The Norwalk Board of Education is proud to celebrate the return of middle school sports programs throughout the district. Beginning in the fall, hundreds of NPS middle school students across the district participated in intramurals and travel team opportunities including basketball, volleyball, soccer, handball, ping pong, floor hockey, track and more.

Middle school sports not only provide students with the ability to participate in physical fitness activities, but also help to support mental wellbeing, teach important life skills and discipline, while promoting a sense of normalcy.

The Board would like to recognize all of the coaches and NPS staff members who helped make the return of middle school sports a success by organizing practices and competitions, and supporting our student athletes.

We also want to congratulate the Nathan Hale boys and girls basketball teams and coaches for winning the Norwalk middle school championships!

We honor students from each of our NPS middle schools to represent their fellow athletes:

Ponus Ridge STEAM Academy
  • Seventh grade student Jada Hernandez plays basketball at Ponus Ridge STEAM Academy. Jada began as a dancer prior to joining the basketball team. Her favorite subject is Social Studies and she plans to go to college to become an English Teacher, and perhaps a WNBA player!
  • James Goiciechea is in eighth grade and plays basketball at Ponus. James enjoys Social Studies and Science and aspires to play in the NBA, or study to become a personal trainer.


West Rocks Middle School
  • An eighth-grade student at West Rocks Middle School, Surayha plans to continue to play basketball and run track when she gets to Norwalk High School. Surayha is a part of the gifted and talented program and the West Rocks band. Her aspirations are to go to college and become a graphic designer.
  • Mason Olavarria is a seventh grader at West Rocks and is a part of the boys basketball team. His future goals are to be an NBA player so that he can take care of his family. He would like to study Math in college and rise to his full potential in basketball.


Nathan Hale Middle School
  • Mia McCauliffe-Grant is an eighth grader at Nathan Hale Middle School. Her sports include basketball, which she has played since kindergarten. Mia plans to play college basketball and someday work with children.
  • An eighth-grade student at Nathan Hale, Jalen Victor helped lead the boys basketball team to victory this winter. Jalen’s favorite subject is Math, and after college he hopes to continue his basketball work and also work in the computer field.


Roton Middle School
  • Jaise Greaves is an eighth-grade student at Roton Middle School and a leader on the boys basketball team. Jaise hopes to play college basketball and major in communications. He’d like to have a career as a sports commentator, that is UNLESS he makes it to the NBA.
  • Ryan Trimboli is a seventh grader who led the Roton basketball team in 3 pointers this year. In addition to basketball, he also excels in baseball. Ryan hopes to continue to play basketball through college at the University of North Carolina. He then plans to become a coach.


The Norwalk Board of Education is excited for our middle school students to be able to once again engage in sports. We are proud of all our staff and students, who enthusiastically welcomed back sporting activities and events this year!


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  1. Piberman

    Maybe someday our BOE and School Administrators could release each year a list of college admissions and scholarships secured by our Norwalk high school grads. Along with a list of athletic scholarships. Reportedly the days of getting scholarships for a high ranked college based on athletic merit are declining. Many if not most of us who did varsity sports would argue the monies would have been off spent on learning math, science, etc. I still remember our coach, a former center for the NY Giants, telling us in the huddle before taking the field: “remember gentlemen this is War”.
    And it was. Reportedly no other nation spends as much on its school athletics as does the US. Maybe that’s why in world comparisons our students rank just in the middle of achievements. On the other hand we did have 5 Presidents who played ball while in college. But only 2 were “varsity” – Ike at West Point and Ford at Michigan.

  2. steve

    wasn’t GHWB on the Yale varsity Baseball team?

  3. Tysen Canevari

    Kudos for putting this back in the budget. Its not about scholarships. Its much more than that Piberman.

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