Miklave campaign gets heavy out-of-town cash influx

NORWALK, Conn. — Democratic mayoral hopeful Matt Miklave brought in $11,485 in donations from 67 donors in the second quarter. More than half the donors, 39, were from outside Norwalk.

Here is the summary and the list of contributors from the campaign to elect Miklave mayor of Norwalk:

Balance on hand at beginning of period, $16,791.57

Contributions received from individuals, $11,485 this period; $29,606 aggregate

Receipts from other committees, 0 this period; 0 aggregate

Other monetary receipts, $10,000 this period; $10,000 aggregate

Total proceeds from small purchases, 0

Total purchases of advertising – program book or sign, $85 this period; $85 aggregate

Total monetary receipts, $21,570 this period; $39,691 aggregate

Subtotals, $38,361.57 this period; $39,691 aggregate

Expenses paid by committee, $18,345.22; aggregate $18,393.14

Balance on hand at close of reporting period, $20,016.35; aggregate $21,297.86

Campaign expenses paid by candidate: 0

Candidate loan to campaign: $10,000 loan on June 28

$1,000 donors

Theodore Rogers of NYC

$750 donors

Tony Ditrio of Norwalk

$500 donors

Terry O’Neill of Long Beach, NY

Louis DiLorenzo of Romulus, NY

Michael Bernstein of Chappaqua, NY

$375 donors

Dana Eismeier of Castle Pines, Colo.

Patrick Pedro of Manilus, NY

$350 donors

Peter Libre of Norwalk

$300 donors

John Canoni of Mt. Kisco, NY

$250 donors

Donna DiScala of Norwalk

Willis Goldsmith of NYC

Marc Silverman of White Plains, NY

Jonathon Leiner of Belden, Miss.

Alice Stock of NYC

Elizabeth Alcorn of NYC

Alexander Miklave of Norwalk

Susan Weinberger of Norwalk

$200 donors

John Reynolds of Norwalk

Simon Sumberg of Norwalk

Elizabeth Foreman of Boulder Colo.

Michael McGown of Norwalk

Thomas Luz of Darien

Kevin Lane of Westport

Mark Zucker of Westport

$150 donors

Brian Robin of NYC

Alene LaMendola of Westport

$125 donors

Steven Swirsky of Chappaqua, NY

$100 donors

Steven Bauer of East Haddam

Olga Bauer of Canton

Phillip Berkowitz of Pleasantville, NY

Matthew Glubiak of Ridgefield

Olga Bauer of Canton

Samuel Ward of Norwalk

James Murphy of Rye, NY

Bruce Saber of NYC

Dean Silverberg of NYC

Richard Weisberg of Norwalk

Catherine Maxey of Dallas, Texas

Agnes Anderson of Los Angeles

Elsie Barnes of Radnor, Pa.

Paula Miklave of Manchester, NH

Robert Brody of Westport

Deb Goldstein of Norwalk

Mike Mushak of Norwalk

Barbi Striar Disraelly of Stamford

David Sklar of Wilton

Katherine Gallagher of Norwalk

Beth Church of Norwalk

Barrett Lester of Norwalk

$85 donors

Andrea Henson of Norwalk

$50 donors

Mary Miklave of North Canton

Scott Kimmich of Norwalk

Kate Tepper-Kimmich of Norwalk

Robert Minick of Morrisville, NC

Robert Wagman of Norwalk

Ilene Ginsberg of Norwalk

Brian Quinn of Springfield, Va.

Katherine Leggett of Charleston, W.Va.

Gwen Lupinek of Norwalk

$30 donors

Mabel Dudeney of Norwalk

$25 donors

Emil Albanese of Norwalk (three donations)

Elsa Peterson Obuchowski of Norwalk

Lucinsa Mendl of Little Falls, NY

Christopher Miklave of Norwalk

Nicholas Miklave of Norwalk

Howard Engel of Norwalk

Diane Lauricella of Norwalk

$20 donors

Evelyn Rumin of Little Falls, NY

Campaign expenses:

Bridge Communications of Newington, campaign consultant, $7,800

Bridge Communications of Newington, printing, $4,130.32

Marissa Mayer, campaign aide, retainer (April), $3,962.50

Surprise birthday, band and Norwalk Inn, $1,100

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  1. Tim T

    Matt is the only candidate to be considered. He has a plan to stop the out of control Republican tax and spend history. He was a true leader and stood up and took a stand about the violence in “AMANDA BROWN GATE”. Unlike good old boy Harry and young Vinny who did NOT.

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