Miklave, Garfunkel started raising money early in mayoral campaign

Garfunkel Miklave
Former Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel stumps during his 2011 mayoral campaign, at left; Common Councilman Matt Miklave kicks off his mayoral campaign last month, at right.

NORWALK, Conn. – It was an oversight: we didn’t get the mayoral campaign financing numbers as of Jan. 1. We’re making it up for you now.

According to papers filed with the town clerk’s office, The Friends of Andy Garfunkel took in two donations, both from Norwalk residents:

Christopher F. Potts $50

Gail Wall $1,000

The campaign’s only expense was $22.58 for checks.

The Matt Miklave Exploratory committee had received $4,695 in donations as of Jan. 1, 12 from Norwalkers and six from out-of-towners,  according to papers filed with the town clerk’s office. The campaign paid expenses of $854.43, most of it for a trip the candidate took to Boston for a conference on governing.

The donations were:

William Peterson of Ann Arbor, Mich. $375

Mark Zucker of Westport $375

Attorney Lawrence Church of Norwalk $375

Susan Weinberger of Norwalk $375

Sandra Miklave of Norwalk $375

Tony Ditrio of Norwalk $375

Peter Libre of Norwalk $350

Thomas Luz of Darien $350

Mary Miklave of North Canton $300

Antoinette Bain of Norwalk $200

Michael Lynnfield of Westport $200

Paula Miklave of Manchester, N.H. $150

Troy Jellerette of Norwalk $100

Attorney Douglas Stern of Norwalk $100

Deborah Goldstein of Norwalk $100

Jonathan Plisser of Old Greenwich $100

Michael Kalish of Melville, N.Y. $50

Scott Kimmich of Norwalk $25

Kate Tepper-Kimmich of Norwalk $25

Elsa Peterson Obuchowski of Norwalk $20

Miklave’s tuition at the National League of Cities Conference was $390, the papers say; his Amtrak ticket was $199, and he paid $38 to park in the Stamford railroad station garage. Busing to the conference in Londenberry was $72. He paid $39.85 for food.

The campaign also spent about $110 for copies.


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