Miklave wants to ‘think outside the box’ for Norwalk’s economy

Norwalk Democratic mayoral candidate Matt Miklave said he likes to 'steal' good ideas, such as economic accelerators.
Norwalk Democratic mayoral candidate Matt Miklave said he likes to ‘steal’ good ideas, such as economic accelerators.

NORWALK, Conn. – On one hand, Democratic mayoral candidate Matt Miklave might be seen as part of Norwalk’s political establishment. The District A Common Councilman has spent nearly eight years on the council – 2001 to 2007 and 2011 to present – and has been a part of the decision-making process for eight municipal budgets.

On the other hand, Miklave is portraying himself as someone who can bring new ideas, new accountability and new energy to City Hall, and he says city voters believe that is just what is needed.

“I think Norwalk is looking for change,” he said Wednesday night in an interview with NancyOnNorwalk. “I think the overwhelming majority of voters look at the current administration and know they have to change it.”

And what might that change look like?

Move over, performance-based budgeting. Time to share the spotlight with economic accelerators.

The idea is not new. Miklave has talked about it before, but the focus has been more on using the performance-based budgeting technique to get a grip on the city’s growing tax rate. But, while other candidates talk about “growing the grand list” and lobbying the state for more money, Miklave wants to try something more innovative as an economic plan.

Miklave said his plan for economic incubators would address how to attract other types of businesses to the area. “Look, I’m a free market guy, I believe in capitalism, it’s the greatest economic engine for job creation in the history of the world. What we need to do is emulate what other cities have done – Asheville, N.C., Beaverton, Ore. and Boulder, Colo.”

Miklave focused on Asheville, a city of close to 84,000 people in western North Carolina’s mountains that regularly turns up on magazine “best” lists for everything from its natural beauty to being one of the 25 best places for business and careers (Forbes, 2012).

“At the height of the recession, in 2008, they went to the downtown business district in Asheville and they created economic accelerators that were in harmony with their community,” Miklave said. “Asheville has a homegrown brewery economic accelerator. So they have all these micro breweries that they’ve started downtown, and that’s led to an influx of capital, resources and investment in the community. So my idea, on the first day in office, I would designate an economic accelerator team that would meet on a regular basis and help find plans and policies to form a series of economic accelerators that are in harmony with our community.”

The first – a “no-brainer,” he said – would be a hospitality industry accelerator “because it’s in keeping with Washington Street, what we’re already known for.”

He said the accelerator might include an office for a number of entrepreneurs to set up and exchange ideas and feed off each other’s creative energy, much like an artist community.

“… I‘ve already had talks with NCC (Norwalk Community College) about moving their culinary institute to South Norwalk so they’d be in combination with the accelerator,” he said. “It puts foot traffic on Washington Street at the same time with the same concept. So now maybe we have a knock-off restaurant, a place where an entrepreneur can try their goods in a place, see how the public likes them. So, if you’re working on Washington Street and you want to go to lunch, maybe you go into this café where, every day, the entrepreneur has a different whatever that you are able to sample and try and give feedback to.”

He said that he envisions programs that would bring top chefs to the accelerator, and maybe TV programs. He said grants are available for this kind of economic program, and that the hospitality accelerator would be just the first step. Technology would be another, he said. He said $30,000 grants are available for companies involved in this type of thing, meaning 10 companies enrolled in a technology accelerator would get $300,000 in grants.

“Now that’s seed money for them… That’s a jumpstart on new technology.”

“It’s so out of the box. And maybe it only has a 50 percent chance of success, but if it works, we got something nobody else in New England (is doing).”

But big box development?

“Big box stores are wrong for three reasons,” Miklave said.

“First of all, it’s the lowest tax revenue per square foot you can get for any economic development you put into the city. Secondly,” he said, “big box stores tend to have part-time, low paying, no-benefit jobs, some of the worst jobs you can have for an economic development project. And third, they put traffic on the street all at the same time – all during rush hours. So for those three reasons, big box stores are just a really a bad economic development program. And we need some of them, there’s no question about it. But we have enough. I don’t think we need to encourage more to come to Norwalk. I don’t want to be known as the Big Box Capital of Connecticut.”

Miklave was responding to a series of question NancyOnNorwalk asked of all theDemocratic mayoral candidates in advance of the Sept. 10 primary election. Andy Garfunkel, Vinny Mangiacopra and Harry Rilling each responded and their answers can be found by clicking on their names above.

Miklave’s enthusiasm for economic accelerators was an extension of his reply to the next question, which was naming three things he would have cut or reduced in this year’s city budget.

His answer?


Miklave said it would be unfair to cut anything without implementing performance-based budgeting to see what is working and what is not.

“We don’t have any performance standards now. We need to first adopt standards for programs, judge them, then give them a chance to succeed or fail,” he said. “We need to give them a chance to perform up to the standards we have set. It’s unfair to cut programs without giving them a chance to succeed. I will make decisions based upon performance, not based upon political calculations.”

Questions were raised in recent weeks about Mayor Richard Moccia’s choices for board and committee appointments, and whether it was wise to not reappointment people with expertise specific to the committee’s mission in favor of bring in “new blood” with new perspectives but no specific expertise.

Miklave said both types of people are needed.

“I would make an aggressive effort to reach out to the community, but I’m also going to be looking for talent,” he said. “We have a lot of talent in this community. That’s one of the reasons I called for a nationwide search for a new police chief, something that Chief Rilling opposed. I called for a nationwide search because I think Norwalkers can compete nationally with anybody. I don’t think we’re disadvantaged. And I note that Chief Rilling condemned a nationwide search for a new police chief at the same time he was a finalist in a nationwide search for police chief in Newport, R.I. I have a problem with that.”

He said he is comfortable with the idea of the Norwalk Housing Authority competing with Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) to run the Head Start program, but he then threw up a caution flag.

“The Norwalk Housing Authority could be a good provider of Head Start,” he said. “I’m a little concerned that it’s not related to its central mission, so I have some concerns … The mission of the NHA is to provide low-income housing opportunities – there’s a critical need for that – not education support services. I get a little concerned when an agency or corporation that has a defined mission starts to stray off it that mission. I call it a lack of focus. The day McDonald’s, for instance, starts selling shrimp, sell your stock. The world has ended as we know it.”

Asked about the damage negative campaigning could do to the eventual nominee for the general election, Miklave agreed it is a concern.

“You always have to be concerned with that. Any time you have an election there can be bad blood. I think we have an advantage here in Norwalk, because I do believe we all like each other as people,” Miklave said. “That’s a good start. I disagree with each of my opponents to varying degrees based on matters of policy, based on implementation and some philosophical issues I have with them.”

Miklave said he will vote for whoever the nominee is, but he also expressed some concerns

“I’m comfortable whoever the Democratic nominee is as long as they run a real campaign based on change. I do have a problem with some of the promises; that is, when politicians think they can promise the world and they don’t have to explain it. That’s when I think voters say that you’re just a typical politician. So I’m concerned that if my opponents go too far down that road – and I am concerned that they’ve already started going down that road – that even if they get the nomination they may not be successful.”


37 responses to “Miklave wants to ‘think outside the box’ for Norwalk’s economy”

  1. EDR

    Mr Miklave I ask you to please stop with the hyperbole! Big Box capital of Connecticut? Really? Been to Manchester lately?

    The four horseman of the political apocalypse already prove they collectively have no understanding whatsoever of urban land economics. If big boxes are so bad tell me why CTL investments are the most sought after real estate investments today? Tell me why those tenants generally pay 2 to 3 times more in net rent as suburban office tenants do and trade on a PSF basis well in excess of of suburban office buildings.

    If there is a tax problem perhaps they should get their brethren in Hartford who control both houses to pass a gross receipts tax to allow cities like Norwalk to take advantage of their enviable retail base. I suspect that if this happened they would be taking a far different position on box retail. In fact they would applaud it for the new revenue stream. Instead the answer by their party is to control gambling, alcohol, and drugs. Nice!

    As far as new big box development goes everyone should note that these two sites (Lowe’s and BJ’s) are likely the last big sites on either route that can be redeveloped. I am sure that the four horseman would take credit for stopping further development when in fact it would end based on normal market supply and demand conditions.

    With respect to business initiatives they are all noble ideas. Unfortunately Connecticut is near the bottom of the list with respect to being business friendly on account of excessive regulation and taxation. While liberals like these gentleman might disagree I note that none of them have actually ever created a job or met a payroll in their life. If they did they would understand the issues businesses of all sizes face state wide. How about making things easier and maybe businesses would start?

    If I am not mistaken there has not been one new net job created in the State of Connecticut since 1987 despite spending hundreds of millions in corporate tax incentives to large corporations mostly in Stamford. Start with reforming the business climate.

  2. Asa H.M.

    A candidate with REAL ideas, REAL methods to implement, and REAL experience in our city. If you want a candidate that makes promises to the audience they are addressing, vote for the other guys. If you want a candidate that will work for NORWALK – and everyone that lives here, to make our city great, vote for MATT MIKLAVE. We desparately need a Mayor that can bring in new ideas, new thoughts, innovative programs. A Mayor that will do his homework, collaborate with other communities to find “best practices” and bring those ideas to Norwalk, adopt them for our needs and make them our own. Matt Miklave is the ONLY candidate willing to make decisions that will benefit every citizen, not special interest groups. And he has shared with us his vision for how to pay for his plans, how to save taxpayers from the ever-increasing burden of shouldering costs for every line item in our budget. Matt looks across interest groups and has a vision for where Norwalk can be in the coming years, and he has the experience to pull together all the pieces of the pie that are our separate department and services groups. Norwalk needs our next Mayor to be Matt Miklave!

  3. RU4REEL

    Nationwide search huh? How did that work out for the fire department, a guy from Stamford, one from Utah and we end up with a guy from Westport, who sat in on budget meetings before he was hired, the fix was in(Knopp).
    Throw in the allegations of racism on the department since then and that tells me the nationwide search worked poorly for not only Norwalk but minority hiring in the department.
    Miklave was a part of that since he was a councilman at the time.
    How about hiring from within, it gives employees an incentive to get ahead and they are more familiar with Norwalk anyway, no need for any glass ceilings.
    Miklave said it himself, there is plenty of talent in Norwalk.

  4. D(ysfunctional)TC

    I hate it when the cat ‘thinks’ outside of the box.

  5. Rod Lopez-Fabrega

    Mr. Miklave and his creative out-of-the-box thinking should be part of the advisory group surrounding the next mayor of Norwalk.

  6. David

    I have to say, in a season of “vagueness”, some specifics are appreciated, regardless of whether they are agreed with or not.
    I like the idea of Technology seed money, I think that’s a great idea. The Wall St. Journal had a great article titled “High-Tech Jobs Driving Economic Growth in More Cities”. A link is included below, but unfortunately it’s behind a paywall. One line I thought was striking: “For each new job that is created in the tech sector, five jobs are created in service fields.”
    There is a significant VC presence in Fairfield County, they should be tapped for this kind of initiative.

  7. LWitherspoon

    “Miklave said it would be unfair to cut anything without implementing performance-based budgeting to see what is working and what is not.”
    You mean that after nearly eight years on Common Council, Councilman Miklave has no idea which City programs work and which ones don’t? What has he been doing during those eight years?
    Miklave can’t come up with three things that he thinks could come out of the budget to save money, yet he wants us to believe that he is the candidate of fiscal responsibility? What a joke.

  8. LWitherspoon

    “I do have a problem with some of the promises; that is, when politicians think they can promise the world and they don’t have to explain it.”
    Ironically it’s Miklave himself who in the very same article touts PBB as something that will generate massive savings for Norwalk, yet in spite of eight years on the Common Council he can’t name three things that could come out of the City budget. All this time, each year he has voted for or against City budgets in spite of having no idea which City programs work and which ones don’t!

  9. LWitherspoon

    Miklave’s self-contradictory opportunism is now spinning out of control. See if you can count how many times he contradicts himself in just this one article. Here’s yet another example:

    “That’s one of the reasons I called for a nationwide search for a new police chief, something that Chief Rilling opposed. … And I note that Chief Rilling condemned a nationwide search for a new police chief at the same time he was a finalist in a nationwide search for police chief in Newport, R.I. I have a problem with that.”
    Yet in the same article…
    “Asked about the damage negative campaigning could do to the eventual nominee for the general election, Miklave agreed it is a concern.”
    It’s a concern, but… he’s doing it anyway because it personally benefits him!

  10. RU4REEL

    Leave your ego at the door, please step aside Matt and have your supporters jump on the Rilling bandwagon so we can get rid of the current administration.

  11. YourDaddy

    Keep your ego in the race Matt … Rilling couldn’t get enough votes for the party endorsement and even if he squeaks out a primary win (which is questionable) he has no chance to beat the incumbent. May as well continue to put your ideas out there.

  12. Tim T

    You said it. Rilling will not win in the primary as the taxpayers of Norwalk will not forget the nightmare he was as police consultant.
    I have yet to meet one person in the real world that plans on voting for Rilling. True he does have anonymous political operatives on the local website but that is where it begins and ends..

  13. Tim T

    How did it work out not doing a nationwide search for Rillings replacement…NOT VERY GOOD as we continue to have shootings and stabbings and as usual unsolved. Of course what else could we expect considering the current chief worked under the police consultant Rilling for his whole career .

  14. Joe Espo

    Vinny: More popcorn,please!

  15. Don’t Panic

    Promises to the public are only part of the story. Promises made in back room deals are also of concern. Back room deals and cronyism are exactly what we don’t need more of in this city. Mr. Miklave is the only candidate who has set his sights on cleaning up the process and running an open, accessible government. He is the only one who has been specific about how he will accomplish what he has outlined along with a plan to pay for it.

  16. RU4REEL

    @ Panic, you forgot Miklave WAS in the backroom for eight years, now he dislikes it?
    Please take the lollipop wrapper off your head.
    I regret having to comment on something Tim T says but I must.
    Do yourself a favor, the new chief IS doing a good job thus far, you personally need to get away from the keyboard head down to check out some of the things Police are doing for the community under his watch.
    This was a good choice to hire from within the Police Dept. in this instance.
    He has been visible and inclusive to the community, I would bet you live on the other side of town and afraid to head to South Norwalk to check it out by speaking with residents, not in passing while shopping but actually physically standing on their porch speaking to them.
    Don’t be scared, get out there so you have an accurate informed opinion, I have, I will go with you if you are scared.
    That would include anyone else that is unsure in regard to what is going on in Sono with the residents.
    Yes, crime is everywhere but that doesn’t mean the current Police administration gets all the blame, for instance, how about hiring up to full manpower for the department, that would be a good start.
    How about the courts not giving a slap on the wrist and putting criminals back on our streets.
    How about parents, if your child is not home at midnight go out and bring them home, my Mom did and so did I with my children or if you see something say something, PLEASE snitch, it is a crime stopper.
    Three of my four above solutions can easily be done, courts are a horse of a different color though.
    If anyone is paying attention the police explorer program is fantastic, filled with great children and young adults from the community, one example.
    I would appreciate legit solutions from the complainers, the new chief is here and that is it, stop complaining about it and come up with solutions to the problems real or imagined.

    (Editor’s note: This comment has been edited to conform to our policy)

  17. LWitherspoon

    @Don’t Panic
    Your claim that Miklave is the candidate who will rid us of backroom deals runs counter to Miklave’s eight years of backroom deals on the Common Council.

  18. Suzanne

    Two things, L Witherspoon: Mr. Miklave said he would not name three areas to cut in the budget because he felt it was political maneuvering rather than giving each area a chance to achieve to a certain performance standard. If they don’t, then he will thoughtfully and with data in hand cut the budget or combine certain operations to save money. To say he just didn’t know is not a clear read of this article nor a correct perception of his answer. Second, you assume that sitting on the Common Council means participation in “back room deals.” Prove it.

  19. Tim T

    You say the new chiefs is doing a good job yet you list ZERO as to what he is doing.
    We still have shooting after shooting and stabbing after stabbing …ALL UNSOLVED AS USUAL.
    We still have out of control police overtime.
    we still have a non existent community policing.
    Also you say the new chief is here and that is. Well I have news for you that is not the case as people get fired from jobs everyday. You say he is visible and inclusive to the community. Please tell us where as I have yet to see him anywhere in Norwalk. When you say visible in the community are you refer to the town that pays him or the town that he lives in. You can attack the messenger all you like and you can say how great things are however you have yet to list one specific example.
    Please make a list of what positive things have been done under the police consultant Rilling or under the current chief.

    I have pointed out and will continue to point out the negative. The ball is in your court. We will be waiting.

  20. RU4REEL

    tim, all I asked YOU to do was to go speak with the residents in the high crime area’s of town in person, simple.
    What are you ranting about?

  21. RU4REEL

    Suzanne I find it difficult to believe Miklave, as at one time council president, had no knowledge of many executive session decisions.
    Mushak is the tip of the iceberg.

  22. Tim T

    Please take notice I asked RU4REEL who is clearly a supporter of Rilling this very simple question.
    “Please make a list of what positive things have been done under the police consultant Rilling or under the current chief.”
    And as usual the Rilling supporters are unable to provide even one positive for Rilling’s time as police consultant. One would think that these individuals who claim Rilling was so great would be able to give hundreds of examples, but as can be seen in RU4REEL’s post they are unable to even show one positive..I ask you is this what you want for a mayor. We already have a failure , why elect another one..DO NOT VOTE RILLING unless you want the same failure we currently have.

  23. Suzanne

    It’s sort of entertaining if it wasn’t so important to the future of our life’s quality as citizens of Norwalk: L, Witherspoon, talk about bloviating. Constant criticism of Mr. Miklave based on your obviously so biased perspective against anything he says or does that there is no room for the possibility that this candidate might represent some good fortune and possibilities for a better Norwalk is obvious in your annotated responses. RU4REEL, I am not sure I understand your comment about “backroom deals” in terms of equating them with “executive sessions.” I don’t think one is the other but, rather, a pro forma process used by the City Counsel when privacy is necessary to hammer out details, particularly of a personnel nature. There is a specific criteria for executive sessions and nothing in that criteria being “back room deals” of a nefarious nature. What does “Mushak is the tip of the iceberg mean?” I happen to be a fan in that I believe his intent is for the health and welfare of all Norwalk citizens. If you don’t like how he goes about it, well those pesky intelligent questions have to be asked by someone if we are to be served, no? And Tim T, your views of the NPD are well known and how they relate to Mr. Miklave’s candidacy I don’t know. I, however, would love to see you provide some solid data to all of those opinions because everything else seems like hysterical venting.

  24. Tim T

    Pick up the Norwalk hour and read it. It has shootings and stabbings every week. When was the last one the NPD solved one?????
    You seem to critique anyone at will yet I have never not even once seen you provide any fact for your “opinions”. Also if you re-read my posts they are fact filled. It just seems you choose to avoid that portion of them.
    FYI If you bothered to read my post they were in reply to RU4REEL’s post as RU4REEL brought up Rilling not I and that is how it is on this article for your buddy Miklave

  25. Hobbes the Calvinist

    The fact we on this blog know that Miklave stands for Performance Based Budgeting shows that the message is sticking. Whether it would be a radical departure from what the city does now is anyone’s guess.
    Irregardless of who the nominee is, we’ll have Moccia trotting out Finance Director Tom Hamilton as the end-all-be-all of his budget “plan”. Sure, Moccia won’t mention how Tom Hamilton missed the insurance issue with the Board of Education that caused the shortfall (that was an account Hamilton’s department managed because it includes people on the city retirement plan). Moccia will tell us that Hamilton has saved us with our strong bond rating (but not tell us what’s suffered while the City sits on piles of cash that exceed any needed reserve).

  26. RU4REEL

    Some folks refuse to take off the blinders and look at the simple fact that it has been stated here many times that executive sessions have been used by the Moccia administration to hide things from public discussion, come on Sue.
    Miklave had to have knowledge of what was going on, it is cool if you are his friend but that would cloud your judgment and you go on the defensive for him.
    As for Mushak and the tip of the iceberg, what I meant was if what Mushak brought attention to we had no idea about, what else don’t we know about, too bad no one else has the gumption to step up and tell the truth.
    As for tim, if you are afraid to go to South Norwalk and speak with residents on their turf I feel sorry for you, to find out first hand what they think is the only way to have an INFORMED opinion, don’t believe all you read in the papers ace.

    This comment has been edited to conform to our policy.”

  27. RU4REEL

    Mr. Mushak does care about the health and welfare of the community, that is not the issue and I am a fan, all of my posts show that.
    He went about it the only way he could, as he said fight fire with fire.
    The other things WE don’t know about is the issue and these exec sessions are not only used for personal discussions but to hide from public view the decisions made, this includes not keeping accurate meeting minutes with this administration.

  28. Suzanne

    Mr. Miklave is not a personal friend, RU4REEL. Like any good constituent, I am supporting his IDEAS. I do not know much about him personally except for what is on his WEB site and the couple of “conversations” I had with him via e-mail about his views, available to anyone on any of the four-runners WEB Sites to find out more about their platforms. I am looking at data as represented in speeches, writing, meeting minutes, newspaper articles and online. With that, I support Mr. Miklave and do think accurate representations are more appropriate than emotional kickbacks by people who support other candidates.

    I do know that this administration has been lacking in transparency to say the least: Mr. Miklave represents to me an end to that practice. That he has participated in executive sessions in the past as a part of the City Counsel seems to me the necessary “evil” that has had to occur if he were to be included in any decision making with this administration at all. Mr. Mushak, likewise, has taken the “fire with fire” road because it seems to be the only method by which he can get the questions that need to be asked at least on the record if not answered.

    I believe both M’s are trying to lift this town out of the deplorable governmental state it is in under this mayor. Secrets and lies with no videotape has been the standard and that must change. It is affecting us materially through taxes, the quality of our neighborhoods, and the deplorable record of haphazard development or no development.

  29. Don’t Panic

    I must have struck a nerve for you to have decided to attack me personally. Believe what you want about me. Chief Kuwalhik is doing a good job for all of Norwalk. I expect that Tim T will be happier going forward.
    Conflating executive sessions with back room deals shows a lack of understanding of how both municipal meetings and the law work.
    Mr. Miklave’s integrity showed full well that he is not among the deal-makers at the DTC nominating convention, where he refused to cut a deal for votes. He is not among the many party and/or caucus flippers who did so to get influence. And he never fails to work with those who disagree with him about means as long as the goals are. Clear and for the benefit of Norwallk.
    Support Mr. Rilling if you believe he is best for Norwalk. I will support Mr. Miklave.

  30. Tim T

    Please take notice I asked and almost begged RU4REEL the following.
    “Please make a list of what positive things have been done under the police consultant Rilling or under the current chief.”
    And this is the reply I received
    “As for tim, if you are afraid to go to South Norwalk and speak with residents on their turf I feel sorry for you, to find out first hand what they think is the only way to have an INFORMED opinion, don’t believe all you read in the papers ace.”

    One would think that when asked for the reasons to vote for their candidate they would have a list a mile long. However as we can all see they do not. In Fact they are unable to list even one reason to vote for Rilling. They continue to attack the messenger of the reasons NOT TO VOTE FOR RILIING. They even go as far as saying the local media is making up the shootings and stabbing in Norwalk “don’t believe all you read in the papers ace”. WOW if that I not a play right out of the Republican handbook as in blame the media. However what else could we expect from the Rilling group as we all know at heart Rilling is a Republican.
    DO NOT VOTE RILLING as a vote for RILLING is a vote for MOCCIA.

  31. RU4REEL

    Folks, there is the woman currently going through the court system because she wanted copies!
    At any point anyone on the council/administration could have stopped the merry go round for this woman. Yet not one voice, and we are paying the tab!
    Yes, I would like to see Harry get a chance because I think he would do a good job.
    Peace @ Panic and Sue

  32. Tim T

    “Yes, I would like to see Harry get a chance because I think he would do a good job.”
    Yet as we can see from my above posts where I all but beg
    RU4REEL for what positives Rilling had done as police consultant and RU4REEL is not able to give one example. I think that says it all folks.

  33. Suzanne

    Tim T, you just must like attention. One article about a shooting in which the officers investigated what seemed to heard in the neighborhood, found blood, then investigated all local hospitals for a victim after questioning local residents? This is your example of an unsolved “crime wave” without investigation by the NPD? Please. There is such a thing as crime statistics. Get some. Your personal vendetta is not only tiresome, it does not appear to be believable or accurate. Try actual facts instead of braying and maybe we could learn something from you and work together as a citizenry to demand specific improvements. Until then, you are a one person protest factory with no teeth – we need some teeth.

  34. RU4REEL

    Tim is moccia, moccia is tim!

  35. Piberman

    As long as Attorney Miklave and the other candidates refuse to acknowledge that the City’s punitive tax rates and stagnant real estate and Grand List values are direct consequences of granting the highest municipal salaries of any city in CT they are engaging in political double speak. The great fear is that if elected Norwalk Democrats will follow the tax and spend of Gov Malloy and the Democrat super majority. To be taken seriously the candidates do need to talk about municipal salaries and our punitive property taxes. Unless they don’t want to upset their long love affair with our public unions. The real question is whether the Democrats will love our public unions any more fervently than the Republicans who have controlled Norwalk these 3 past decades. If not then say so. Silence here isn’t golden.

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