Minimum wage increases today

There will be a little something extra in minimum wage workers' paychecks.
There will be a little something extra in minimum wage workers’ paychecks.

HARTFORD, Conn. – Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents will get a raise today when the minimum wage increases from $8.70 an hour to $9.15 per hour.

The increase is the result of a law passed in 2014 by the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, which will further increase the minimum wage to $9.60 in 2016 and $10.10 by 2017.

“Connecticut was the first state in the nation to commit to increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour because we want to make sure that no one who works full time lives in poverty,” Malloy, who won a second-term this year, said.

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2 responses to “Minimum wage increases today”

  1. Kathleen Montgomery

    Wouldn’t it be nice if for just one month all elected officials had to accept minimum wage.

  2. Lisbeth

    Imagine making $366 a week for 40 hours of work at $9.15 an hour, or $19,000 for a 52 week year (assume you don’t get a vacation at this level). Now say this person works a 60 hour week, with time and half for overtime ($13.73) now add $275.60, or $604.60 a week, about $33,700 annually.

    So, how many people will no longer qualify for public assistance? Lots. And, certain of the low payers have already announced that their burgers WON’T increase in price. Everyone wins, well sorta. When will waiters/waitresses be added to the list? Now making $3.15 an hour, plus tips…

    Connecticut must be aggresive in enforcing this law. I am tired of supporting the Waltons, McDonalds, Target, etc, etc, etc….

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