Moccia $1,000 donors have apparent connection to Lowe’s

A model of the Lowe’s planned for 100 Connecticut Ave.

NORWALK, Conn. – Investors in Mayor Richard Moccia’s re-election campaign include at least four people who appear to have a connection to the Lowe’s planned for Connecticut Avenue.

A total of $4,000 was donated to the mayor’s campaign on Oct. 20 by four people named Hakimi, three of them from the Great Neck and Kings Point area on Long Island who have the same last name as Lyda Hakimi, president, and Todd Hakimi, vice president, of Hall Investments of Darien. Hall Investments lists 100 Connecticut Ave. as one of the properties that it is managing. The Zoning Commission in February approved an application to build a Lowe’s on that site.

An Internet search lists donors Todd, Yasmin, Lyda and Neal Hakimi as being related. Neal is listed as a Norwalk Hospital physician, Lyda as a real estate manager with Hall Investments and connections with 100 Norwwalk LLC, Todd as a real estate investor.


27 responses to “Moccia $1,000 donors have apparent connection to Lowe’s”

  1. marjoriem

    Great investigative work! Appears that Moccia will owe Lowes a favor….

  2. Better Norwalk

    What favor? Its a done deal. Contributions AFTER something of this nature not too uncommon.

    However, contributions BEFORE are more controversial so this is not “great investigative work” it’s all public.

    Unlike Double Dipping the taxpayers like Harry if he could ever win, this was just an after the moment contribution.

    Harry will continue to collect his pension AND a paycheck. Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy for a candidate who keeps saying ” I’d try harder” well he is and if in office he can lay claim to that he did “try harder” by hitting taxpayers just on compensation alone.

    Then comes the taxes which will be blamed on the “Moccia administration”

  3. Oldtimer

    At least those four and possibly three more with the same last name and a couple with what looks like an earlier, longer version of the same name.
    Zoning already created a special, very specific for that site, zoning for them. There is no surprise in big donations being accepted by a Moccia campaign from people doing business with the City, but this may set a record.
    More significant may be the meager $100 from Larry Cafero. There is a message from the party there.

  4. Oldtimer

    Better Norwalk
    Are you personally willing to underwrite Moccia’s pension and benefits after he loses ?
    Harry worked a lot of years for his pension.
    Are you suggesting that, because he is getting pension benefits from the City, he should work the mayor’s job for nothing ? Harry’s pension was frozen 17yrs ago when he retired as a Lt and took the appointment as chief.

  5. jimbo

    Lets not talk about fairness and double dipping .
    – Harry served the city for 40 years to get his pension.
    – Moccia served the city for 8 years to get his pension.
    No other employee in the city of Norwalk can receive a pension after only working for eight years.
    Harry worked very hard for this city and earned every penny.
    Lets not forget in 2005 Moccia was a part time sheriff hiding in the bushes severing warrants.

  6. M Allen

    The Mayor gets a pension?

  7. Oldtimer

    Yes the mayor, and any City employee with six years of service, qualifies for a pension. It is not a lot of money, 2% for every year served based on last five year’s salary. The big benefit is the medical coverage for the retiree and possibly his spouse. Getting another term and the big raise approved for whoever is mayor in 2014 would have a significant effect on his pension. …

    (This comment has been edited to conform to our policy.)

  8. M Allen

    Once this election is over I hope we have a long, deep discussion over employee pensions. Its a little late in the process now, but it is a topic that needs to be opened up in a big way. Current liabilities are bad enough as costs continue to increase at an unsustainable rate, but future liabilities are what is killing states and municipalities across the country.

  9. M Allen

    And by the way, I know pensions have been an issue in the past. I know some moves have been made to start a migration to defined contribution for some workers. I’m just saying more.

  10. Tim T

    This is of no importance as the contribution was accepted after the zoning was approved. On the other hand Rilling taking a contribution from the spokesperson of the mosque shows horrid judgment considering the pending litigation. This alone shows Rilling is not qualified to be mayor.

  11. Piberman

    Fairness requires NON to list all the Chief’s union contributions. Unions from all over CT just love the Chief. And higher salaries that follow.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Look at the bottom of the list, beneath the individual donors. It’s been there since the post went up. All the union PACS are there from this filing. You really need to read before commenting.

  12. jimbo

    piberman I guess its ok when big corporate executives from City Carting and Lowes make donations for thousands of dollars to the Moccia campaign,but god forbid a union makes a donation to Harry Rilling. Talk about a double standard.

  13. Piberman


    There is a big distinction between political contributions from City employees presumably to enhance their pocketbooks and contributions from firms that do or would like to do business with the City. Total union contributions this year have far exceeded previous years and could be a cause for concern in a City with the highest municipal salaries of any City in the state. So far the $1000 limits keep corporate giving limited. When a union such as the NFT advises members to vote the entire Democratic ticket there is cause for concern. In the past union contributions in Norwalk have been fairly modest. In bygone years many if not most union employees lived in Norwalk and so were conscious of property tax consequences. No longer the case. So investing in a campaign could yield a fine return. Bridgeport is a good example of what happens when city finances are overly influenced by union influences. Once a threshold is crossed its near impossible to reverse. CT may be near the threshold.if Norwalk has a future encouraging small business activity it must control taxes and that means controlling salaries.

  14. Piberman

    To Mr Chapman

    One has to back to the Oct 10 report to find NFT Bruce Mellion’s $700 contribution. It would be helpful to have a complete list of union contributions for each candidate. Maybe a story here. Could there be a link between NFT salaries, Democrat control of the BOE, NFT contributions and discomfort with the Republican led Arbitration Award ? As apples fall from trees a Democrat controlled BOE will never take the NFT to Arbitration. And we can speculate how long Dr Rivera would remain in Norwalk under a Democratic controlled BOE. So politics matter to union members as they vote their pocketbooks.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @Mr. Berman

      A complete list of union contributions, or a list of people who are union officials? We know about Mr. Mellion and Mr. Ditrio, and some of the police and fire union officials, but that is a hit-and-miss thing. Not sure we have all the official union donations beyond what is published today, but we will check with previous filings for the entire campaign period. As for Mr. Rivera, I would not sell him short. Republican, Democrat, Community Values — I think he can handle himself. My personal take? You won;t have to worry about a Democratic majority on the BOE. The Community Values Party and the Red Apples backing a split ticket of two Repubs and two Dems — all women — are making this a very interesting election at a crucial time, what with the hefty salary increase to deal with.

  15. Better Norwalk


    You are quite naive in political donations that’s for sure!

    Union donations to a political party only amounts to one thing:

    They pay, and expect political favors when a contract is under negotiations to “see things their way” by then granting an increase then calling it justifiable. That’s what happens when unions have a heavy hand on a candidate.

    Have you heard the news of what happened in Detroit? That’s what CAN happen to any city if candidates accept donations from them. Too much power from numerous unions in one city for one candidate is a disaster in the making.

    Executives donate to candidates, hospitals, charities and do so without asking for anything in return.

    However, executives donating to a candidate where they have a contract in that city or town can also lead to favors, but mostly wanting to bid on more contracts and win them over other bidders. That’s a budgeted amount.

    Labor unions on the other hand look to break budgets and demand what they want, plain and simple. If they have a voice in a city or town hall, they win on every attempt of any increase.

    If this happens in Norwalk, who would want to stay since we’d have to pay.

    Look, already one prior candidate thought at lower AA bond rating was not harmful and dipping into the rainy day fund to use for other means was justified. The HELL IT IS!

    Rilling will bring higher taxes, or union strikes if he goes back on the “favors” the unions want.

    Rilling can promise anything and say anything, but it takes executive leadership, something Rilling is lacking in a BIG WAY!

    Still, Rilling has YET to announce how he expects to pay for all the ideas and talking he has done. Talk is cheap, actions cost us money and I hate to break it to you Jimbo, it’s OUR mney NOT Rillings to do with as he pleases!

  16. EDR

    Some of you people have no shame. The Hakimi family have investments in communities in Fairfield County and are well known in the real estate business. They are regional business people who are part of the business fabric in the region. To make the claim that some folks are making in this blog astounding and insulting to me.

    The comment about the marriage of the mayor is so out of bounds iit is insulting to married people. I feel bad for him because he has to put up with knucklehead comments. I feel worse for her because she does not deserve to be insulted like that. You have never met a nicer supportive wife than her who puts up with this $&@/:;. For shame all of you who say that.


  17. Better Norwalk


    Who is this EVeT commenting on a candidates spouse? When did commenting on this…. (well whatever this is) allow disparaging remarks on ANY CANDIDATES spouse or family member?

    I find it deplorable and just a “cheap shot” at someone who is NOT involved with a political career. It just shows how guttural and disgusting people can be during a political race for public office.

    If this is what you condone, then how will anyone take this (again whatever this is) blog/on-line news system seriously?

    It would be in your best interest to remove such filth from the discussion which somehow was misdirected and now became repulsive.


    1. Mark Chapman


      Your lack of respect for me and this site belies your concern for Mrs. Moccia, but I will address this.

      You are right, at least in part. This is why we, for a while, chose to moderate all comments instead of just the problem posters and new people. We cannot be on top of every comment every moment. I did catch one addressing some things about the mayor today that I took down about 8 minutes after it went up. As for the post in question, it was hardly denigrating to either the mayor or his wife. Denigrating is calling someone, say, a liar or a criminal. There has been a lot of that here, but you have not complained. I trust you complained to The Hour when David McCarthy attacked Anna Duleep’s mother (and Nancy) in an op-ed… I guess it depends on the target. (PS: No apology from Mr. McCarthy even after the state’s attorney declined to prosecute because there was no intent. Otherwise, a very nice, reasonable op-ed, right?)

      We do not condone bringing family members into things, for the most part, nor do we condone ascribing motives for someone’s actions, something many of you do on a regular basis to us and to the politicians you so detest.

      There was nothing in that story link that addressed what the commentor was saying, so we have taken it down. However, when a candidate frequently has a family member at his or her side in official sessions — debates, ribbon cuttings and other photo ops — they do become a part of that candidate’s narrative and are not off-limits in certain situations. This was not one of those situations.

      Now, if we could only get people to stop making inappropriate remarks and accusations against everyone, wouldn’t this city be a better place?

  18. jimbo

    Why was it ok when the unions endorsed moccia to get him to office in 2005. Now norwalk will be taxed to death because of unions endorsing Harry Rilling. I guess am naive. Sorry!

  19. rburnett

    Very Good point Jimbo: In fact, Moccia even WALkED THE PICKET LINE with the Firefighters in 2005. The unions endorsing Rilling have all endorsed Moccia in the past. Now when he treats them with rudeness, they turn their backs on him. And he can’t take it so he suggests Rilling promised them something. That is an HUGE INSULT to the brave men and womnen of the Police, Fire and DPW unions. He and the RTC should be ashamed!!!!!

  20. Lisa Thomson

    This will be an interesting BOE election. The challenge for voters will be to pick out the ‘real reformers’ who will support Rivera versus those that will do the bidding of the union leaders. Voters need to pay close attention to those BOE candidates with union endorsements.

    Having publicly and repeatedly backed Dr. Rivera, will Harry have the courage to stand up to those in his party and currently on the on the BOE who are NOT up for re-election and who did not support Rivera and back the status quo.

    Who would Harry support for BOE chairman to lead the bi-partisan reform? Mike Lyons (R) Mike Barbis (D) or long standing Dem Rosa Murray, who abstained on the Rivera appointment vote?

  21. M Allen

    jimbo, rburnett et al – I’ll tell you it wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now. No double standard involved here. I’ll tell you when the public-sector unions endorse anyone that will ultimately represent the taxpayers at the negotiating table that it is bad. They should absolutely be allowed to speak out on issues or do whatever they like as individuals. But when they use their the apparatus of organized labor to endorse, contribute or campaign for any elected official that could influence their paycheck and therefore the taxes upon the citizenry, it is an abuse. I’ll put it right up there with non-profits like churches being involved with electioneering. It just shouldn’t happen regardless of who it is this time or last time or anytime. You wouldn’t have either candidate kowtowing to a union by walking a picket line or holding a press conference with the unions if they weren’t able to act in such a manner in the first place. But it just shows the power and influence they have in being able to get that kind of attention from candidates.

  22. Norwalk Lifer

    Rell gave Moccia 100 bucks, that says a lot.

    So those who invested in real estate gave Moccia 4000? chump change, but then again, the Republicans are the “darlings” of business and not the party of the people,

    Why should anyone be surprised? this isn’t a fairytale, this is what the Republicans do, court the businesses, kick the people to the curb.

    Norwalk Lifer

  23. Suzanne

    I am not sure why these donations merit an article given that the project with which the Hakimi family is involved has been approved. Does this imply that if they got the approval they would contribute to Moccia’s campaign? Is it a show of appreciation for being able to develop in Norwalk under his watch? Or is it just a thank you and slap on the back for the approval? Maybe this is a reflection on the donation so reviled by so many to Rilling by the spokesperson for the mosque. All of it seems to be a question: do donations to a campaign, including union endorsements, mean that the elected person to whom the endorsement or contribution is made must then do favors for the contributor(s)? Does it mean greater access to the elected individual? What I think it should point to is a personal code of ethics: the contributions show a value for the platform the candidate represents, no more and no less. While the office-holder might pick up the phone a bit faster for that big contributor, it should not mean that the individual/company giving the money gets any favors in terms of governance, including approvals for development, permits, increased wages, more favorable pensions, etc. The process must be equal, must remain the same process for all. Now if only any candidate or this mayor could get what the process is straight…..

  24. Don’t Panic

    $1, 000 is the limit. Would they have given more if they could have? Food for thought.

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