Moccia airs more complaints about state’s proposed budget

NORWALK, Conn. – The problems with Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget go further than the Mario Puzo-like strings attached with the new ECS formula, Mayor Richard Moccia said this week.

Moccia, who compared the ECS formula to the book cover for “The Godfather” last week, said at Tuesday night’s Common Council meeting that the “monumental cuts” in Malloy’s budget are making it more difficult to fund Norwalk Public Schools. He also said the state is cutting its aid to Norwalk Hospital.

Malloy is avoiding raising taxes, using “every trick in the book” to squeeze out $500 million for spending, according to the Connecticut Mirror.

Moccia said those tricks are hurting Norwalk, taking local dollars and sending them elsewhere.

“The Norwalk Hospital, over the three-year period in aid, reimbursement from the state of Connecticut, will lose $28 million,” he said. “Yet, the tax that was put in to fund those reimbursements will stay in place and the money will go into the general fund.”

Moccia said the new ECS formula factors out English as a Second Language students as a guideline for communities that need aid.

He said these proposed statewide cuts will affect Norwalk:

• A $4 million reduction in aid given to after-school programs

• A $1.5 million reduction in aid given to school-based health programs

• An unspecified reduction in reimbursements for school buildings

• Non-public school transportation aid is reduced from $24 million to $5 million, “and will be given on the basis of regional cooperation on transportation.”

“It is not going to be easy times if this governor’s proposal passes,” Moccia said.

He pointed out Malloy’s visits to Norwalk, and the governor’s statements that education is the top priority.

“This budget is far more dangerous to our education,” he said, “with the tax that was supposed to go to reimbursement now going directly to the general fund.”


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    Moccia always quick to blame someone else for his shortcomings…

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