Moccia campaign final pre-election financial report

NORWALK, Conn. — Here is the campaign finance report for Mayor Richard Moccia for the final reporting period prior to the Nov. 5 election:

Balance on hand at beginning, reporting period: $15,928.03

Contributions from individuals: $27,100; aggregate $87,625

Receipts from other committees $100; aggregate $3,800

Expenses paid by committee $33,469.05; aggregate $87,676.02

Balance on hand at close, period: $10,408.98


Michael DiScala

Joseph Scozzafava, Danbury

Christine Palmer

William Griffin

Fehmi Zeko, New York City

Rosemary Ferraro

Lori Courtney

Todd Hakimi, Great Neck, N.Y.

Brian Hakimi, Kings Point, N.Y.

Neal Hakimi

Lyda Hakimi, Great Neck, N.Y.

Rodney Hakimian, Kings Point, N.Y.

Mahyac Hakimian, Lake Success, N.Y.

Vida Aziz, Kings Point, N.Y.

Lily Rahmanan, Kings Point N.Y.

Yasmin Hakimi, Great Neck, N.Y.

Neda Behnman, Kings Point N.Y.

Brian Telzian, Westport


Stacey Bewkes, Darien

Robert Bewkes, Darien


John Pompa

Mary Valentine

Steve Harrigan

Tim Romano, Westport


Mike Sutton


Marc Grenier, Danbury

Patrick Callaghan, Huntington

Jonathan Wendell, Greenwich

Edward Musante, Shelton

Dave Aitoro, Weston

Tony Aitoro

William Gardella


John Frey

Elizabeth Burns, Easton

Ravi Nichani, Greenwich


Susan Bevan, Greenwich


Charles Pirro

Lawrence Cafero, Sr.

Walter Englert Jr.

Andre Guilbert

David Cappiello, Danbury

Bryan Meek

Lewis Pennel

Melissa Mathis

Viresh Sharma, New Canaan

Thomas Abraham, Stamford

Varghese Ninan, New Rochelle N.Y.

Vivek Kumar, Westport


Thomas Dorsey, West Hartford

Pradeen Govil


Ben Wilson

Howard Urban

Linda O’Shaughnessy

Bruce Kimmel

Marc Lepore, Trumbull

Victor Cavallo

Ravinder Dhingra, Fairfield


11 responses to “Moccia campaign final pre-election financial report”

  1. Daisy

    I’m not on there ’cause I only made it yesterday.

  2. Independent Voter

    More donations in this report from out of towners ($15,700) than Norwalkers ($9,775). And Moccia apologists are calling Harry a carpetbagger. More GOP hypocrisy.

  3. Better Norwalk

    At least Moccia is not Double Dipping like Harry!

    Now THAT’S hypocrisy…..

  4. Don’t Panic

    Didn’t you dispel the double dip myth a while ago?

  5. Break the Unions

    Independent voter
    You may want to look up the definition of carpetbagger as it fits Rilling perfectly

  6. EastNorwalkChick

    @ Break the Unions – you’ve got to be kidding, definition from Websters:
    noun \-ˌba-gər\
    : a person from the northern United States who went to the South after the American Civil War to make money
    : a political candidate who runs for office in a place where he or she has lived only for a short time

  7. The Motion Of Moccia

    The Motion of Moccia is going DOWN HILL!

    Pack your bags…! Take the crummy desk chair with you! 🙂

    (this comment has been edited to conform to our policy)

  8. rburnett

    WOW!!!! Look at all that money from out of Norwalk. That is very telling. Moccia has lost his support in Norwalk and has to use money from those who do not know what a do-nothing Mayor he has been.

    Time to boot him out and bring new energy to city hall.

  9. Daisy

    Independent Voter – half the union members supporting Rilling live out of town, so who’s calling who a carpetbagger?
    and Better Norwalk – you got it. Double dipping for years. Total hypocrite. Plus – used to see him at ALL the GOP fundraisers.

  10. Better Norwslk

    Yep, good old Harry always was around certain functions.

    In reality, he’s triple dipping being a “consultant” at one point.

    The whole reason for a pension is for RETIREMENT! NOT to also take another paying position at the same time while collecting RETIREMENT benefits in a municipality.

    You know he just could not retire when the salary of the mayors office is tempting and went against when he would run, after Dick announced his retirement. Its too much of a temptation.

    He just couldn’t wait. Nice guy.

  11. Don’t Panic

    OMG. Do the false talking points ever stop coming back from the dead???
    Reread https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2013/05/why-would-anyone-serve-norwalk/
    and the comments below re the DROP program.
    Then re-read https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2013/11/moccia-vs-moccia-feb-12-raise-not-for-me-june-raise-meant-for-next-mayor-sept-i-could-have-had-it/ and pay attention to the following passage:
    “Rilling will get his pension earned during his 41 years on the Norwalk Police Department no matter who wins the election, and Norwalk will have to pay either Moccia or Rilling to be mayor, so there is no net salary effect for the taxpayer unless someone takes the raise. Rilling also has insurance as part of his retirement package, he said recently, so the city would not have to pay for the mayor’s insurance if he is elected.”

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