Moccia campaign lists donors, finance statement

Republican Mayor Richard Moccia.

Updated, 1:33 a.m. Oct. 13, more names added

NORWALK, Conn. – Figures on file in the Town Clerk’s office show that Republican Mayor Richard Moccia raised $47,180 from campaign contributions during the reporting period from July 1 to Sept. 30. The campaign began the final month with just almost 7,600 on hand.

Thursday, Oct. 10, was the deadline to file campaign finance reports for the period. Both Moccia and Democratic mayoral candidate Harry Rilling released some of the numbers earlier this week.

The Moccia campaign reported:

$7,590.86 balance on hand beginning of reporting period

$39,620 contributions from individuals this period; $60,525 aggregate

$1,700 receipts from other committees this period; $3,700 aggregate

No other monetary receipts

$47,180 total monetary receipts this period; $70,085 aggregate

$5,860 total purchases of advertising this period; $5,860 aggregate

Income subtotals:

$54,770 this period

$70,085 aggregate

Expenses paid by committee:

$38,842.83 this period; $54,156.97 aggregate

Balance on hand: $15,928.03

In-kind not considered “contributions received: donations:

$1,325 this period

$1,325 aggregate

Donations (July 1-Sept. 30)

(Donors are from Norwalk unless otherwise noted)


Jessica Fogg, Spinnaker Real Estate

Catherine McGettigan

Edward McGettigan

Fred Wilms

Themis Hios, Greenwich

George Papadopoulos

Thomas Rich, Stamford

Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Co.

Robert Maggard, New Canaan, New York Bituminous

Louis Pataki


Moria DeVito


Andrew Conroy

Laurie Williamson, Darien


Robert Maslan

Terri Wood, Darien

William Shanley

Joseph Blazovic

Robert Steverish

Howard Courtermanchie

Ernest Desrochers

George Bauer

Ernie Defliner

William Wilson

Linda Kieburtz

John Altier

Carol Seligson, Westport

Stanley Seligson, Westport, Seligson Properties

Victor Cavallo

Jayme Stevson, Darien


Ralph DePanfilis


Lile Gibbons, Old Greenwich


John Stecker


Clyde Mount

Allen Levy, Westport


Douglas Bond Sr.

Kathy Siever

Mary Franco

Jay Maleynsky, Chester

Carol Nolin

Richard Dudley

William Nightingale

James Tucciarone, Wilton

Stephen Obsitnik, Westport

Charles Glazer, Greenwich

Carol Andreoli

John Federici


Joseph Passero

Steven Ward

Robert Dinardo

Geoffrey Wright, Trumbull

Ralph Bosch

Ray Cooke, Utopia

Frank Verdone

John Hetherington, New Canaan

Andrew Glazer

Geoffrey Wright, Trumbull

Tim Herbst, Trumbull

Craig Lucca

Ann Artell

Robert Stevenish ($700 total)

Alan Levy of Westport


Dan Debicella


Patricia Wilton

Patricia Belote, Wilton

James McSweeney, Wilton

Patricia Belote of Wilton


Jim Anderson


Winthrop Baum of Fairfield ($200 total)

Rosemary Tobin

Michael Pavia, Stamford

Tom Hellermann, Easton

Carolyn Wall

Rosemary Tobin

George Howard

M. Jodi Rell, Brookfield

Jill Coscia

William English

Charles Cullari

Glen Iannacone

Michael Demo

Peter Halladay

Dorothy Girouard

Joanne Diesel

Rebecca Christopherson

William Dunne

Karen Lyons

Pete Torrano

Miklos Koleszar

Cheryl Roesch

Ann Artell

Dan O’Connor

Tammy Langalis

Charles Yost

Robert Mallozzi III, New Canaan

Amalisa Stravato, Wilton

Linda Kruk

Patricia Conlin

Elizabeth Lyons

Henry Boucher

John Denicola

Edward Reilly

Jim Marpe, Westport

Richard Tavella

Joseph Roesch

Joe Gallo

Stephen Conover

Edmund Foucault

Daniel DeBarbo Orange

Donald Cafero, Southport

Diane Lasala, Wilton

Jason Perillo, Shelton

Susan J. Marks, Darien

David Chute

Pat Longo, Trumbull

Christopher Cerreta, Huntington

Jay Hamernick, Darien

D. Seeley Hubbard

Laurie Longo, Stamford

Diane Rapp, Riverside

Linda Tavlarios, Darien

Gary Falkenthal, Danbury

Francine Manfredi, Stamford

Annabel Kelly

Chistopher Cerreta, Huntington

Sara Kranzeste, Darien

Chris Tyniak, Fairfield

James Palen, Darien

John Sharon, Redding

Jack Testani, Trumbull

Daniel O’Connor

Chris Healy, Wethersfield

Sara Kranzese, Darien

Chris Tyniak, Fairfield

James Palen, Darien

John Shaban, Redding

John Tobin

Winifred Reid

Kathleen Nagle

Nicholas Tioborrino, Fairfield

Andrew Semmel, Fairfield

James Millington, Fairfield

Annalisa Stranate, Wilton


Michael O’Reilly

Michael McDermott

Judith Freedman, Westport


Maria Ravazzo, Ridgefield

Ellen Wink

Alan Moccia

Emily Wilson

Redington Jahncke, Greenwich

Harold Clark Wilton

Josephine Fuchs-Luscombe, Westport

William Breman, Wilton

Olga Arteaga

Ronald Japha, Stamford

Victor George, Easton

Earl Carpenter

Robert Bradley

Frederick Cort

William Miller

Barbara Cafero

Marcia Feigenbaum

Laura Reed, Orange

Jerry Frank

Shannon O’Toole

Laurie Williamson, Darien

John Puskar, Trumbull

Mahrokn Neville $50 ($100 total)

Ronald Japha of Stamford

Harold Clark of Wilton


Sarah Mann


Michael Intrieri

Edward McQuillan

Doug Hempstead

Theresa Quell

William Dunne

Michael O’Reilly

Richard Bonenfant

Franklin O’Toole

Joe Kendy

Michael McLachlan

Frederick Anderson

Art Petrone

Richard Weisneit

David Park ($50 total)

Carol Nolin

Joe Kendy


Mark Daniele

Sally Hartshorne ($55 total)


Joseph Pisa


21 responses to “Moccia campaign lists donors, finance statement”

  1. Auntie M

    Ok, thats what loyality to the party looks like. lol. Interesting so many folks that dont actullly live here in Norwalk contributed to Moccia’s kitty but hey, they may have or want contracts, right? Business as usual in the ole boys club, right? Whats is conspicious is a missing out out towners name. Someone must be broken hearted. DM and LM looked so charming together strolling down campaign lane.. Didnt they? Ahh, the memories. Guess Linda is the sweet and sour type. Sweet when it suits her, a sour tart when is doesn’t.Ah, but those memories, right?

    Yes, those memories..

    Maybe a note will help;

  2. M Allen

    “There is no question money buys influence in the Moccia era”
    What non-existant utopia do you live in Mike? For one, if money does in fact buy influence, it does so across the board. Do you think the Democratic party is immune to it? The blackest pots calling out kettles. But if $20k donated to the city is what buys influence, then we have even bigger problems. Because now we’re just being cheap. And cheap politicians are bad people. At least get value for selling influence. Mike, you’ve become a hack. I know you’r playing to Dem base that is the majority on this site, but come on.

  3. Daisy

    Do you geniuses actually think money wouldn’t buy influence if Harry were elected? Hard to believe that the amounts here would be considered worth it. My name isn’t shown yet, I guess it’ll come out with the next group.

  4. M Allen

    @Suzanne – calling someone a rapist and having it stick doesn’t require conviction in a court of law. Alluding to poltical payoffs is much the same thing. It is a cheap tool to discredit without any evidence. I am by no means siding with the Republicans on this by calling out Mr. Mushak’s response. Some things go beyond the pale and need to be called out regardless of which party one associates with. By the way, my views are as independent as they come. I don’t make them hopting they wil politically benefit one side or the other. In fact, if it were entirely up to me, I’d probably burn both parties to the ground and start over.

  5. Mike Mushak

    M Allen, you must be desperate at this point, to make ridiculous claims that I am making this stuff up and am being libelous. The facts are the facts, all on the record. We all notice you never offer one shred of evidence to refute my claims, but only attack me personally. That is a sign of weakness.
    Show me the fact that a $20,000 donation was NOT made to the city, and that a zone change did NOT occur favoring Lowe’s soon after when city officials including Mike Greene stated they knew nothing about a Lowe’s while the whole city knew it was coming except him apparently, and I will then apologize to you for “making it up”.
    However, unless we are in a Star Trek time warp, these things DID occur, all on the record. You can also claim that climate change, a national healthcare crisis, and starving families who rely on food stamps to feed their children don’t exist as much you want, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real!

  6. Suzanne

    While I understand you frustration, M. Allen, with this party system, I would say your metaphor of rape is a bit harsh. Again, look at what happened, what is happening, and there is no question that money is buying influence in Norwalk. Any other conclusion based on factual information imparted here by, whether you like him or not Mr. Mushak, not only “suggests” this but suspecting anything else borders on the naive. Rather than “pot meet kettle”, I would say this is “calling a spade, a spade.”

  7. Diane C2

    I have no horse in this race, but would like to point out that I was at the zoning meeting recapped above by Commissioner Mushak, and have to admit I was very surprised at the speed of which the commissioners decided that no public hearing was in order. Mr. Strauch seemed to have dismissed the DEEP letter in its entirety, and in fact, kept referring to a single family residence as being “exempted”. But if DEEP seeks access and there is no mitigation, wouldn’t a prudent and fair zoning staff and Commission err on the side of the public and recommend a public hearing????

  8. Tim T

    So lets see you didn’t like the idea of BJ’s and now we have an empty lot.

    You don’t like the idea of Lowes and instead would rather have the vacant office building currently on the site.

    You don’t like the idea of condos in rowayton but instead would like to keep the office building that was destroyed by hurricane Sandy.

    You also don’t seem to understand the importance of the Maritime center.

    Please tell us other than the unused bike lanes in Norwalk what do you suggest???

  9. Mike Mushak

    Thank you Diane. It helps to know there are witnesses to this nonsense on the Zoning Commission. If these meetings were filmed and available on the Internet for anyone to view at anytime, a process that NON has somewhat achieved through her excellent reporting with excerpts of videos but which is unrealistic to think she could do all by herself on her meager budget, we would be able to shine a spotlight on these actions and I can assure you things would change quickly. Under Mayor Rilling, I would push for video of ALL public meetings. Other cities do it, and so should Norwalk.

  10. Norwalk Lifer

    To M Allen, I’ll be straight, don’t use “rape” as analogy.


  11. Suzanne

    Wow, Tim T, you are keeping up? Facts still elude you but I guess being wrong makes you feel better. Continue to feel better all that you want: I have no problem with a BJ’s in Norwalk. Where it was being planned was the wrong spot for a whole host of reasons delineated quite while in these threads. No recap necessary. Lowes is catty-corner to a new, very large fire house. Little traffic planning has been done to allow for the inevitable traffic when an emergency occurs. Given the imperative nature of quick response, that needs to be vetted completely before Lowes is built. I actually have no opinion about condos in Rowayton because I know nothing about it – nice try, slipping it in, albeit clumsily. The Maritime Center is successful and beautiful. Yay! Now, let’s see it pay its bills back to Norwalk,the City’s money that made it possible in the first place. That money comes from me and you. Your final comment makes no sense.

  12. Tim T

    I always find it comical how your type nit picks things to death in an attempt to justify your views yet gives no suggestions for improvement. My question to you was very simple yet somehow you claim you did not understand it.
    “Please tell us other than the unused bike lanes in Norwalk what do you suggest???”
    In closing all I can say is thankfully you are in the minority of taxpayer’s in Norwalk that seem to think stopping progress is the way to go if something is not 100 perfect. Please tell us what progress in your ultimate wisdom is 100 percent perfect????

    Also you state “entire neighborhoods including Silvermine and Cranbury ”
    You are aware that Silvermine and Cranbury are nowhere near the Main Street site where BJ’s was planning a store?? I find it hard to believe that anyone would really think a store on Main Street would impact Silvermine and Cranbury.

  13. Suzanne

    Um, Tim T, you realize you are writing in reference to me and I haven’t the foggiest idea what you are talking about. I don’t know what you mean by “Silvermine and Cranbury” in reference to the now defunct location intended for BJ’s. As to a project being 100% perfect before it moves forward, there is no such thing, IMHO. If you are referencing BJ’s, 10 times larger than recommended by Norwalk’s own expensive traffic study – nothing more need be said.

  14. Tim T

    Are you saying that you don’t have foggiest idea what you posted???
    This is from your above post

    “look at Ms. Wilson’s deplorable behavior during the BJ’s applcation, (now withdrawn), where the future of entire neighborhoods including Silvermine and Cranbury simply were not her concern”

  15. Pauline Revere

    Thank you NON for publishing this valuable information. Dont recsll ever seeing this level of in depth reporting on the goings on of our local government and elected officials, ever. NON is providing an extremely valuable resource, to the community, that was sorely missing and desperately needed. Communication and awareness are the keys to unlock a brighter future for all. Without publications dedicated to truth and integrity, democracy hasnt a chance.

  16. @Tim T:
    Silvermine is in the vicinity of the location of where BJ’s was proposed.

  17. Tim T

    That’s like saying Wilton is in the Vicinity of the location of where BJ’s was proposed.

  18. M Allen

    @Mushak – or whoever – I don’t doubt a $20,000 “donation” was made to the city. But was there evidence of quid pro quo? If not, its just speculation and no fact can refute speculation. Do I believe money buys influence in politics? It sure does. On both sides of the table. I would just never make the claim that one particular party or person was the recipient of a quid pro quo transaction unless I have evidence.

  19. Tim T –
    Nope – you are wrong. Period, end of discussion.

  20. Mark Chapman

    Multiple comments on this thread have been deleted. One commenter requested we delete his comment, and others were removed that referenced it.

    Sometimes things are said that people wish they had not said, at least in public. Anyone who comments who later wishes that had not can email [email protected] and we will take the comment offline. Please be sure to include a telephone number so we can verify that it is the person who posted who is making the request.

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