Moccia gets tweety

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Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia’s homepage on Twitter.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk’s mayor is getting with the program: Richard Moccia has a Twitter account.

The mayor currently has 106 followers, up from the 20-something he had last week when he began following this reporter. His 35 tweets date back to Feb. 5; his first tweet invited people to go to his re-election announcement that evening.

Moccia has informed his followers that tonight’s (Feb. 26) council meeting has been moved to Concert Hall – darn, harder on this reporter – and promised at 8:31 this morning that “NO Norwalk Teacher, Police officer or Firefighter will be affected by sequestration.”

Here’s a good one: “Welcome to Norwalk @Lowes – Zoning approves application.” That was on Feb. 21, the actual night of the approval, not Feb. 7, the day he was talking to David Smith on News12’s “Meet the Leaders” and told him the application had been approved.

Also on Twitter: Norwalk Police Dept. Chief David Wrinn (no tweets yet); Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba (first tweet Feb. 10); and Common Councilman David McCarthy (who, in a display of selective transparency, has blocked this reporter from following him).

Moccia is following newsmakers (such as Board of Education member Artie Kassimmis), news reporters (go figure, both NancyNorwalk and NancyChapman518), the White House, ArtsinNorwalk and Becki Christopherson, CEO and owner of the Talent Education Suzuki School.

The mayor continues to show his affection for The Hour, linking to their stories repeatedly. We’ll send out a breaking news alert if he ever links to one on this website.


4 responses to “Moccia gets tweety”

  1. Hobbes the Calvinist

    You have lots of public servants who tweet:

    Anna Duleep ‏ @AnnaDuleep
    Harry W. Rilling ‏ @HWRilling
    Chief Tom Kulhawik ‏ @NPDChief
    Matthew Miklave ‏ @MattMiklave
    Warren A. Peña ‏ @WarrenAntonio
    Mike Lyons ‏ @mwlyons5
    David Angelo Watts ‏ @DAngeloWatts
    Steve Colarossi ‏ @stevecolarossi
    Larry Cafero ‏ @larrycafero
    Bob Duff ‏ @senatorduff

    You can tell a lot about politicians by their tweets- especially the politicos who screen their followers and block review of their messages (like Mike Barbis).

  2. Joe Espo

    No love lost between you and the Mayor, huh Nancy? Or any republican, for that matter. Just sayin’.

  3. Tim T

    Who really cares what Moccia tweets as he has become irrelevant.

  4. Original BARIN

    @ Espo,
    C’mon man, Nancy just gave him free publicity on her site, no conspiracy here.
    OMG, she helped a Republican!

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