Moccia moving Norwalk volunteer up

Norwalk writer Bill Dunne offers an opinion at the Jan. 8 Common Council meeting.
Norwalk writer Bill Dunne offers an opinion at the Jan. 8 Common Council meeting.

Update, Monday Aug. 12, 5:22 p.m.: the appointment had been pulled from the agenda for Tuesdays meeting, Mayor Richard Moccia said.
NORWALK, Conn. – Mayor Richard Moccia is planning to appoint Bill Dunne to the Planning Commission. The item will be on the agenda for the Aug. 13 Common Council meeting, City Clerk Erin Herring said.

Dunne, a Republican, is currently an alternate member of the Fair Rent commission. He is a writer, editor and speechwriter, according to the resume Herring provided.

Dunne has been the managing partner of Dunne and Partners LLC since 1993, the resume said. His client base is in financial services, homeland security, information technology, telecommunications, energy exploration, health care and other industries. He lists himself as the chief writer for the Homeland Security & Defense Business Council and communications adviser to the Government Technology & Security Coalition.

Dunne’s opinions appear frequently in the letters to the editor section of The Hour, and occasionally in the comments on NancyOnNorwalk. He has a few comments on Facebook as well: environmentalists “don’t give a rat’s patootie about the economy,” he said in a July 1 post linking to an article asking how to “make environmentalists come about against the global warming crusade.”

He also posted a photo of Councilman David McCarthy in a tuxedo.

“Herewith the impresario of Norwalk’s Inaugural Bloomsday Celebration 2013, the one and only Dave McCarthy,” he wrote. “Is this a magnificent hunk of Irish manhood or what? What’s that you say?”

William Dunne


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  1. Norwalk Lifer

    Mr. Dunne would do himself a favor to study the conservation courses being taught at university, His opinion is antiquated and out of date. Conservation study today includes the study of local economies and how conservation efforts affect it. Mr. Dunne creates a tableau of polly-ann like mind set towards protecting wetlands, waterways, and untouched forests (as if they exist anymore) while dismissing the needs of a local economic engine, there is compromise, and with regards to the debate on global warming, infusing polemics into the discussion is disengenous. And with regards to his exaltation of Mr. McCarthy, I would argue that anyone who uses inappropriate language during a theater moment set to show the bi-partisanship of this administration should not be given kudos for a manner of dress, after all, anyone can dress to impress, the real meat of a man’s character is when he speaks and impresses without trying. I would say that Mr. Dunne has the same competencies that another communications expert had, that would be Mr. Demint from South Carolina, of course, the heat in the senate was too much for this individual. Words and wordsmithing only carry an individual so far. Results, now that’s something that really matters.

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. nwkprobate

    Appointing something like Dunne to the Planning Commission is typical of what is wrong with this town and the Moccia Administration. Dunne is a nasty attack dog for the GOP — like his friend McCarthy — and he brings nothing to the table in terms of planning — while this city desperately needs better planning.

    Voters, please remember on November 5th! Vote NO to Moccia and his cronies

  3. Bill Dunne

    I dunno. I kinda like the guy myself.

  4. Dave McCarthy

    I find his support for the Arts in Norwalk to be refreshing.

  5. Bill Dunne

    Slow news day, eh, Nancy?

    1. Mark Chapman

      Bill Dunne:
      Slow news day? I guess you are referring to the item letting Norwalk’s taxpayers know of an appointment to a commission that, as with all city boards and commissions, has an impact on each and every citizen. We think it is news. We think Norwalk’s taxpayers and voters should be fully informed about how their government works, about what goes in their names and on their dime. When appointments are made by elected officials whose only accountability is to the voters, the voters should know about it so they can make informed decisions. It’s a simple concept that seems to have been lost in the nation’s transition to a “let’s get all our information from highly partisan sources that agree with our beliefs” mentality. It’s simply, well, news.

  6. Don’t Panic

    And we thank the Chapmans for it.

  7. Betsy Wrenn

    Nancy On Norwalk gets more interesting and informative every day.

  8. Joe Espo

    Mark, Nancy: yesterday and today we were treated to riveting “shine-a-light-on-Norwalk” news coverage of the Mayor’s breakfast habits and a routine appointment to a commission.
    Of what import is it that the mayor eats breakfast? Can you investigate whether Matt Miklave has three-martini steak dinners at the Palm in NYC? Do I care?
    There’s no doubt that Bill Dunne’s appointment is routine and non-controversial but to gin-up a story you pulled a National Inquirer and incorporated wholly irrelevant and extraneous material from every corner of Bill Dunne’s social networking world. And with temerity and gall I have never previously witnessed, you indicted Bill Dunne with his own comments from your own blog, not to mention punishing him for being honest and posting under his real name.
    I’m wondering whether these editorial decisions are as politically neutral as they should be?
    No harm in scrutinizing your editorial judgment, is there?

    1. Mark Chapman

      Joe Espo:

      No harm at all. In fact, all local media should be held to the non-partisan standard, such as when one local outlet noted in a recent headline that Andy Garfunkel was a no-show at the mayoral forum at NEON — not a Democratic mayoral forum, but a candidate forum to which all 5 candidates were invited — but the mayor’s no-show was mentioned only in the last paragraph. Mr. Garfunkel’s no-show was also high in the story. There was no mention of any attempt to contact Mr. Garfunkel for a reason, although there was a mention of the mayor’s decision not to attend any of these events until there was only one Dem candidate.

      The breakfast thing was not our doing. We reported what Mr. Mangiacopra had to say, which we felt was instructive. We also asked the mayor for a response, which was duly noted. This was a case of letting our readers know what the candidates feel are the burning issues of the day in Norwalk. We let the readers interpret that info and draw their own conclusions.

      As for Mr. Dunne’s story, appointments are news. Nancy Googled him and took two of the most recent Facebook items, not items from every corner. There was plenty to choose from that was not relevant to his new post, but the environmentalist remark was. As for the David McCarthy reference, that was simply fun, and showed off Mr. Dunne’s sense of humor.

      Not sure about how he was being punished for using his own name. First of all we use our own names. I did not see anything punishing about it. But as for editorial decisions, I hope everyone looks at the site in its totality and realizes that we are an equal-opportunity spotlight shiner. There are things that will upset people on the right, the left and in the middle. And each time we upset one side, the other thinks we are doing a great job. It is the nature of the business.

      Also, I want to point out that the party and people in power are always the ones who get the most scrutiny and, often, the most negative press, except when the people not in power start pushing and punching and doing other things to call attention to themselves. Comes with the territory. The right can’t get over the phrase “liberal media,” and the left is wishing the “liberal media” was a reality. Truth be told, four of my last five positions dating back to 1990 were with conservative media outlets, to varying degrees. I always tell people I vote the person, not the party. Nancy, too. And, without being specific, we both split the ticket in 2011 and will likely do so again this year.

      One more thing: We want to thank you for being among the early wave of contributors to this website. It is good to see our support is bipartisan (you are not alone!). And again, do hold our feet to the fire. Sometimes we all stray from our core mission, and we want to make sure we present all sides as equally as possible.


  9. Suzanne

    Mr. Espo, All of the sources you cite as making clear where Mr. Dunne stands in his beliefs politically including online information and disavow as being newsworthy are, in fact, elucidating how this man thinks and feels about any number of issues. If you liked the information, I bet your protest would have no teeth. But, because you appear to agree with what Mr. Dunne has said in the various newsworthy resources available to report the news, you condemn it because of what it makes clear. His remarks regarding economics and the environment are fairly reviewed by Norwalk Lifer in this thread and point out how out of touch with land use issues and the economy Mr. Dunne is. (Look at what communities around Norwalk are thriving: those that have invested in and planned for their downtowns, like New Canaan, Darien and Westport.) It is such a shame and lacking in expertise in so many ways that Norwalk via its mayor appoints such people to the Planning Commission. There are plenty of positions for which this writer is and would be applicably placed. To put him on the Planning Commission is not only political, considering his comments, but the height of cynicism and a great disservice to the City of Norwalk and its citizens.

  10. Ante Litteram BOE

    An erudite and prodigious writer, albeit one who borders on being a tad “Bermanesque”, earns an appointment with his conservative brethren. The newsworthy quality is not that he was appointed but that he is on a board that will have a deep impact on the City.

  11. Bill Dunne

    Hi Mark… Jeez, can’t a guy indulge in a little teasing once in a while? No need to get your shorts in a wad. And, by the way, I agree with you that “Norwalk’s taxpayers and voters should be fully informed about how their government works, about what goes in their names and on their dime.” I also think that you and Nancy deserve a lot of thanks from the community for your hard work in shedding more light on Norwalk’s political scene. Lord knows we need it in this town, given the shortcomings in that regard at another, somewhat better known news outlet I could name. I became aware of NancyOnNorwalk only a few months ago, and now I look forward to reading it every day.

    1. Mark Chapman


      I used to be known for a sense of humor, but I seem to have lost a few inches off my screwball. After having our integrity questioned several times early on, I started taking every opportunity to reinforce that we are not left-wing charlatans with an agenda, but rather centrist professionals with an agenda (in a good way). So I apologize for misconstruing your comment, and thank you for reading and the kind words.

  12. Tim T

    Dunne is a typical Moccia appointment as no experience in the area being appointed and seems to hate free speech “Slow news day, eh, Nancy?”.
    This is so typical of the Norwalk old boys club on both sides of the aisle .

  13. Piberman

    Bill Dunne an “attack dog” ? More like a fluffy “sheep dog”. He’s a gentle soul who writes superbly and like the rest of us bemoans paying high taxes to fund the highest paid City employees in the state. He is his own man and
    an independent spirit.

  14. Bill Dunne

    Mark… Again, you and Nancy deserve a lot of credit for filling a big void in local news coverage, and I hope y’all can keep up the good work. I wonder if you’d get so many scurrilous potshots at your blog if you made a rule that commenters must identify themselves by their real names. Just a thought. My only complaint is about that photo. You didn’t get my better side.

    1. Mark Chapman

      Bill, I’ll speak to Nancy about the picture! As for real names, it would be my preference, but we’ll put it to the community. We are planning to survey the readers on a few other issues and we can include that. I have a lot of respect for you and several others who post under their real names, but I also understand that some folks fear retribution for their words. And that is understandable, given some of the things we are running into. But I have always felt that, if people had to sign their real names to their words, they would be a lot more civil.

      We, too, hope we can keep it up. We love what we do. If we can keep the ball rolling on donations and find some businesses willing to advertise, we will have a good shot. Subscription or pay-by-the-day is the next step if necessary. That’s something else we’ll put to the readership.

  15. Suzanne

    I am assuming, Mr. Dunne, that you believe “scurrilous potshots” are those comments that do not agree with your appointment based upon the information given of previous comments you have made regarding the environment and economics in the article above. These “scurrilous potshots” come from those who identify themselves fully and those who do not: the point is not the identification but the content of those comments and their accuracy again, based upon the article. Did you not say what you did about environmentalists and economics? Or was this the “teasing” you were indulging in that should not upset the taxpayer when they see, yet again, another appointment made based upon what appears to be little knowledge of urban planning and lots of knowledge about the current political climate? This isn’t about service to every Norwalk taxpayer. It is about Mayor Moccia getting someone sympathetic to his lack of knowledge about urban planning yet again on the Planning Commission. It is important, this appointment, and should be taken seriously – while you may have done many other good things for this town in other capacities, being on the Planning Commission is not a “one-off” and requires specific expertise to knowledgeably follow through on decisions made that affect the entire city. If that gives you a cozy feeling about Nancy on Norwalk and a mocking intent in your comments, so be it. This is just a reflection on you and just how little you know of the importance of this appointment.

  16. Aww, and I was so proud I had a picture of you, Bill!

    Speak to the mayor. Get him to let me stand behind him and take photos of speakers.

  17. Tim T

    Bill Dunne

    As Far as I can see the only name that matters is “TAXPAYER”. If someone in public office has an issue with that maybe they should not be in public office.

  18. Joe Espo

    Suzanne: take a survey of Alex Knopp’s appointments to the planning and zoning commissions and report to us the professions and educational backgrounds of his appointees. I’m not just curious about how many urban planners, climatologists and environmentalists there are; I want to know about all of them. Further, I also want to know how many of Knopp’s appointees were reappointed by Moccia. Pay a visit to the city clerk’s office soon. I want to hear from you by next week.

  19. Diane C2

    Tim T, uh, that’s “pesky taxpayer” to them – honestly, it’s a chore to fight to keep our money and to have our taxes spent wisely, and I do believe that city hall and many elected officials would prefer to operate without the interference of us “pesky” taxpayers – imagine, daring to stick our noses into their business and asking questions!!! What part of “it’s our money” and “we pay your paycheck” don’t they understand????

    Like Bill and others, I wish folks would use their real names, but I also personally understand the wrath and retribution that often accompanies it. Nonetheless, some years ago I adopted a policy of “if it’s worth saying, it’s worth attaching my good name to”.

  20. Suzanne

    Mr. Espo, Not an unexpected reply coming from you. This is not about partisanship and looking back. It is about the future of Norwalk, currently in its depressed state, needing expertise now since it has been manipulated and played with in the name of politics instead of rightly managed with OUR money to create a town that is good for all of us. That is what these volunteers do – and do your own research, make your own suggestions as a good citizen. The professions you list are ridiculous (although not bad ideas) but your extremism simply shows where your interests lie: with the politics of government rather than the responsible Planning of a town that needs it. This will not happen so long as Mr. Moccia continues to appoint people of his stripe – if you think Norwalk is going in the correct direction in terms of planning its environment, you tell us how then build upon it with ideas for how it could be better. From my perspective, the only direction Norwalk can go is up but not with people who know absolutely nothing about Urban Planning practice and methodology.

  21. Suzanne

    Oh, and report back to me by next week.

  22. Don’t Panic

    Yes, retribution is certainly a factor. Also, a tendency to disregard the speech based upon assumptions about the speaker or his/her agenda or politics is another. It is easier to discern bias when someone is only drawing fire for their words, not who they are. Personally, I think the excellent moderation here is the critical factor, not the use of real names. It must be time-consuming, so I salute the Chapmans for providing this valuable forum on top of the excellent reporting.

    It would be nice to see more local businesses advertising on NON. I would check out such a business.

  23. Bill Dunne

    Nancy… I’ll work on that.
    Suzanne… my scurrilous attacks remark was in reference only to Mark’s concern that some people seem to be suggesting that this blog is run by “left-wing charlatans with an agenda.”
    Diane… You’re unique — someone whose real last name contains a number.

  24. L boogie

    Nancy you need Mr. Dunne’s comments to go with the above photo.

    Mr. Dunne’s public comments on Jan 8, 2013

    1. William Dunn, Devils Garden Road, Norwalk, stated that the proposed resolution has impressed him with how Councilman Watts has come a long way in a short time as not only a U.S. scholar but expert on the First Amendment. He described the incident as what was a little informal chit chat to an attempt at extortion into a resolution of four pages with many legal terms, and many, many “whereas” and “therefore” words used here.

    Mr. Peña interrupted and requested a point of order that personal attacks were not permitted.

    Mayor Moccia asked Mr. Dunn to keep his remarks within the guidelines and relevant to the

    City of Norwalk
    Common Council Meeting January 8, 2013
    Page 1 of 19


    agenda. Mr. Dunn continued that he hopes more important things like the school budget and taxes will take priority on the agenda rather than another partisan resolution that does not belong on the Council floor.

    “attempt at extortion” wow. Mr. Dunne should have not used these words.

    Common members should vote No!

    Mr. Dunne should also explain his rants on the President of the United States.

  25. Bill Dunne

    Nancy/Mark… Maybe a tip jar is the way to go.

  26. RU4REAL

    There is also a problem with making these appointments or extending contracts for your buddies; you may not get elected.
    Which ends up having a new mayor with the old mayors appointees/contracts.
    Not only that, the appointments probably don’t expire until elections are held again, so you are stuck if the person stinks at the job they are appointed to.
    It smacks of cronyism, I really don’t care if it his right to appoint, it is improper.
    Why not wait until you win the election. oh I forgot because he can do whatever he wants.
    Many times just because you can does not mean you should.
    Side note:
    I personally would not use my real name as there would CERTAINLY be retribution by my employer.

  27. Mike Mushak

    I congratulate Mr. Dunne and hope he actually reads and studies the 2008 Master Plan of Conservation and Development (since the Planning Commission’s job is to IMPLEMENT the MASTER PLAN), unlike his fellow Planning Commission member Victor Cavallo who, even though he is a lawyer, has recently indicated an ignorance of key concepts of the Master Plan in his nasty personal attacks on Harry Rilling and on me, even calling for my resignation from the Zoning Commission based on lies and second-hand information.
    Mr. Cavallo also intentionally misled the public by misquoting the Master Plan, and was even unaware of a main component of it even though Norwalk taxpayers paid dearly for it in 2006 and included it in the Master Plan of 2008 (the Westport-North-Main Plan and Study prepared by a nationally recognized professional engineering/planning firm with a solid reputation in CT.)
    That study calls for a 10,000 square foot maximum size for retail on Main Avenue at the site of the current BJ’s application which is 109,908 square feet, over ten times the size our Master Plan recommends. (For teh record, I have no opinion about this application and am waiting to hear all of teh evidence. I only am quoting official plans and studies that address this location, which are all part of teh public record.)
    Mr. Cavallo said at first I was somehow imagining the study even existed (in his words “if it even exists”), even though it is on the city website which he never bothered to look at or even know it existed even though as a Planning Commissioner he is supposed to IMPLEMENT it! (I would be laughing if it wasn’t so sad, that our good city is this corrupt). Here is the study:

    http://www.norwalkct.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/341 , with the relevant passages being the map on page 7, and the description of the BJ’s site on page 10, section 2.2.

    Mr. Cavallo also goes on to ignore numerous direct references to the study in the Master Plan, all in the process of officially misrepresenting the Master Plan’s position on big box stores to the public, a serious violation of the public trust that needs to be investigated further by responsible officials (good luck with that in this corrupt administration). Mr. Cavallo should not get away with lying to the public about our Master Plan, but unfortunately that seems to be the modus operandi of the Moccia Administration, which just makes it up as they go along, routinely ignoring taxpayer-funded professional studies, facts and rules and our own Master Plan with impunity.

    Please. Mr. Dunne, do your homework, study the Master Plan carefully, and take your responsibility as a Planning Commissioner seriously. That is all Norwalk taxpayers and businesses can hope for as our city turns into a traffic-clogged mess of unplanned sprawl, with NO certified ptofessional planners running our Planning and Zoning Department, as Norwalk falls decades behind other cities similar to us in size and demographics because of our broken planning process and obsolete zoning code.

  28. RU4REAL

    Comment Mr. Cavalo?

  29. Oldtimer

    Bill Dunne is a skilled writer and frequently expresses opinion for the administration. He has done so well as a supporter/spokesman for the mayor, he is now being rewarded with a nomination for an appointment to the planning commission. I say nomination because the mayor puts up the name, but there is no appointment until the council approves. The mayor’s power to appoint is limited and, if a nominee is a poor choice, the council will be responsible for approving a bad appointment. The opening has been vacant for some time, the council has the power to approve, disapprove, or withhold approval until after the election. With the votes of a few who were elected as democrats but caucus and vote with the other party, there is, unfortunately, little risk this appointment will not be approved as quickly as possible. Even his own party councilmen seem to be afraid of the mayor’s anger.

  30. L boogie

    I hope council members vote NO on this appointment. This guy is a serial letter writer and tweets out wacky post about the President of the United States.

    $10,000 for Obama’s college transcripts. Does Obama have a fraudulent social security number? “The Messiah is back”
    “Hitler finds out Obama ate His Dog”

    Mr. Dunne went to a council meeting and falsely accused Mrs. Chapman at an “attempt at extortion”. Mr. Dunne was wrong for that statement.

    Mr. Dunne also has a wacky tweet “Why shouldn’t three people get married? Why not indeed”

    Maybe, Mr . Dunne’s views on marriage will become part of Moccia’s master plan.

    Forget Utah, come to Norwalk.

    Mr. Dunne mocks the NAACP ” How do you get into the NAACP convention to hear Eric Holder say that Voter ID laws are racist?”

    Great Job, Mr. Mayor. NOT!

  31. Independant Voter

    From what I read and hear, Bill Dunne seems like a good guy. He has my vote.

  32. Piberman


    Why would expect the Mayor or any other chief in the public arena not to fill positions with long standing supporters ? That they linger on when a new team comes into office is an inconvience. Long time residents know that truly distinguished appointments to the public arena are uncommon in Norwalk. Mr Dunne has had a distinguished career and could be expected to get up to speed with other Commission members in short order. Since our Mayor favors “Big Box” no doubt Mr Dunne will give the subject careful thought. Ditto for the environment,e.g. Oak Hills golf range also supported by our Mayor. Imagine what would happen if independent spirits were appointed to City Commissions. Norwalk would be ungovernable. We expect Mr Dunne too to follow “orders”. Has always been this way in Norwalk. Every two years provides an opportunity to register complaints.

  33. L boogie

    @Piberman “We expect Mr Dunne too to follow “orders”. Has always been this way in Norwalk. ” WHAT?

    Did Moccia order Mr. Dunne to the Jan 8, 2013 council meeting to defend him?

  34. Oldtimer

    In a letter printed in the HOUR on Sunday, Bill Dunne shows his skill as a spokesman for his party with this line:
    “Okay, Duff smiles. Pickpockets typically smile while they are picking your pocket, but why is that a reason to like it?”

    Moccia takes advantage of every chance to appear in a news photo with Sen Duff while Dunn gets the party line in print with letters to the editor. Expect to see a lot more of Dunne’s writing during Moccia’s campaign.

  35. LWitherspoon

    Would someone please explain how an appointment to the Planning Commission is a reward? Are Planning Commissioners compensated in some way, or is this a volunteer position?
    I too remember Bill Dunne’s comments on the Common Council’s non-binding “Freedom of the Press” resolution. Mr. Dunne noted that David Watts’s comically self-promotional video on that issue should have had a laugh track rather than the fake applause track that Mr. Watts added to it. Whatever you thought about the Mayor’s potential prosecution of Nancy Chapman, Dunne was right on regarding the laugh track and he gave everyone a chuckle.
    This being an election year, the Mayor appointing a supporter to a city commission has somehow become a big issue. Let’s say Mayor Moccia is defeated in November. Will the same people bemoaning Mr. Dunne’s appointment be demanding that the new Mayor appoint non-supporters to city commissions? My, what a great opportunity for them to strike a blow for non-partisanship that would be.

  36. Joe Espo

    Bill Dunne: your education (Fordham and GWU) makes you eminently qualified to serve on the Planning Commission. But before too much time passes after your appointment, or if ever you want a spot on the Zoning Commission, you need to get a degree in Lawnmowing, just like one of your forthcoming compatriots. Add that to your homework assignment. It’s absolutely de rigueur in order to qualify you to pass judgment on the folks in the P&Z department.

  37. L boogie

    @ lwitherspoon what video and how do I find it ? Do you support Mr Dunne’s claim about Mrs. CHAPMAN or his wacky twitter post. Did the mayor give the order to slime a good reporter? Where is this guy from? Three people in a marriage sounds like Mr. Dunne is from Utah.

  38. L boogie

    @ joe espo I am sure you would rather support Mr. DUNNE and his college degrees over a low wage worker pushing a lawn mower. Typical gop nonsense.

  39. For the record, I give you the link to that Common Council meeting. Judge for yourselves. Also for the record, while the mayor and his or the city’s attorney made an accusation of eavesdropping that was investigated thoroughly at the taxpayers’ expense, the state attorney’s office declined to sign the warrant and chose not to prosecute. There was no crime charged. Nor was an apology offered by those who publicly said I committed a crime.


    Mr. Dunne is the first speaker.

  40. L boogie

    Omg- watching the video, I really feel bad for Nancy. The mayor said no personal attacks. Mr. Dunne steps up to the microphone, unloads on a councilmember and then he accused Nancy at an “attempt at extortion.” Councilman Pena had to stop the guy and the mayor tried to explain why he is not shutting Mr. Dunne down. This nomination looks like payback for this defending the mayors bad judgement. Calling the police on a reporter. is outrageous and he having a buddy attack is even worst. Shame on Moccia and his cronies.

  41. LWitherspoon

    Here is the link to David Watts’s absurd video using the conflict between the Mayor and Nancy as a vehicle for self promotion. Note the fake applause and fake cheers added.
    If history is any guide, in the near future we will probably see Mr. Watts attacking Bill Dunne via multiple accounts and also in person.

  42. L boogie

    @lwitherspoon. Thank you, for sharing the link to the video. Mr. DUNNE tweets are really unbecoming of a public official and his claim of extortion is simply over the top. A man who approves of three people being married- would approve of destroying a woman’s career. This is an injustice to women everywhere.

  43. D(ysfunctional)TC

    L boogie = David Watts. So easy to pick out his delusional interpretations of other’s positions. Never one to offer a single original thought of his own, at least now he doesn’t embarrass himself in public as much. They should pump in a laugh track at council meetings so we can laugh along with the joke that he is.

  44. LWitherspoon

    @L boogie
    What I find unbecoming are Common Council members such as David Watts who use multiple accounts – rickibobbi, Bea Jones, and L boogie, among others – to smear their enemies with lies and distortions.
    Who wants to bet that at a forthcoming Council meeting David Watts will be objecting to Mr. Dunne’s appointment using language that’s very similar to that of L boogie?

  45. L boogie

    The GOP is in full force and making things up too. You cannot defend Mr. DUNNE nor his radical thinking. Here is a man who thinks three people could be in a marriage and said some nasty things about Nancy and others. The planning commission could have a new mission statement “Forget Utah come to Norwalk.” LOL.

  46. Mark Chapman

    Gentleman and/or ladies,

    While it is always fun to try to guess who is lurking behind the screen names, it is a game best played offline. We would prefer to keep comments on topic, not on the commenter.

    Many thanks,

  47. Oldtimer

    Bill Dunne’s Summary (from his page on linkedin)

    Leaders lead by persuasion. We help leaders persuade.

    “Services include speechwriting, speech coaching, strategic communications, copywriting, web content writing, press releases, marcom pieces, by-lined articles, op-ed pieces, white papers, case studies, video scripts, annual reports. We also doctor and polish existing scripts and perform CPR on ailing PowerPoint pitches”

  48. Norwalk Lifer

    @Nancy Chapman, thank you for posting this video, what I gather from this video is that Peter Berman’s assertion about high cost city services versus vibrant revenue is indeed true. What I gathered from viewing this is that the Norwalk Common Council is overlaid with bureacratic imabics, and highly athletic wordsmithing in order to get nothing done. Posing the defintion of a question called, the subsequent nonsensical discussion to me, is a collosal waste of tax payer money. This is not the US Senate with it’s procedural institutions, and Senatorial talk. This a city common council, it is clear that the explanation given during this session, should have been written into document and published. To waste the time and money of everyone in this town to wordsmith, parse, pare, dissect, deconstuct, and generally paint a portrait of a powerful body public as “victimized” “assaulted” and “violated” sends me a message; they are not fit for leadership, they don’t understand leadership, but they do understand how to divert attention to a subject matter that is of no consequence to the general public. In fact, what they achieved was to shed light on the discussion, the subject matter, and the overall secretive workings of a body of people who probably, well, have grown long in the teeth in their present positions.

    New blood, vetted blood, new ideas, and new people. That’s what Norwalk needs, Norwalk is a transient town these days. The leadership cannot hang onto the coattails of the community by crying “Je accuse”

    Norwalk Lifer

  49. Joe Espo

    So this is the new normal. Now anyone who deigns to volunteer his/her name and reputation to render service to their community is now subject to a public proctological exam on NON. And even before they have a chance to execute any duties. For all the drivel about attracting qualified applicants, this blog will push any self-respecting candidate away.
    And if a Democrat gets elected as mayor sometime in the future, payback will be a bitch, won’t it?

  50. L boogie

    Mr. Dunne is not your typical appointment he is a party activist and attacks democrats all time. Looking at the video he doesn’t seem like a nice person. Mr. Dunne accused a person of extortion and didnt even blink. Clearly, this nomination is payback for his loyalty.

  51. Norwalk lifer

    @Joe Espo,

    Payback will be a bitch….,

    To comment on the words of someone who has not maintained their acumen when it comes to conservation is well within the rights of the individual.

    You cite Mr. Dunne’s educational background, I cite the current teachings being offered in University right now. If Mr. Dunne wishes to engage in a vibrant effort to reform conservation efforts, I would argue he should first find out how young students who are pursuing life time committments to conservation are being taught in order to moderate the balance between economic health and clean water, land and air.

    This is not a game of politics sir, this is discussion of natural elements the basis and foundation of everyone’s well being, not just those who believe global warming is a hoax or a very real threat.

    I’ve read Mr. Dunne’s comments here and on other stories, his manner of speaking is condensending, satorical, in fact, it has an air of immaturity about it. You can wade thru adverse discussions without resorting to dismissive and demeaning speech.

    And insofar as the birther discussion is concerned, if that is indeed true, then I question Mr. Dunne’s ability to separate wheat from chaff; in order words, anyone who is so easily led down a path of delusional self indulgence to the effect that an everlasting quest for one individual’s birth certificate becomes a “platform”, well that’s an individual who in my view has not right nor any invitation to manage adult and factual discussions on any city requirements. Read his comments to others on other stories, sometimes it best to just shut one’s mouth less you leave the impression that the receipent is reading a comic strip instead of a commentary.

    Playing politics in the form of retailiatory actions, is also, quite immature; it does not promote results, except for a small satisfaction on the part of the small minded to feel validated.

    Norwalk Lifer

  52. Bill Dunne

    Okay, Mark/Nancy, why did you delete that last comment of mine?

    1. Mark Chapman

      @Bill Dunn

      I have no idea what you are talking about. Unless you posted under another name,
      there are no comments from you in our delete bin. Last one was to L Boogie, and that is online. Perhaps it was user error.

  53. Bill Dunne

    My apologies, Mark. I guess it was user error, or a gremlin.

    1. Mark Chapman

      My guess is the gremlins.

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