Moccia: Next Norwalk mayor can decide to take or leave raise

Norwalk Circle Care Center 061513 006
Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia waits to cut a ribbon Saturday morning at the Circle Care Center on West Avenue.

NORWALK, Conn. – NancyOnNorwalk reader Peter Berman says Mayor Richard Moccia has stated publicly that he won’t take a raise if he is re-elected in the fall. Moccia said that wasn’t the case.

Asked on Saturday morning if Berman’s comment were true, Moccia said, “He keeps writing in the paper that I’ve gotten a pay raise. What I said was, ‘No, I didn’t get a pay raise.’ We did not put the money in the budget. In November, whoever the mayor is can make the decision whether they want to ask for the money to fund the pay raise.”

The Common Council voted in February to grant a pay raise to the next mayor, boosting it 21.5 percent, from $113,963 as of Jan. 1, 2012, to $138,465 as of Jan. 1, 2014 — a raise of $24,502.

Moccia was listed as making $99,616 in 2010, according to documents.

“You can’t get a raise while you’re in office,” he said. “I got a raise that went into effect in January, after I was elected. You can’t get two raises while you’re in office, so it was the new salary set for whoever was elected. I happen to have been elected; in January I got the raise. But I didn’t get another raise in the second year.”

He did not say whether he would take a pay raise if elected.

“I said to (Berman), I did not take it,” he said. “Which is true, the money did not go into the budget. Because I said, quite honestly, ‘Let’s see what happens in November. Then whoever who is in office, whether it’s me or someone, can make the decision about their pay.’”


7 responses to “Moccia: Next Norwalk mayor can decide to take or leave raise”

  1. Tim T

    Actually the mayor should not be paid at all. The Mayors position should be completely ceremonial for cutting ribbons and so forth. What Norwalk should do is hire a professional city manager with some education. If we are going to pay a Mayor as CEO he should have the same credentials . I just cant seem to see a large corporation with the budget of that of Norwalk hiring Moocia as a CEO….. A custodian maybe but not even sure of that..

  2. M. Murray’s

    And we should let Tim T select the city manager because he understands it all

  3. Tim T

    M. Murray

    You just hate the fact that the Republicans including Rilling are out of here…
    Oh and Thanks for the compliment…

  4. dc2

    He won’t say now if he will take the pay raise if re-elected? Then isn’t it safe to assume he will?

  5. M. Murray’s

    Then it would only be fair to ask all the candidates if they will take the raise, not just Moccia.

  6. LWitherspoon

    Andy Garfunkel said it best a while back when asked about the mayoral pay raises. The focus should be more on whether or not we are receiving value for our money. This is especially the case considering the fact that the Mayors of nearby cities are paid considerably more than Norwalk’s. It would be great to have a successful CEO with a proven track record in the private sector, but none of the candidates offer that, and whether the compensation is $114k or $138k won’t make much of a difference in attracting someone with those qualifications unless they view it as charity work.
    In my book, value for our money would constitute cost control. What has Mayor Moccia done to drive a harder bargain on wages, benefits, and other spending? What would the other candidates do? Can they point to any successful cost control efforts in prior public service? What specific line items would have been different in the most recent budget if they were Mayor?
    Did the Mayor have any influence on the decision by the Board of Ed to take the teacher union contract to arbitration, thereby winning a pay freeze for one year? If so that was a significant accomplishment. Certainly the cost savings achieved by outsourcing trash pickup are another, especially considering all the mudslinging that ensued and continues. Another municipal employee union contract announced over the past several months contained significant concessions that will save us money on benefits. On the other hand, Police and Fire have received substantial raises. What’s the plan for containing the exploding cost of employee benefits?
    It would be nice to see a tally of all the additional spending along with savings achieved, and hear what the other candidates would have done differently if anything. Now that it’s June it’s well past time to move beyond the platitudes into the nitty-gritty of what all of the candidates have done or would do for Norwalk.

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