Moccia, Rilling touch a lot of bases at debate – the mosque, the mall, big box stores and more

NORWALK, Conn. – Still undecided? Just curious? We’ve got about an hour of videos from last week’s Norwalk League of Women Voters debate between Mayor Richard Moccia and Democratic mayoral candidate Harry Rilling to help you out.

Of particular interest are the ones on the federal lawsuit filed by the Al Madany Islamic Center after the application to put a mosque at 127 Fillow St. (shown above), and the one about the mall allegedly planned for the 95/7 site. A discussion of blighted properties led a discussion of the BJ’s application – Rilling alleges that Moccia told him, “I need BJ’s to come to Norwalk.” Moccia denies it.

Have at it:

What steps will you take to step up ordinance and zoning enforcement to decrease the number of blighted properties?


“What is your position on General Growth Properties taking over development on the 95/7 property?”


“Does the income to the city from (big box stores) cover the cost of services provided to these stores?”


“Would you improve taxes for seniors by removing the income restrictions?”


“What is the role of the mayor when businesses are looking to open in Norwalk? What additional tools do you think are needed to help … what will you do to encourage business growth?”


Charter revision? Longer terms for the mayor and the Common Council?


How would you access Norwalk’s performance in utilizing its municipal assets … as compared to other comparable cities?


What role do you see yourself playing in the contract reopener with the Norwalk Federation of Teachers?


What do you see as the most pressing issue facing Norwalk over the next two years?


What are your plans to provide recreation and fitness opportunities to children and adults since our YMCA is gone?


Closing statements:


5 responses to “Moccia, Rilling touch a lot of bases at debate – the mosque, the mall, big box stores and more”

  1. Norwalk Lifer

    Thank you NON for organizing this overview, it was informative, it was helpful, and it was akin to what is seen on CSPAN; no hyperbole, no slant, just a segmented and organized overview to the top issues facing this city.

    Thanks again, I would urge everyone who lives and contribute to this city to watch these videos.

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. Ark

    I agree with Norwalk Lifer. Often view this blog as biased to the Democrat side, but clearly this posting is public service. Thanks NoN. And thanks by the way to David Davidson for his very fair moderation of that debate.

    Folks in the Ponus, Kendal,and West Norwalk neighborhoods should watch the first entry where Harry Rilling never says he will defend the City and Zoning Commission in the Mosque suit. If he won’t say it he won’t do it. A vote for Rilling is a vote for the Mosque

  3. Tim T

    Correct A vote for Rilling is a vote for the Mosque.
    It is also a vote for HIGHER TAXES and if is his time as police consultant is any indication it is also vote for DISASTER.
    This will be the first time I have ever voted Republican as Rilling is not the person for the job. He failed to run one department successfully and now wants to run the whole city. This could only be true of someone who has work their entire life in the fake world of city government.

  4. Don’t Panic

    If one side has chosen to boycott this site, you cannot blame the site for that. You have to ask yourself though. What exactly are they trying to hide?

  5. Norwalk Lifer

    @Don’t Panic, the light of truth, you see the comments about the Mosque, I watched the video of the Mayor as he discussed this point and there was anger concerning the lawsuit, How DARE these people call us discriminatory!

    Well, the truth is there is a school at the end of Fillow Street, there are three cemeteries around the corner on Richards Avenue, a fairly large Catholic church on a side road off Richards Avenue, and another place of worship on Richards Avenue. No one can tell me if this is about traffic snarl, and other innocuous grievances, that those establishments, that have been there for years, years before those who are protesting this mosque isn’t also a contributor to traffic.

    What about the Golf course? maybe that’s a contributor too? I’ve read the petition at Change.org generated by one of the residents, yes, it’s all about traffic.

    But when you hear this mayor argue that the land space is too small for such a structure, you have to wonder why the BJ’s site isn’t viewed in the same vein.

    Could it be, that one part of Norwalk has a traffic issue and the other doesn’t?

    I am not insinuating anything here, I am merely pointing out that the mayor’s body language is indicative of his style, outraged instead of mindful at the perception of others.

    The perception by those who are trying to build a mosque is that they are experiencing discrimination. It’s the perception that matters, and galvanized a law suit.

    So when you crow that Moccia will not let the mosque be built, remember this, it’s not the mosque itself, it’s the manner in which the city negotiates their opposition.

    And using this as a campaign tool is deplorable, just sub standard, but what do you expect?

    It’s the way some people in this town think others should behave.

    Norwalk Lifer

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