Moccia’s financial supporters include 56 Norwalkers

NORWALK, Conn. – Here is the summary and the list of contributors from the campaign to re-elect Mayor Richard Moccia:

Balance on hand at beginning $6,742.39

Contributions received by individuals $13,180 (this period); $20,905 (total)

Receipts from other committees $2,000 (this period); $2,000 (total)

Total monetary receipts: $15,180 (this period); $22,905 (total)

Subtotals $21,922.39 (this period); $22,905 (total)

Expenses paid by committee $14,331.53 (this period); $15,314.14 (total)

Balance on hand at close of reporting period: $7,590.86 (this period); $7,590.86 (total)

Campaign expenses paid by candidate $2,000 (this period); $2,000 (total)

$1,000 donors

State Sen. L. Scott Frantz (R) of Riverside, president of Habler Capital

Jerry Effren of Norwalk, GreyRock Co. real estate developer

$750 donors

William Gardella of Norwalk

$500 donors

Oscar Imbrogno of Stamford

William Shanley of Norwalk

Janet Lang of Tucson, Ariz.

Barry Lang of Tucson, Ariz.

Donna DiScala of Norwalk

Fred Wirth of Norwalk

Donald Gustafson of Westport

$300 donors

Jerry Petrini of Norwalk

$250 donors

Andrea Kigh of Norwalk

Ralph DePanfilis of Norwalk

Terri Wood of Darien

Patrick Callaghan of Shelton

Joe Santo of Norwalk

$200 donors

Gail Lavielle of Wilton

Richard Travella of Norwalk

Vito Bochicchio Jr. of Norwalk

Diane LaSaka of Wilton

Robert Ready of Norwalk

Martin Yanell of Weston

$150 donors

James Gardella of Norwalk

Cathy Jones of Norwalk

$100 donors

Patricia Jurgielewicz of Easton

Alan Webber of Fairfield

Mary Deklyn of of Norwalk

Steven Kerschner of Norwalk

Robert Mercurio of Norwalk

Richard Bonenfant of Norwalk

Edward McQuillan of Norwalk

Carol Andreoli of Norwalk

Peter Andreoli of Norwalk

Anne Griesmer of Norwalk

Winthrop Baum of Fairfield

Elvinio Giaccomini of Norwalk

Doug Smith of Norwalk

Joe Kendy of Norwalk

SandyEffren of Norwalk

Ed Ryan of Norwalk

Joe Scarpati of Milford

Steve Ward of Norwalk

Antonietta Boucher of Wilton

Mike Lyons of Norwalk

Michael Widland of Weston

Luciano Scafani of Trumbull

Edward Reilly of Norwalk

$50 donors

Mahrukh Neville of Norwalk

Howard Urban of Norwalk

Kristin Bonsangue of Norwalk

Arthur McGee of Norwalk

Ben Wilson of Norwalk

Keith Werwin of Norwalk

Jack Falzone of Westport

Florence Agliotta of Wilton

Robert O’Haire of Norwalk

$35 donors

Sally Hartshorne of Norwalk

$30 donors

Thursa Merritt of Norwalk

Peter Halladay of Norwalk

$25 donors

Kelly Straniti of Norwalk

Valerie Williams of Stratford

Frank Belinske of Norwalk

Lewis Clark of Norwalk

Expenses paid

$10,625 to the Enchiladas LLC for 50 percent billboards

$2,000 reimbursement on June 11 to Moccia for telephone poll


6 responses to “Moccia’s financial supporters include 56 Norwalkers”

  1. JustAsking

    Why just publish the Moccia donors? Why not publish all the donors for the Democratic candidates?

    1. Mark Chapman

      They are in the works. All will be published.

  2. D(ysfunctional)TC

    That’s because he needs a Bridgeport phonebook to look up Vinny’s donors.

  3. oldtimer

    It would seem the relative amounts contributed this time compared to his last campaign are sending a very clear message to hizzoner. Many of his most reliable supporters are missing from the list or have made only token contributions. Will they show up on somebody else’s list ?

  4. M Allen

    They don’t need to give yet. He’s not running against anyone yet. Plenty of time to collect. The Democrats have to raise money to run against each other and show they are viable candidates for the general. Moccia doesn’t have those issues to deal with.

  5. Vigilant

    Interesting to see former Dem stalwarts like Joe Kendy & a Kerschner contributing to Moccia.

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