More bus service for Norwalk

(Andy Gallagher)

Come Monday, more shuttle buses will roll down Connecticut and Main Avenues as the Norwalk Transit District ups its services.

The change comes weeks after NTD expanded its Wheels 2U Norwalk in the city.

Increased service on Connecticut Ave. and Main Ave.

“Part of the CTDOT Bus Expansion Projects announced earlier this year, buses will run more frequently with extended service hours. Hours will be extended on Saturday until 11:30 p.m. and on Sunday until 8:30 p.m.,” a news release said.


Wheels 2U Norwalk: Expanded service area and new hours

In 2018, Norwalk Transit was the first Connecticut public transit agency to pilot what is called “microtransit,” an affordable real-time ride sharing service.

“We were excited that ridership developed quickly and experienced steady growth until the pandemic changed travel patterns,” the news release said.

Last month, NTD expanded Wheels 2U services in an effort to regain ridership and support Norwalk businesses, including restaurants and entertainment venues, the news release said.

“We have also added operating hours on the weekends,” NTD said. “So please leave your car at home, hop on Wheels 2U and enjoy Norwalk’s fantastic dining and holiday shopping. At $2 a ride – or $6 for a group of three to eight people – it’s an easy and affordable way to get around.”

Just download the app here to request a ride and a shuttle bus will pick you up and drop you off in the Wheels 2U Norwalk service area. To find out where Wheels 2U goes and its service hours, go to wheels2unorwalk.com

Norwalk Transit thanked the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency “for collaborating with us to expand Wheels 2U Norwalk and supporting local businesses in our community.”


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  1. Becca Stoll

    I took my first Wheels2U ride on Friday night to go see a show at Music Theatre of CT. The experience was fantastic, however when it came time to go home demand was so high we couldn’t request a ride. Had to go with a Lyft. Plus the limited hours make it an impractical choice for errands such as groceries.

    I’m also happy to see more bus service, but it sounds like the adds are mostly on the main corridors of South Norwalk. When can we expect East Norwalk to get similar increases? More service on East Ave, Westport Ave, and between the ENo and SoNo train stations would go a long way towards making us a more viable TOD. As it stands I almost never take the bus because it takes too long and the routes don’t go where I’m trying to go.

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