Morris endorsed for re-election by Connecticut Education Association

Warren Peña (top right) and Chris Perone (bottom left) have qualified for public campaign funding. Peña faces Bruce Morris (top left) in the 140th District, while Perone battles David Watts (bottom right) in the 137th.

NORWALK, Conn. – The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) has endorsed Democratic state Rep. Bruce Morris in his re-election campaign for the 140th House District.

“You have consistently proven yourself to be an advocate for children, teachers, and public education,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen in a statement emailed to the media by the Morris campaign. “Most recently, throughout the 2014 legislative session, you steadfastly held to your commitment and ensured that our members’ voices were heard. Your constituents are fortunate to have you working for them in the General Assembly.”

In addition, Morris was named a “CEA Friend of Education.” CEA has a membership of more than 43,000. CEA members include K-12 teachers in Connecticut public schools as well as retired teachers and college students preparing to become teachers.

Morris is the Director of Human Relations for Norwalk Public Schools. We has been endorsed by the 140th District Democrats for a fifth term in Hartfoed, but faces a primary challenge from at-large Common Council member Warren Peña.

“In the State Legislature and in my job with the Norwalk Public Schools, I have focused on doing what is best for our children,” Morris said in the emailed statement. “During every one of my elections, I have had the endorsement of the CEA. It is an honor to have their endorsement once again and to be recognized for my work on behalf of students, teachers, and public education.”


4 responses to “Morris endorsed for re-election by Connecticut Education Association”

  1. anon

    Unions endorse candidates who take care of their members first, students come second.

  2. Piberman

    Union endorsement of their “friends” is news ?
    Democrats love unions and vice versa. Wonderful.

  3. New Era

    this is interesting

  4. Yankee Clipper

    What is even more interesting is that the CEA union does not even cover Norwalk teachers … but I guess Morris has been so union friendly in Hartford, why not endorse him?

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