Morris gets Council 4 AFSCME endorsement

Bruce Morris
Bruce Morris

NORWALK, Conn. – Bruce Morris (D-140) was picked up the endorsement of Council 4 AFSCME for re-election to his seat in the state House of Representatives.

Morris, a four-term incumbent, is being challenged by fellow Democrat and former at-large Common Councilman Warren Pena in the Aug. 12 primary election.

Primary Election 2014“State municipal employees are the backbone of our public-service infrastructure,” said Morris in a statement accepting the endorsement. “Without them, essential services would not be provided.”

Morris was endorsed due to his “experience and commitment to fighting for good jobs, a quality health care system, a secure retirement, and workers’ rights,” said Executive Director of AFSCME Sal Luciano in the union’s press release.

Council 4 is the largest AFL-CIO labor union in the state, with more than 32,000 working members. Council 4 represents state, county and municipal employees.



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    “God bless America” and Morris too.

  2. anon

    Morris hard at work for the unions. What is his job again?

  3. Yankee Clipper

    Morris’ job? I hear he works for Norwalk Public Schools, gets paid $80k/year, but does not have the degrees/qualifications required for the positions … no one will touch him because of the racism threat … so taxpayers continue to get ripped off. Oh well, I guess Norwalk students are the ones to suffer most.

    1. Mark Chapman


      From NPS HR department
      * Mr. Morris’ title is Director of Human Relations
      * Mr. Morris is not a full time employee…his position is designated as a 4/5 position
      * Mr. Morris’ salary for the 2013 – 2014 school year is $74,842.98
      * Mr. Morris is a member of the Executive Support Group (union)
      The position, according to the written job description, requires no certification or degree, although it requires the knowledge and abilities “generally aquired” with a BA in education or five years field experience in the subject, which is primarily human and race relations. Mr. Morris, as a reverend for many years, an assistant pastor at Macedonia Church, fits the description. We will have all this and more in an upcoming profile within the week.

  4. Bill

    Dang, $74,842 to work part-time, which really means never. It must be great to be able to make double what an actual teacher makes in non-union states down south working full time. This is why Connecticut doesn’t create many private sector jobs like other states and those who can avoid the tax burden by moving out of state. Only in a state like Connecticut where public unions are more important than taxpayers.

  5. spanner

    Sal must be proud to Back Morris,but it didn’t go the same last night as Morris snaked his way thru South Norwalk last night.Some of those voters here must be wondering what Sal is talking about.

    Loss of municipal jobs over city carting contracts leaving Norwalk less AFLCIO members and a poor environment and of course one of the worst road and rail infrastructure systems in the country.Interesting the most urgent needs and the most concerns are not those of most running for office memory loss seems to happen around election time.Hal just gave us a number of loss jobs recently I imagine that is a number Sal may find interesting.

    I’m sure who ever Morris talked to for a vote last night realize what he is all about today.I also sent them here to NON to read up on whats going on before the election The Hour won’t cover things as intense as here.

    The smell coming from city carting should be corrected the city just showed a profit from its operations on Meadow st in the heart of Morris county smelling this crap day in day out.

    What I find odd about Sal he missed the point with his labor force but that has corectly spelled out this morning over what some of us see is not a great record after all with workers he speaks for.

    Great quality health care speaks for itself here in our area its cathcing up to treating cancer increasing in our area could be from lack of committment to cleaning up contamination that has been allowed to fester in Norwalk in part from turning a blind eye on environmental problems I feel it been overlooked for profit and political concerns.

    It was fun last light to talk to my neibghbors after the show and explain maybe we don’t have better running but what do we have now is more the right way of pointing out failure.Wasn’t hard to talk to most and remind them of the sickness in South Norwalk from things that are not on Norwalks agenda and whats going on here in Norwalk and whats not going on in Hartford.

    Its not about popular or about whats been done its the here and now,we taxpayers have been shown the good this time of year and not shown the bad that remains year after year.

    Good luck Bruce I know most I talk to who take the trains and enjoy a so called quality health care system and have to sit on 95 to come one exit to come homw may not feel the same as Sal.I made sure council four members will be able to read NON it is the news site to stay informed of whats going on or not?

    Thanks NON for the coverage and the work your putting into this,I honestly think it has and is making the difference for some who have no voice in local and state politics.

    Whats Morris have to say about the power plant,rail service and traffic along 95?Whats he have to say about the things that have effected all of us over the years in his own backyard?After many times back in the Hartford what has changed in Norwalk?Time is running out for those who wanted Norwalk to be their home sending any of the old guard back to Hartford may be a mistake.

    Its all amazing look at Duffs handout driving a electric car with the head of the DEEP and what he tells us is so out of touch of what Norwalks needs not what he decides Norwalk gets.

    What does Morris think about the golf course money and other things he can change or argue against?

    Warren was on the same street and they didn’t pick and choose what houses to go to as far as I know the same problems are both the Democrats and Republicans in Norwalk and need problem solvers not magicians with our money.

  6. Dawn

    I am not that bright. Please do not speak in riddles.
    If you have something to say, SAY IT!!!

  7. Pete Repeat

    I don’t know anyone who will vote for a candidate because of a union endorsement. No one has given any examples of Morris being a shill for AFSCME,so I don’t know what the critics mean complaining about it.
    Maybe his job performance (or lack of performance) is an issue for us voters. But as bad as some may think it is, I think that his opponent’s track record on the SoNoCC is far worse.
    Morris might not be “for us”, but Warren is “for him” (and only him).

  8. piberman

    Norwalk certainly has a a “bright future” with candidates for public office endorsed by our private and public unions. It’s what makes our City a shining example of “good government”. One wonders why other CT cities haven’t followed our example. Everyone wants to live in a City where public unions are “respected” and well paid.

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