Peña qualifies, will face Morris in primary

Warren Peña (top right) and Chris Perone (bottom left) have qualified for public campaign funding. Peña faces Bruce Morris (top left) in the 140th District, while Perone battles David Watts (bottom right) in the 137th.

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NORWALK, Conn. – Warren Peña has gotten the signatures needed to force a primary in the 140th District, Norwalk Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said.

The former councilman has gotten 208 signatures from Democrats living in the 140th, five more than the 203 signatures he needed to take on state Rep. Bruce Morris, an eight year incumbent. Wells said Peña reports he has more petition pages “in the pipeline,” and has until 4 p.m. Tuesday to turn them in.

The Democratic Primary will be held Aug. 12. There will also be one in the 137th District, according to Wells, where state Rep. Chris Perone has gotten enough signatures to force a primary with Common Councilman David Watts, the endorsed party candidate, .

The polling places in the 137th district are Marvin School, St. Mary Hall, and Tracey School. The polling places in the 140th are Kendall School, Columbus School and Nathaniel Ely.

The 142nd District will see a Republican primary between Emily Wilson and Fred Wilms. Wilsonis the GOP-endorse candidate, while Wilms qualified in the multi-town district by winning a third of the six voting delegates to the nominating convention. Single-town districts are open to all registered voters in the appropriate party.

There will also be a city-wide Republican primary for governor and other races held on the same day at those six locations and at the other six polling places in Norwalk.


4 responses to “Peña qualifies, will face Morris in primary”

  1. New Era

    Wow this just got interesting

  2. Norewalk Lifer

    I see a Democrat challenging a Democrat, where’s the Republican? Oh that’s right, he backed out.

    Because it’s better not to play the game, when you know you are going to lose, I am sure that makes the definition of “competition” all the more clear.

    May the best man win, and kudos to the Democrats who are open enough to seek primary challenges in an effort to get the right person in the right position.

    Norwalk Lifer

  3. John Hamlin

    Perhaps the Republicans don’t want to encourage voter turnout in a district with few Republicans? The complacent machine can use some stirring up.

  4. Jon J. Velez

    Mr. Norwalk Lifer;

    Part of the problem in the 140th district is that every major housing project is located in the District. Republican voters generally don’t live in government funding housing. Sadly enough that many of the good people who reside in housing have been sold a bunch of malarky from Democrat leaders who prey on uninformed voters. Sort of ‘bamboozled’ by their own leaders? Where are they now…Sellers, Clemmons, Mann & now Morris? Ask yourself this…if you’ve done everything in your power for a postive change and the result is the same from your elected officials why do you continue to suport them?

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