Mosby aims to reinstate NEON, with new/old leadership

John Mosby sits amongst the many documents he said were relevant to his lawsuit against Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON).
John Mosby sits amongst the many documents he said were relevant to his lawsuit against Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON). (File photo)

NORWALK, Conn. – The fight continues between a Norwalk activist and a South Norwalk social services agency, even if that agency is in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is in the process of being decertified by the state.

A suit filed by John Mosby against Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) in October is still active, although NEON filed for bankruptcy in early June. Mosby, a former NEON board member, said he is challenging NEON’s right to go bankrupt in the context of its board being illegal.

“They don’t have no right to be dissolving this organization because all of them guys sitting there are illegal in office,” Mosby said.

The suit alleges NEON changed its bylaws and illegally forced Mosby and other elected board members out on Dec. 12, 2007. Mosby, a board member from 1999 to 2007, said that the NEON board, led by Carvin Hilliard, voted to kick the 11 elected community members off the board. The vote was illegal because the then 33-member board did not have a quorum, he said.

“NEON violated the bylaws by changing the bylaws. It’s illegal, that’s the argument. That’s the problem,” Mosby said. “I don’t give a darn if they bankrupt. They cannot get rid of our organization. We have to vote to get rid of NEON – 33 board members have to vote. That’s the argument. I know they done say something and I’ve already notified the bankruptcy court that we got a suit in. So … they’re going to give us a hearing.”

The goal, Mosby said, is to continue NEON under other leadership.

“We might not use the name NEON, but we’re going to use our organization” and put some community members on the board, Mosby said. “They’re not telling it like it is; don’t play games with me. What they’re trying to do, they play games with our suit.”

NancyOnNorwalk sent NEON Board Chairman Mike Berkoff an email on the topic Aug. 8. Berkoff said that was the first he had heard of the suit.

“Mr. Mosby can challenge the decision if he wishes to,” Berkoff said. “There was no other option but to file bankruptcy based on the financial condition that NEON was in.”

Mosby also named the Department of Social Services in the suit.

“The state asked them to dismiss the complaint because they said I had no jurisdiction to bring it against the Department of Social Services. My argument is yes, we do,” Mosby said.

The state’s motion to dismiss was granted by the Superior Court on July 22.

“They’re trying to say now they”re in bankruptcy,” Mosby said. “I didn’t know there was even a record of them going to vote; they went and did it. They didn’t tell us at a meeting that they was going in. That’s my argument, everything was done secret.”



9 responses to “Mosby aims to reinstate NEON, with new/old leadership”

  1. Lifelong Teacher

    It just never ends with this guy, does it?

  2. Don’t Panic

    If those 33 members are so well equipped to run a CAP agency, then their energies are better spent forming a new one and starting with a clean slate.

  3. Challenging a vote taken with an allegedly insufficient quorum eight years after the vote? Just how malicious does a futile lawsuit have to be for a Connecticut judge to sanction a plaintiff?

  4. Bill

    Take someone who never went to college but made a lot of money off of taxpayers and was able to retire very young, and you get Mr. Mosby.

  5. Casey Smith

    Ho hum. Another day, another lawsuit.
    Why would the City even consider supporting the same group of people who were associated with NEON? There have got to be other 501c3 organizations in Norwalk that can funnel the same services that NEON did to those who need it. Neither the City nor the former clients need the ghost of NEON to rise from the ashes. Let it go.

  6. New Era

    Oh god! This just a waste of time.

  7. Cantwejustgetalong

    Are you serious? Norwalk cannot be wasting it’s time and resources on these kind of allegations/suits. Let it go. I think that is the problem with many of these “Old school” “Community leaders”. They just can’t adapt to change and learn a more efficient and practical way of helping the city.

  8. The Norwalker

    I would be happy if some of the Senior Manage of NEON had to pay a price for misuse of funds and the destruction of the organization. I am not even saying that management stole money, they had a duty to do their best to manage funds even in times of decreasing funding.

    Senior Management failed to make the hard decisions that leaders of a organization get paid to make. Instead of losing a few program, Senior Management let the entire organization crumble.

  9. Sunnie Kaplan

    He’s not an “activist” he’s a busybody.

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