Mosby files new CHRO complaint against Norwalk BoE

NORWALK, Conn. – John Mosby has filed a complaint against the Norwalk Board of Education alleging discriminatory behavior, specifically complaining that he was asked to show identification when he entered Brien McMahon High School in May.

Mosby, an African American, said in a July 10 complaint to the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) that white people were not asked to show identification at Brien McMahon on May 19, and that he doesn’t believe other schools ask people to show identification to get in. He goes on to allege, as he often does at BoE meetings, discrimination in hiring practices and that schools that have predominantly white populations have gotten expensive repairs while Briggs High School, with a predominantly black/Hispanic population, has not. He also states, as he has at BoE meetings, that the Board has violated its policies regarding public comments and how they are recorded in minutes; and that “the union contract” was drafted in an unfair manner.

“The allegations are even more ridiculous than we’ve come to expect from Mr. Mosby,” BoE Chairman Mike Lyons said. “I’m sure – as with every other complaint filed by every member of the Mosby family – they will prove unfounded and be dismissed.  It is a shame that valuable city and school resources have to be wasted on this unending stream of frivolous complaints.”

Mosby is the father of BoE member Shirley Mosby, who was at the center of a complaint filed with the NAACP of disparate treatment of minority women on the BoE last summer. That complaint remains unresolved, with Mosby and her fellow filers refusing to release evidence. John Mosby’s son, Alvin Mosby, has also filed complaints, which were dismissed.

John Mosby’s complaint was almost entirely rewritten three days after he filed it, an amendment dated July 13. His first complaint states that he lives at a Post Office box and incorrectly gives the address of City Hall as “125 Maine St.,” two errors that were corrected in the amendment.

Mosby’s amended complaint, minus some formatting:

  • “On or about April 22, 2015, as a grandparent, citizens and community activist I spoke at the board of education’s regular board meeting during public comments. A white mom spoke at that same meeting and other white citizens with similar complainants about various schools from other school parent spoke as well.
  • “On or about May 19, 2015, I went to visit the Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk, Connecticut to speak to the head custodian at 6:30 a.m. On that day the door was open, myself and other white, Caucasian individuals entered into the school freely without question. There were no security guards at the station.
  • “When the security guard arrived at her workstation she called me and asked me what I wanted. The guard informed me that I had to sign in and provide my license.
  • “Upon information and belief, other schools (18) in the Norwalk system do not require individuals to provide their licenses upon entry to their schools.
  • “I was singled out and asked to sign in and provide my license.
  • “I questioned the security guard on why she needed or wanted to see my license and not the other Caucasian individuals, and reminded her that she and the school was in violation of the Board’s policy, 1250.
  • “On May 23, 2013, the Board Policy 1250 was sent out to all 19 building principals concerning the school visitation and sign in policy.
  •  “All guards were aware of the policy that does require all visitors provide a license and other requirements as well.
  • “Furthermore, board policy provides that all schools need to be equal in terms of how their policies are enforced.
  •  “The school principal and security guard are in violation of not enforcing the Board’s policy 1250 at Brien McMahon High School, when all other 18 schools follow the Board’ s policy 1250.
  • “I complained to the Board of Education regarding this policy, but nothing was done about my complaint.
  • “I feel that this policy unfairly targets African-American individuals. Furthermore, I feel that this one action, in a series of many incidents which suggests a pattern and practice of discriminatory conduct on the part of the Norwalk Board of Education.
  • “I feel that I was retaliated against due to the prior complaints I have filed, including but limited to the CHRO complaints.
  • “Additionally, on or about June 16, 2015, I attended another school board public meeting. I believe that the Norwalk Board of Education is discriminatory in terms of their hiring practices. Specifically, that white individuals are employed with higher level jobs in the central office; whereas Black and Hispanic individuals are hired in lower level jobs.
  • “I have brought up numerous times concerns to the Board of Education of the discriminatory hiring practices; especially the lack of minority teachers.
  • “I have brought up numerous times that Briggs High School (Predominantly Black/Hispanic) is in desperate need of repair. In the meantime, numerous other predominately Caucasian schools are consistently being given millions of dollars to improve their buildings.
  • “The Board has also violated policy regarding public comments and minutes of how public comments should be summarized in the minutes.
  • “Finally, the union agreement was drafted in a way that the workers/retires were unable to see a copy of it prior to it being implemented; affecting the retiree’s. Again, I feel this is both unfair and discriminatory in practice.”

This reporter, a white person, has always been asked to show identification when attempting to get into a Norwalk public school. Visits are infrequent; the last time was a visit to Norwalk High School in September.

Mosby said two weeks ago that a lawsuit would be filed against the Board and the state Department of Education alleging discrimination because the community had not been involved in changes to Briggs High School.

On Tuesday, the Board unanimously approved changing the name of Briggs High School to the Norwalk Pathways Academy at Briggs. This was after Mosby spoke to the Board, again alleging discrimination.

Mosby said that no one from the black community had been invited into the discussion about Briggs. He had a petition signed by 400 people, he said. “Seem like every time we are left out of everything,” Mosby said.

BoE member Migdalia Rivas asked Briggs Principal Marie Allen about outreach efforts.

Allen said there was a governance committee and that meetings about the Briggs turnaround had been open to everyone. Letters were sent to parents and students were asked about renaming the school, she said.

Mosby Complaint – 7-15


18 responses to “Mosby files new CHRO complaint against Norwalk BoE”

  1. Sono

    Of course he filed a complaint. He realized Watts was getting all the attention in the press and figured he needed to do something to get his name back in there. They’re (Mosby and Watts) really one of the same. They both need attention, even if its negative. They love to read about themselves in the paper and could careless about the taxpayers.

  2. Mitch Adis

    Hey. Whatever happened with the FOI request for Shirley Mosby? Has she complied with the law or is she still in violation? If she is in violation, it’s been a long time now. This would mean the State needs to step in and enforce the law.

    The Mosby’s seem so interested in laws being observed by others, but not nearly as interested in following them themselves.

  3. DrewT

    The FOI Complaints or at least the PTOC that was filed has been assigned to a case worker and is moving forward. Hopefully, we will have some updated information to report soon.

  4. DrewT

    @SONO totally right on point!!! This complaint should be dismissed like all the other BS ones the Mosby’s file. I only wish there was a way to make them pay for all the time and resources the City and BOE needs to waste when we have real issues that need to be addressed. Like wasting money on primaries… Eventually the nonsense in this City will stop, hopefully before my children graduate NHS.

  5. Boswell

    Could it be that on May 19, the only other people (Caucasian or other) with a reason to enter BMHS at 6:30 were teachers and therefore known to the security guard? Who else would be there at that ,hour?

  6. Marie Avila

    Here we go again. Mosbys are only happy when they’re unhappy,

  7. EastNorwalkChick

    What is the standard protocol for visitors to Norwalk schools? If it is written that everyone must to sign in and show identification his complaint doesn’t have merit and will be thrown out. I suspect that since Columbine, Newtown, et. al, it is standard practice for all schools to require all persons that are not staff or students to show ID.

  8. Lisalen

    And the next circus sideshow is back – courtesy of the Mosby clan. Is anyone surprised? Here’s a few observations. Everyone, regardless of race or gender, are required to provide ID. Honestly, BMHS is one of the strictest with this policy. Secondly, have a look at the data. How many of the principals hired in the last 3 years are minorities? Last I checked, these positions are pretty “senior”.

  9. Lifelong Teacher

    Honestly, anyone who doesn’t work in the building is required to show identification. Would we want this anymore way?

    As another point, custodians (as well as teachers, assistants and clerical staff) should be working during the school day and NOT entertaining guests. He had no business being there in the first place. If someone showed up to ‘visit’ someone on my staff without a valid reason and prior arrangements with me, I would deny entry.

  10. Mike Barbis

    I am a member of the Board of Ed and go into school buildings regularly … and I can tell you that I am required to sign in and show ID when I go into BMHS. So what’s the deal?

    20% of our student body is African American yet 3 of the last 5 principal appointments were African American (that’s 60% of the latest round). In addition, the principals at 2 of our 3 high schools and 3 of our 4 middle schools are African American. Really, Mr. Mosby, the BOE is guilty of discriminatory hiring practices?

  11. fedUP

    why doesn’t this city grow a pair and bring a harassment suit against these people for their frivolous lawsuits that cost the taxpayers money to constantly defend against? who keeps electing this woman to the Board? what kind of people would vote for her? just ridiculous that we have to all be subjected to this.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Just to be clear, this is John Mosby filing the suit. He has complained about the community being shut out of discussions about renaming Briggs, but Shirley Mosby is part of the BoE and the BoE’s vote to rename was unanimous.

  12. Truth to Power

    Please stop Mr. Mosby, it seems that where ever you go, you go looking for something not actually there. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars!
    I have heard Ms. Shirley Mosby has been saying the BOE is trying to decrease the number of African American administration.
    There goes that argument huh?
    Next up, where is the alleged proof of discrimination on the BOE? Come on times up, either you have it or you don’t! These aren’t Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi messages!
    NAACP President Crosland and Vice President Brenda Penn-Williams have both said they have seen the proof. Why haven’t they both pushed for the truth to come out, ending any speculation as to the truth. The party line is to say we can’t make her bring forward the proof, fair enough then just tell us verbatim what you’ve seen that proves it.
    Wait a minute!!
    Ms. Penn-Williams is running for Constable, as a peace officer with limited authority, she can get to the bottom of the allegations and get back to us in a timely manner.
    Start the clock!

  13. Peter Torrano

    Mitch Adis,

    The FOI complaint lodged against Ms. Mosby by the RTC and others is going through the standard process with the state. Unfortunately, like with many agencies there is a backlog and we must wait our turn. I have just received notice of a hearing scheduled for August 10th. It is at that time that we all hope that Ms. Mosby will finally comply with the law and produce the documentation she claims to have that led her to call several people racist.

  14. Peter Torrano

    Mitch Adis, I might add that is you read this story in NoN, and the many other stories about John Mosby and his flood of unfounded complaints lodged against the BoE you will find a common theme with the Mosby family. That theme is to always, and under any circumstance, use the race card as a means to try and intimidate people into doing as the Mosby’s wish. Someone else on this thread has suggested that the city may want to look into filing suit against John Mosby for frivolous claims against the BoE and others in the city. Not a bad idea. Maybe it has not occurred to the Mosby family that we will not be intimidated by their baseless claims and that we will actually ask them to step up and prove their allegations, something they have never been able to do. Unfortunately, Ms. Rivas seems to have fallen under their spell as well and has uttered similar false claims.

  15. Wineshine

    Something about the word “activist” just irks me. Mr. Mosby though is not an activist. More appropriately, he should refer to himself as an “antagonist”.

  16. Casey Smith

    Ho-hum. Another day, another lawsuit. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the courts made Mr. Mosby pay the costs of filing frivolous complaints.

  17. Charles the Hammer

    Mosby is a serial race baiter. He has filed multiple, unsuccessful lawsuits against NPS. His grandson, a former student in the Norwalk Public a Schools, is the source of his ire. The young man, now a convicted felon, had numerous disciplinary run-ins with the system including assaulting peers, discharging a stolen firearm, and stalking a young female. According to Mosby, all of these serous offenses by his grandson, were linked to racial discrimination by the district. NONSENSE. The problems of the Mosbys are of their own making. It”s well past time to stop distracting from real racial bias with false claims such as these. Mr. Mosby is the textbook example of our need for tort reform.

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