Mosque proposal on tonight’s Council agenda for ‘discussion and potential action’

NORWALK, Conn. – The proposed mosque suit settlement will be back on the table when the Norwalk Common Council meets tonight.

The meeting, scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., has been moved to Concert Hall at City Hall to accommodate the expected large turnout.

The Republican Town Committee blasted a general email Monday night with the wording from the agenda and a subject line, “Your attendance is encouraged.”

The mosque issue is listed last on the agenda, right after a resolution against bullying sponsored by David McCarthy, David Watts, Michelle Maggio, John Kydes and Travis Simms.

According to the agenda, the final item is “Discussion and potential action on proposed settlement in the case of Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk, Inc. v. Norwalk, Et. Al.”

The details of the proposed mosque – changes negotiated by the city Zoning Commission – were approved by that body earlier this month. Two weeks ago, The Council tabled action after for further discussion after lengthy public comments and an offer by a spokesman for Al Madany to delay building for two years while they search for an alternative location to the 127 Fillow St. site if the city agrees to the negotiated settlement.

Negotiations have continued since that meeting, and talk of a potential agreement, leaked from a closed meeting, has included the city buying the property and helping the Center find another location.

The Council held a closed meeting Monday night, and everyone remained tight-lipped afterward.

The West Norwalk neighborhood has fought the settlement of the two-year-old suit, saying the project is two big for the property and will create unsafe traffic conditions. Al Madany sued based on a law that is designed to prevent religious discrimination.



3 responses to “Mosque proposal on tonight’s Council agenda for ‘discussion and potential action’”

  1. Jeff

    It’s great that your reporting has encouraged a resolution against bullying for tonight’s council meeting – congrats. This is further evidence of how powerful your platform has become in holding our elected officials accountable to maintaining professional standards – congrats! This is also why NoN readers should support you through contributions. . . I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that your continued coverage will awaken elected officials to the city’s high property taxes/mill rates, bloated spending, stagnating property values, low school rankings, zoning problems and streamlining/shrinking the size of its’ bureaucracy.

  2. EveT

    It’s doubtful whether the resolution against bullying will do any good, especially considering that a couple of the Council members sponsoring it are known for their manipulative, strong-arm tactics.

  3. LWitherspoon

    Bruce Morris draws a salary at the BoE in part to fight bullying there, and part of his job is to enforce a no-tolerance policy for bullying. Yet last fall he presided over a press conference asking everyone to forget about the Amanda Brown incident. I am reminded of this rank hypocrisy when I hear of Mssrs. McCarthy and Watts sponsoring an resolution against bullying. Is this yet another feel-good non-binding resolution?

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