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Top 10 Most Read July 20-26

  1. Chiaramonte persists with highly offensive racial analogy, cites other reasons for BOE body language
  2. BOE member alleges lack of sensitivity to her condition
  3. Norwalk ‘witch hunt’ fails; Sumpter reappointed to Zoning Commission
  4. Norwalk DTC struggles with BOE racism charge, sniping
  5. Norwalk traffic authority ignores DPW, goes to higher authority in Belden Avenue bike lane plan
  6. Norwalk to decide where on Oak Hills $1.5 million would be spent
  7. Spahr: Mosby’s complaint against Norwalk is clearly false
  8. Norwalk Council debates liens vs fines in sidewalk ordinance
  9. Perone: Oak Hills bond won’t stick if city rejects master plan
  10. Letter: A scandal in the making

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