Most popular, most commented-on stories July 6-12

NORWALK, Conn. — Here’s a look at what NancyOnNorwalk readers have been looking at and talking about over the past week:

Top 10 Most Read July 6-12

  1. Rowayton seeks Farm Creek compromise as Beinfield is eyed with suspicion
  2. Letter: Mayor should defend the city, not settle mosque suit
  3. Letter: Mayor’s office has become too politicized
  4. Editorial: SoNoCC situation has, fairly or not, stained reputations of some good people
  5. Brain-based teaching part of Rivera’s plan to rebuild Norwalk schools
  6. Rowayton considers ‘offensive’ on Norwalk
  7. Opinion: SoNoCC debacle just more trouble for people who don’t need more trouble
  8. Morris, Watts receive Citizens’ Elections Program grant
  9. Perone: Interest in business began early
  10. Council reappoints ‘stellar’ Norwalk tax collector

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