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NORWALK, Conn. — Here’s a look at what NancyOnNorwalk readers have been looking at and talking about over the past week:

Top 10 Most Read July 13-19

  1. Norwalk lucky falling traffic lights didn’t hurt anyone
  2. Rilling introduces new economic development director
  3. Union slams Norwalk Board of Ed for secrecy on outsourcing
  4. Alvord traffic signal pole had corroded from within
  5. Watts election filings show how he qualified for CEP grant
  6. Norwalk redevelopment kicks POKO problem down the road
  7. Letter: Fore! Poison
  8. GGP’s mall pitch reaches one SoNo businessman enthusiastic retiree
  9. Spinnaker’s plan for South Norwalk development gets lukewarm greeting
  10. Letter: 30 days for change
  11. Lightfield debates Aga Khan over mosque lawsuit

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