Most popular, most commented-on stories June 15-21

Top 10 Most Read June 15-21

  1. Norwalk BOE to vote on ambitious Rivera reorganization
  2. Latest reason for Norwalk BOE tension: janitorial outsourcing
  3. Pine Point splinter group threatens Norwalk Land Trust with lawsuit
  4. Mushak: My time on Norwalk Zoning Commission is over
  5. Mosby files new suit against Norwalk Board of Education
  6. Norwalk BOE approves plan to restore ‘decimated’ central office, beef up Special Ed
  7. Norwalk Republicans pitch Haitian immigrant as South Norwalk statehouse representative
  8. Norwalk schools super given raise by BOE
  9. Barron: Outsourced trash, recycling savings are real
  10. Mosque-Norwalk talks enter make-or-break stage

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