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NORWALK, Conn. — Here’s a look at what NancyOnNorwalk readers have been looking at and talking about over the past week:

Top 10 Most Read May 18-24

  1. Watts stuns Perone, wins Dem endorsement for House run in 137th District
  2. Norwalk Republicans nominate Federici; registrar’s husband lets it fly
  3. Norwalk teachers union head backs incumbent legislators, says Watts, Peña were ‘absent’ on school woes in 2012
  4. Republican registrar, under siege with scathing Republican indictments, defended by Norwalk Dem
  5. Candidates Peña, Watts offer response to NFT head’s comments
  6. Morris wins South Norwalk caucus in landslide; Peña promises primary
  7. Opinion: NEON stays dishonest to the end
  8. South Norwalk church purchases long vacant First United Methodist
  9. Report: Norwalk dock not up to the chore it’s being given
  10. Alvord produces bill: $24K for sewage treatment plant hearing

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