Most read, most commented-on stories Aug. 31-Sept. 6

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are the Top 10 most-read stories and most commented-on stories for the past week, Aug. 31-Sept. 6.

Most read:

  1. Mosque settlement gets a thumbs up from Zoning
  2. Norwalk Police plan to protect themselves with armored vehicle
  3. Public hearing on mosque settlement begins at 7 p.m. – what’s in store
  4. Rivera cites ‘glitches’ in Norwalk school-year launch, immigrant minors
  5. McCarthy, Watts fighting proposed Norwalk/Al Madany lawsuit settlement
  6. Norwalk council hoping to avoid a Xanadu-like debacle at 95/7 site
  7. Norwalk council taking on ‘tough’ decision in Al Madany settlement
  8. Norwalk mosque settlement opposition emails number 100+
  9. Opinion: Norwalk schools ‘heading for greatness’
  10. RTC attack on mosque settlement called ‘factually inaccurate’

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