Most read, most commented-on stories Sept. 7-13

NORWALK, Conn. – Here is a list of our most popular and most commented-on stories for the week of Sept 7-13, 2014.

Most read:

  1. Norwalk Council tables vote on Al Madany settlement after offer to discuss other locations 
  2. Mosques answers may have been missed amidst the anger 
  3. Norwalk lawyers bash outsider experts hired to fight Al Madany 
  4. Farm Creek group: Connecticut pressuring Norwalk Zoning Department, Zoning Commission
  5. McCarthy: Mosque came to Norwalk Zoning Commission fully realized 
  6. What would the taxpayer impact of a mosque suit trial look like 
  7. Norwalk residents deny ‘racism’ involved in opposition to mosque 
  8. Norwalk Council takes in complicated mega-information in proposed settlement of mosque lawsuit
  9. Hamilton cites RLUIPA in responding to ‘mercenary’ question 
  10. Cavallo calls legal language in Norwalk settlement ‘appalling’


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