NancyOnNorwalk April Fools post sparks confusion at City Hall

The entrance of Norwalk City Hall, Wednesday evening.

NORWALK, Conn. — An attempt at an April Fools’ joke sparked a bit of backlash and confusion at City Hall after NancyonNorwalk published an article on Thursday titled, “Norwalk City Hall to remain closed to public until late 2022, at least.” The article cited fake quotes from Mayor Harry Rilling and City Hall staffers about some of the benefits of keeping City Hall shut until 2022.

Some members of the community, including Town Clerk Rick McQuaid, understood that the article was part of April 1st’s tradition, posting “APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in the comment section, but the article caused chaos, uncertainty, and some anger among City employees and members of the public, City officials said.

“The article this morning caused mass confusion,” Laoise King, the Mayor’s Chief Of Staff wrote in an email. “A global pandemic is not a joke … it’s very difficult to communicate about these precautions – particularly in a rapidly changing environment where guidance evolves and changes. Some of the recommendations may not be intuitive and we are constantly aiming to explain why precautions are necessary and to provide consistent and clear information. ‘Jokes’ like this – with no clear indication that it is a joke – just makes it harder to communicate public health information.”

Nancy Chapman, founder of NancyonNorwalk, said that she would clearly note April Fools’ Day stories in the future.

“I apologize for any inconvenience today’s story may have caused,” she wrote to Rilling. “In the future, if I decide to post an April Fools Day joke, I will remember to put asterisks in the headline.”

City staff received an email from Ray Burney, the director of personnel and labor relations to assure them that the article was supposed to be a joke.

“Today’s column in Nancy on Norwalk about when City Hall will reopen is an April Fool’s joke,” he wrote. “No decisions or announcements have been made by the Mayor regarding when City Hall will reopen to the public without appointment. When decisions about City Hall are made, you will receive an email from me or the Mayor’s office.

Rilling and King said that they were “inundated with calls, emails and text messages” on Thursday morning after the article was published. The article did not originally have any notes or markings to indicate that it was meant in jest.

“Needless to say, many of us recognized this as an April Fool’s Day joke,” Rilling wrote.  “However, many did not.  We are being inundated with emails and text messages from City Hall employees, Common Council members, and the general public.”

King said that the article caused a lot of emotions.

“Not only has this been a waste of time, it has caused fear, concern and anger among employees and residents,” she wrote. “We can take a joke – but this (is) not funny and borders on irresponsible. Please edit the article to indicate it is a joke as soon as possible.”

James Cahn, the author of most of the piece, said that local officials had created these conditions where people would believe it could be closed until late 2022.

“I pride myself on my jokes and pranks,” he said in a statement. “I think this one was of particularly high quality. Almost all of the rest of Connecticut has opened up, with precautions, to pre-Covid levels. Somehow, Norwalk’s City Hall is perfectly happy to stay mostly closed. Is it really not appropriate for us to poke a little fun at our public officials in Norwalk? Come on. If folks were calling City Hall, concerned, it’s because City Hall has created a manner of doing business such that the idea of it being closed for the next NINETEEN MONTHS seems vaguely believable. They might want to spend some time considering why this suggestion isn’t immediately identifiable as satire.”

He said, “I don’t recall reading that the CDC has suggested that while just about everything else could safely open, (with appropriate and necessary social distancing protocols), that municipal governments are somehow uniquely terrifying and dangerous. The rest of the world had mostly begun to get back to work. It’s time for Norwalk’s City Hall to go and do likewise.”

City Hall is currently open by appointment only along with two walk-up windows for the Tax Collector and for Customer Service, on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. No appointments are necessary to visit the windows. To make an appointment for other services, visit norwalkct.org/appointments.

King said that many of these measures will remain in place to make sure distance is maintained until at least more people have been vaccinated.

“While the governor has lifted some capacity limits, social distancing requirements are still in place, the city’s test positivity rate is still dangerously high, and new more contagious variants are circulating in our community,” King said. “It is important for city departments to schedule appointments so that we can do contact tracing and to ensure appropriate distancing can be maintained within the building. Hopefully as more people get vaccinated those requirements will no longer be necessary.”

Stamford and Danbury are following similar restrictions, according to their websites.

Fran DiMeglio, chair of the city’s Planning Commission, wrote in the comment section that the article should have been clearly marked.

“This should have said April Fools Day Joke at the bottom in big letters from the beginning. It was irresponsible and in bad taste to publish it. It now makes one question the credibility of anything that is written here,” she wrote.

Another commenter, John Tobin, wrote that he fell for the article at first until he realized the date:

“I thought this article was real, until I realized today is April Fools Day! Good one Mr. Mayor! You had me right up until the $4 admission fee to enter City Hall. I should have known it was a fake article when it was mentioned that citizens are used to these ridiculous Zoom meetings. I’m glad to see the mayor and his staff have not lost their sense of humor, we all needed a good laugh.”

That paragraph about an admission fee was written by NancyOnNorwalk contributor Paul Lanning. He also wrote the lesser-noticed segment about a drive-in movie theater planned for a residential neighborhood.

Stuart Wells, the city’s Democratic Registrar of Voters, came up with his own April Fools’ joke in the comment section:

“The fall election for Mayor, Council, BOE, etc. will be conducted by voice vote this year. At noon on election day everyone voting for the Democratic candidates will make as much noise as possible. At 1:00 p.m. those voting for the Republican candidates will do the same. The volume of these two “votes” will be compared with special audio equipment recently purchased by the city, and the winners declared at 2:00 p.m. The equipment is capable of filtering out noises from non-citizens, under-age individuals, and out-of-towners, and uses voice recognition software to assign the voice vote to individual Norwalk voters. The equipment is expensive, but that cost is off-set by the money saved by not printing ballots and not hiring poll workers. Voters who will be working in New York at that time may hire a registered surrogate to voice-vote for them.”


NancyOnNorwalk wasn’t the only purveyor of fake news April Fools Day pranks. For example, according to Rex Marine, Kanye West is in negotiations to use Calf Pasture Beach for his “Sunday Service” while a Russian oligarch is in the middle of purchasing the Manresa Island property.

Rex Marine April Fools 2021


17 responses to “NancyOnNorwalk April Fools post sparks confusion at City Hall”

  1. James Cahn

    I also wrote the one about blowing up the mall with dynamite as an art project. I don’t even know what “quantum dreamscapes” and “angelic interventions of a type of echolocated epi-gnosticism” could possibly mean. And Bakugou is a guy from a Japanese cartoon for kids.

    The mall isn’t going to host a party where it will blow itself up with dynamite.


  2. Nora King

    City Hall is a joke. The real estate market is booming and Norwalk is profiting from it but they make it harder for professionals to do their job. Even city employees are amazed that it has not reopened. People comment the mayor hasn’t been spotted in a year except for photo ops. Many city employees have been vaccinated including the mayor. Walmart can socially distance but not city hall? This is an abuse of his power.

  3. Milly

    James Cahn people believed it because they trust what the read on NON is the truth.

  4. Sue Haynie

    Why is City Hall still closed but yet Norwalkers can get their trash collected, go the doctor, dentist, optometrist, hair salon, the Mall or a restaurant, etc.? I’m sure Norwalk City Hall employees are going to these types of places too.

    COVID is being used as an excuse for City Hall to not have to deal with the people who pay its salaries.

    As noted by Mr. Cahn, “If folks were calling City Hall, concerned, it’s because City Hall has created a manner of doing business such that the idea of it being closed for the next NINETEEN MONTHS seems vaguely believable. They might want to spend some time considering why this suggestion isn’t immediately identifiable as satire.””

  5. Bryan Meek

    “People who don’t get carried away from time to time, should be” – Vince Lombardi

  6. David

    I was reasonably certain yesterday that it was a joke of course with our current leader ship it’s kind of hard to tell that said you just noted their reaction it was probably safer for the public for the place to stay shut until 2023 Got a love the political overreaction I am curious of how many of them planned a trip about 25 years ago to the Sans serif islands after the New York Times read about them they seem the type

  7. Cathy Travers

    I read this post about keeping city hall closed and that they would charge us a fee to come in ..I don’t think I was ever more furious about such crap in this city ..not to mention my experience earlier this j anuary when going there looking for the non existence drop box for tax payments. The guard at the door was so obnoxious condescending and rude I almost withheld my tax payment until April..awful .how and why this April fools joke was allowed is beyond me. Haven’t we put up with enough stress this last year ???

  8. JustaTaxpayer

    April Fools. City Hall won’t be open until 2022. Wait… that probably will be the case. If I’m reincarnated, I’m coming back as a government employee with a nice fat pension.

  9. milbank

    Considering what this past year has been like for all of us, the article was not just unfunny but, in very bad taste.

  10. James Cahn

    @Milly: What I wrote was “true” it just wasn’t “factual.” You should be reading everything as critically and analytically as you are able, regardless of where you read it.

    @Cathy Travers: How it was “allowed?” Ideas like this and Laoise King’s suggestion that it was “irresponsible” are troubling. Should Aristophanes have been “dis-allowed?” Was The Public Advertiser “irresponsible” when they published Franklin’s “Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One?”

  11. John E. Tobin

    City Hall is upset at this April Fool’s joke? The joke is on us, we are the fools for allowing the closing of city hall to drag on,

  12. Peppy P.

    And what about our City’s libraries??? Three branches, and not ONE can open, even on a limited basis with limited hours?? THAT is no April Fool’s joke! It’s an abomination.

  13. Jim Bartley

    Nice article James Cahn- no need to apologize

  14. Need for More Data

    I was hook-line-and-sinker taken by the story. However, I’m amused, not offended, that NON “got me.” I’m not amused by the fact that City Hall is still closed to the public, and it matters not one bit that other communities have municipal buildings that are still closed. They, too, are being ridiculous.

    People are often most offended by criticisms about them that they fear are at least partly true. The truth here is that City Hall has been closed for an unwarranted amount of time. How is it more dangerous to be in City Hall than it is to be in other places that have larger numbers and/or concentrations of people than does City Hall? How do city officials allow children to go to NPS schools — staffed by staffed by adults of widely ranging ages — and say that it’s too dangerous for City Hall to be open? How do city officials explain that stores, gyms and many other kinds of businesses can be open, but City Hall isn’t?

    The April Fool joke doesn’t make NON less credible; it makes this site more credible for seeing the truth and helping us to see the absurdity of it.

  15. Barbara Meyer-Mitchell

    Frankly, it served as a bit of an IQ test.

  16. Tysen Canevari

    I am going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony the next time we mulch a property in Norwalk. Then we can ask the mayor wwhen city hall will open. I know he will show up for that.

  17. Bryan Meek

    IQ has nothing to do with common sense, which is grossly lacking in local government. You can be a borderline genius and still not be able to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We are being fleeced.

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