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5 responses to “To contact NoN”

  1. Madeleine Carroll

    I would like to get headllines emailed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Piberman


    Please consider posting a list of supporters and advertisers.

  3. BW

    I would like to thank Adam Bovilsky and his staff for diligently addressing the lack of adequate handicap parking at Wolfpit Elementary School. Thank you.


  4. Exnorwalkian

    How about some news about the Delgado case

  5. Vicki

    Save East Norwalk! Developers are already pouncing on this tiny part of Norwalk! Please voice your concerns to our Council Members who represent citizens and not developers. Over developing is upon us now! Zoning changes for more density is a fact. Don’t sit back while East Norwalk Is taken over a ruined all for the sake of money. Over developing never helped anyone but developers. East Norwalk should be protected not picked apart with cut and pasted overdevelopment, please let the mayor and the zoning and common counsel members (some members are on multiple committed that are approving these zoning changing and overdevelopments). There is a planning meeting this Thursday at city hall at 7:00, public can speak at 7:00 sharp. If you have a concern get there early so the public can speak. The East Norwalk TOD plan will be presented to the committee after the public portion.

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