NancyOnNorwalk welcomes reporter Malik Brizan-Reed

NancyOnNorwalk is pleased to introduce our summer reporting intern, Malik Brizan-Reed. Malik is a multimedia journalist and 2024 master’s degree candidate at City University of New York’s Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. He specializes in arts, culture, and childcare issues.

As a local news reporter, Malik is particularly experienced in covering festivals, rallies, and protests. He excels in content creation for social media. And he has a passion for telling unique, newsworthy stories.

To suggest coverage or offer a news tip, email Malik at [email protected].

Malik will be with us through the middle of August. If you see him around Norwalk, say hi.

Malik Brizan-Reed, CUNY journalism grad student, will report for NancyOnNorwalk this summer.


4 responses to “NancyOnNorwalk welcomes reporter Malik Brizan-Reed”

  1. Romney Donald

    Congratulations Malik and welcome to Norwalk!

  2. David Muccigrosso

    Welcome! Glad to see a new face around here. Don’t let the meanies get you down!

  3. DIana Paladino

    So excited to have met Malik and the energy and enthusiasm that he will bring. I know that he will offer so much to NON. A great addition to the team. WELCOME!

  4. Andrew Crook

    Congrats, Malik!

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