NEON awarded funding to continue early childhood program

NORWALK, Conn.  –  The early child development program run by Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now, Inc, (NEON) has been funded by the State of Connecticut Department of Education through June 30, 2014, a press release said.

The DOE has also increased NEON’s funding for the program by $1,424,831.20, raising the current contract amount from $6,199,038.20 to $7,623,869.40, the release said.

NEON Chief Operating Officer Chiquita Stephenson greeted the news with satisfaction, the release said.

“With this contract extension and the award of additional funding, we believe that the state has expressed confidence in the capable way in which our program is operated,” she said in the release. “This action also recognizes the excellent performance of our staff in providing a quality and creative learning environment for our city’s most valuable and important asset, our children. In no way will we interpret this good news as a reason to relax. We will, however, work smarter and harder to ensure that effective, efficient and quality programs and services are provided to the children and families of Norwalk.”

NEON’s early childhood development program is separate from its Headstart program.


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  1. LWitherspoon

    What does NEON’s early childhood development program consist of? How many children does it serve at any given time?

    1. @LWitherspoon
      NEON Inc. Communications Director Scott Harris said,
      “The NEON child development program that had its contract renewed– and received additional funds, serves approximately 320 pre-school children in part time and full time enrollment — and 56 infants and toddlers in full-time enrollment. These children are in classes at both Nathaniel Ely School and at the Ben Franklin Center.

      “The NEON Child Development Program provides quality early learning services to children ages 15 Months to 5 years and their families. The NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited program provides comprehensive early childhood/family centered services that include health, social, and educational activities. Fees are sliding-scale and Care 4 Kids is accepted. Its full time staff includes professionals in the fields of health, nutrition, mental health, social services, and education.”

  2. Lifelong Teacher

    Most of its employees are not professionals. After all of the mismanagement and theft of resources has been revealed, it is a travesty that they will still be running he HeadStart program. Our children could be much better served.

  3. spanner

    Great news I can assume no state rep has his name on it?I’d like to think one of the three wise men had a role in it.I can hardly wait to see what our Mayor has to say this is also part of his city,you know those people.

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