NEON delays paychecks, plans Family Day event

NORWALK, Conn. – As Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) sent out a press release touting its family day this weekend, a news story was being reported that Friday’s NEON paychecks will now be Monday’s paychecks.

The Hour reported Thursday that NEON informed its employees Wednesday afternoon that the paychecks that expected to receive today – Friday, Oct. 18 – would be distributed Monday, Oct. 21. Further, paydays will be on Mondays going forward, and there will be no direct deposit until further notice, The Hour reported.

A week ago, NEON was informed by the state Department of Social Services that it had been designated an “agency at risk” because of its financial and management problems and said it would begin contingency plans to decertify NEON and move its program elsewhere. Also Oct. 11, the state Department of Corrections terminated its contract with NEON to run a group of halfway houses.

In The Hour story, NEON interim President and CEO Chiquita Stephenson was quoted as saying the latest payroll move was part of a series of internal changes taking place to stabilize the agency and make it stronger.

Meanwhile, NEON Family Day, planned for Saturday, Oct. 19, is designed to bring together families that have directly benefited from NEON services for a day of food, fun, games and an opportunity for reflection on the importance of the programs and services operated by Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now, NEON Inc.

The event will run from 1 to 5 p.m. at Norwalk’s Nathaniel Ely School Gym, 11 Ingalls Ave.

Local, state and federal elected officials have been invited to attend this event at 2 p.m. to hear the views of local families on the future of the services NEON provides to Norwalk area families.

“We support NEON because the agency has supported us,” said Laila Bravo in a NEON press release. Bravo was identified as a mother and NEON receptionist, who will be going to the NEON Family Day event. “NEON has been providing excellent child care and development programs to our families for many years. … Our children need NEON.”


6 responses to “NEON delays paychecks, plans Family Day event”

  1. amazed

    No money for payroll however there is money for fun, food and games!

  2. loveforthecity


  3. Tharvusbynum

    The checks came in on Thursday, why do the employees have to wait til Monday?

  4. The Norwalker

    I think that a event like this “Family Day” is good way for NEON to advertise what services they have left to give to their clients and supporters.

    Critics of NEON have been right to ask questions about the mistakes made by NEON, but these same people have shown zero empathy for the people who have lost these services in their community.

  5. Daisy

    Wow – no paycheck, but “family day” – what’s to complain? Oh, family day ain’t gettin’ the bills paid.

  6. The Norwalker

    It should be noted that the paychecks are going to be picked up at about 3:00 PM and by the time employees get their check in their hands it is too late to make it to the bank for depositing. So effectively NEON is giving out paychecks on Tuesday. Because there is no direct deposit employees have to wait even longer for their money.

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