NEON employees await vital paperwork

Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) officials have been talking about going bankrupt.

NORWALK, Conn. – Employees of a floundering South Norwalk anti-poverty agency say they have not yet gotten their W2 forms, although the federal deadline for sending out the earnings records was Jan. 31.

Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) workers, still on the job as of Friday, said their W2 forms were mailed by a New Jersey company on Jan. 31 — a full week earlier. They said this emphatically before being told by a supervisor not to talk to a reporter, to let the Rev. Tommie Jackson handle it.

Jackson did not return a phone call. Board Chairman Mike Berkoff did not return an email.

The forms tell employees how much money they made the previous year. They are needed to file income tax paperwork.

Employees said the owner of the New Jersey company lives nearby and had come into the office to say that the forms were mailed. The employees could not name the company.

A source said about 200 employees have been laid off. That leaves 38 still at work, she said. All are very upset that they have not gotten their W2 forms, she said.

Another source said he had heard there are 60 employees left, and speculated that the other source was talking only about Norwalk employees.

Both sources agreed: A pickup truck owned by NEON was recently repossessed.

NancyOnNorwalk has tried repeatedly to obtain a list of people employed by NEON and the salaries that they receive. A complaint has been filed with the Freedom of Information Commission.

That follows on the heels of another complaint – about an executive session held at a board meeting to allow a discussion with then-Mayor Richard Moccia. That was due for a hearing recently but NancyOnNorwalk made a deal with Attorney Christopher Sugar, who was representing NEON as part of Durant, Nichols, Houston, Hodgson & Cortese-Costa, P.C, agreeing to drop that complaint in exchange for the list of employees.

The case was dropped. The list has not been delivered. Sugar was no longer working for Durant, Nichols, Houston, Hodgson & Cortese-Costa, P.C two weeks after the aborted FOI hearing. About a week after that, a letter arrived, announcing the law firm no longer represents NEON.

NEON has announced a Board of Directors meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, at its 30 Woodland Ave., Stamford office. To see the agenda, click here: NEON AGENDA


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  1. Casey Smith

    “And the beat goes on…
    And the beat goes on…
    ‘Round and round in a rhythm in the brain,
    La da da da de, la da da da dah!”

  2. Jubilant Judy

    As a former NEON employee, I was assured at the beginning of January that my W2 would be issued by ADP and I would receive it by the third week in January.
    When I went into NEON yesterday, I was told that the W2 paperwork was now being issued by a CPA firm (Hoffler Mifflin) and that the forms had possibly been mailed last Friday – the legal due date.
    However, when I called this CPA firm a representative advised me that my W2 had in fact been mailed out on Monday February 3rd and it had not been issued on time because the payroll information was not received by Hoffler Mifflin until Friday January 31st.
    Aside from any personal irritation regarding inconvenience – I am alarmed that yet again there appears to be a lack of oversight which leaves NEON potentially liable to penalties. The IRS could levy a minimum fine of $30 per violation (30 x 230 = $6900) as a consequence of issuing these W2 forms after the due date. See http://www.irs.gov/instructions/iw2w3/ch01.html#d0e1797
    Whether NEON is heading to bankruptcy or being reinvented, management and governance must be perceived as being on top of financial operations.

  3. WOW!

    WOW! Rev. Jackson is just a little more educated and a little more devious than Chiquita. He claims he’s a lawyer. Really? Anyone care to check it out? He’s on the Governor’s ethics committee. … He’s holding the threat of bankruptcy over the head of creditors to pay them pennies on the dollar. This carpetbagger should be run out of town!

    This comment has been edited to conform with our policy.

  4. Frances Gutierrez

    This is crazy I left in August and I been promise my W2 I am so damn tired of Neon.

  5. WHAT?

    Isn’t it about time for Jack O’Dea to step out and say how great everything really is and how if you knew what was really going on you would realize it was everyone else who has a problem and they should just get out of NEON’s way so all their brilliant talent can shine free of interference? I’ll bet his buddy Mike Berkhoff is still thanking Jack for getting him into this one. Stay tuned, recipe for best way to prepare crow to follow.

  6. non partisan

    hmmm – seen this before
    wonder if the federal and state witholdings ever made it to the govt treasuries

  7. Dawn

    Any list would probably have people who are not supposed to be on payroll still on. Like Chicky. Maybe the good reverend who is not supposed to be collecting a salary.

  8. Jubilant Judy

    I received my NEON W2 today from Hoffler Mifflin.
    The postmark date on the envelope is February 8th.
    NOT Monday February 3rd as advised by a representative of the company when I called last Friday. And certainly not the legal due date of January 31st.
    I will be checking the #’s very carefully for accuracy.

  9. exemployee

    My w2 is wrong. My deductions are only for my last check not the whole year.

    Better check your numbers.

  10. hersheyteach101

    Judy I agree I received my W-2 on that same date and again I still have not gotten my vacation pay and I have been out of there since November 13, 2013 so what is the hold up? My next issue is I have not received my son daycare tax forms from 2013. I can not file my taxes until they send this form out to me…..get it together Neon!!!!!!!!

  11. The Norwalker

    I have heard that people laid off from NEON were not offered any options in regards to Health Insurance and if they had significant checks owed to them from NEON by default no Health Insurance was taken out and former employees were left without coverage until they could find their own coverage.

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