New board has rough start as Dem-majority BOE re-elects GOP chairman

Norwalk swearing ins 111913 032
Norwalk Board of Education Chairman Mike Lyons, left, listens as Mayor Harry Rilling leads Tuesday’s BOE meeting.

NORWALK, Conn. – The controversy started right away for the new Norwalk Board of Education Tuesday night when new member Shirley Mosby expressed dissatisfaction with then-outgoing Chairman Mike Lyons and stalked out of the room to retrieve Mayor Harry Rilling.

Minutes later there was a surprise – Lyons, a Republican, was re-elected chairman by the Democrat-dominated board. Republican Vice Chairman Artie Kassimis was also re-elected into his current role, as was Democrat Heidi Keyes as secretary — same slate as before the Nov. 5 election, but with a board now composed of six Democrats and three Republicans.

“That’s not what I expected at 5 o’clock in the afternoon,” Lyons said, of becoming chairman again.

There had been a lot of drama on the Democratic side and he had gotten a phone call asking him if he wanted to chair again, he said. “I wouldn’t have predicted this outcome in a million years,” he said, of the same three officers being re-elected by a Democratic-leaning board.

“It’s a surprise for everyone in a sense,” said Democratic BOE member Shirley Mosby. Never in Norwalk history has a Democratic Board of Ed elected a Republican chairman, she said.

This all led to Mosby walking up to Jack Chiaramonte after the meeting and saying, “I’m going to pull every white hair out of his head,” a reference to Lyon’s white hair. That account by Lyons was confirmed by Mosby.

Members were surprised by Mosby’s behavior, Lyons said. “They didn’t view that as characteristic of Shirley,” he said. “So I’m very sort of counting that off as when you are angry you say things that you regret later.”

Rilling made a speech to begin the meeting, welcoming the board members and thanking them for being willing to work so hard “for absolutely no money” to make the city better by looking out for children.

The mayor then headed over to the council chambers for the council meeting, only to have Migdalia Rivas protest that the swearing in ceremony needed to be done by the mayor.

Lyons read her “the actual policy,” from a sheet of paper in his hand.

“’In the absence of the mayor,’ who I know is now over in the Common Council meeting, ‘the meeting shall be called to order by the chairman pro temp of the preceding year,’ which is me, ‘and we will then proceed to the business of the meeting.’ Do you want to see this? This is the policy.”

Numerous members said Rilling had been there.

“He was actually physically in the room,” Mosby said. “He should be the one to tell us that.”

“I asked the mayor if he wanted to run the meeting,” Lyons said, referring to a conversation that took place before the meeting was called to order.

They agreed that Mosby would go over and ask him.

As Mosby stalked out of the room, Lyons said, “What are you shaking your head for? We had the conversation, that’s what he told me.”

Comments overheard while she was out of the room included, “This is ridiculous” and “He was in the room.”

Rilling’s return was met with a smattering of applause. One person commented, “They going to start a riot over here.”

“You want me to do it, I’ll do it,” Rilling said.

The mayor swore in Sherelle Harris, Mosby, Kassimis and Keyes, and stayed to run what was a very brief but dramatic meeting.

Republican Jack Chiaramonte nominated Lyons to be chairman, saying that, over the past year, as the board hired Manny Rivera to be the new superintendent, he had guided the ship well.

“I watched him close, I watched him work,” he said. “In these times especially, reach across the aisle and work with both parties in shared responsibilities. I think that this city more than ever needs his leadership again.”

Rivas nominated Murray.

“Clearly, Rosa Murray is the most experienced person to lead the board,” she said. “Rosa is serving her fifth term on the Board of Education. In addition, she was elected three times as chair and was also vice chair and secretary. Rosa has chaired the finance and negotiating committees of the board. She was a member of the joint services committee for Norwalk Public Schools and the Common Council. Rosa serves on the executive committee of the Norwalk chapter of the NAACP. She has been a member of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education on the board of directors. Rosa was co-founder and adviser for Norwalk High president parent outreach and for the Lewis E. Dunlap scholarship.”

Democrats Mike Barbis and Heidi Keyes, and Republicans Chiaramonte, Kassimis and Lyons voted for Lyons. Mosby, Harris, Rivas and Murray voted for Murray.

Murray then nominated Kassimis for vice chairman. Barbis nominated Keyes.

The vote was Kassimis, Chiaramonte, Mosby, Rivas and Murray for Kassimis, and Keyes, Lyons, Barbis and Harris for Keyes.

Barbis nominated Keyes for secretary. Mosby nominated Rivas.

The vote was Chiaramonte, Harris, Lyons, Keyes and Barbis for Keyes and Mosby, Rivas, Kassimis and Murray for Rivas.

Lyons said he hoped Mosby’s hair-pulling comment was just an emotional reaction to the moment.

“I think she was as shocked at what happened at the election of chairman as I was,” he said.

“If Mike Lyons sitting there and crying about that then he needs to give up the chairmanship right away,” Mosby said. “He was very nasty in a sense because what he was trying to take over, in a sense, where he was going to swear us in. I did not want him to swear us in and he got attitude, and he wanted to be the one to swear us in. That is the mayor’s job to sign us in.”

Lyons said he had worked with Mosby in 2009, when he was the Board of Estimate and Taxation representative during the last teachers’ contract negotiations, and she was on the board negotiations committee. It was cordial, he said.

“I hope we can reestablish that relationship,” he said. “In all honesty I think that things may not be as contentious as you might think. Basically everybody who ran said we’ve got to support Manny Rivera, get behind the superintendent. Rilling was very adamant about this – we can’t keep cycling through superintendents. You need to get some continuity here.”

Norwalk swearing ins 111913 021
Norwalk Board of Education members Shirley Mosby and Artie Kassimis wait to vote at Tuesday’s BOE meeting.


59 responses to “New board has rough start as Dem-majority BOE re-elects GOP chairman”

  1. “I did not want him to swear us in and he got attitude”
    Um No – Mosby – YOU got an attitude and we know why.
    Wow, and to elect democrats because things will be more “civil” this year-
    I guess we know who the “new Moccia” is for the next period is…MOSBY
    and she is 10x nastier than Moccia ever was.
    Look at that puss on her face.

  2. Lisa Len

    Didn’t she tout herself as a collaborator in the robo calls? Don’t the voters remember her “collaboration” on her last BOE stint? Screaming at citizens attending BOE meetings, some things never change.

  3. LWitherspoon

    I’m a little surprised to see no comment in this article from Mayor Rilling, who promised us greater respect and civility during his mayoral campaign. What did Mayor Rilling have to say about the highly uncivil words by Ms. Mosby? What will the Mayor be doing to make good on his campaign promise?
    Or does threatening to pull “every white hair” out of someone’s head not rise to the level of incivility?
    Mike Lyons is a gentleman and his service to Norwalk on the Board of Ed has been impressive. His comments to NoN regarding this incident demonstrate his interest in respect, civility, and non-partisanship. Where is the Mayor on this?

  4. LWitherspoon

    Another question – how long is Mr. Lyons term as Board of Ed Chair?

  5. Mosby is also saying “He got attitude” –
    Where do you buy attitude?????!!!!
    To think she is on the BoE and she can not properly speak English is an embarrassment, to say the least.

  6. dawn

    Ms. Mosby. Please use proper English. We all expect better of of elected officials.
    Also, isn’t there some sort of policy regarding threats in place in our schools. I don’t actually know because my children are still in grade school. But, i think we obviously need to have a set of rules for the BOE. I suggest zero tolerance and dismissal as the consequence.
    What kind of example are you settinng for my child.
    As i always say, we need to aim high. We can do better than this. We do not need thugs in elected office.

  7. Ergo

    At this point, Rilling needs to lock them all in a room for however long it takes to work this nonsense drama out. Enough already! Children get along better than these adults do.

  8. Carolyn Chiodo

    MOSBY is a complete DISGRACE to herself and the people who voted for her!


    If Mosby can’t control herself how is anyone else expected to reign her in. She should be booted from the BOE for her threatening comments. She is a disgrace to herself and the community she represents. Murray and Harris must be mortified!

    This type of behavior can not be tolerated.

  10. Dairy

    I personally, if I still lived in Norwalk, would prefer that BOE members be able to speak grammatically.

  11. dawn

    how does one begin a recall

  12. David

    This is troubling, and let’s hope that Mike Lyons is correct, that this is out of character. The tantrum is ridiculous and it’s good to see BOE members reward Mr. Lyons for a job well done. He has returned civility and leadership to the BOE. That doesn’t mean disagreements can’t happen, but they should happen in respectful manner.

  13. Casey Smith

    Sadly, Dawn, Connecticut does not have recall — at least for municipal offices. For the BOE, probably not.

    Buckle in, it looks like it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  14. M Allen

    Helluva way to start the new season. But I think the vote speaks volumes.

  15. EveT

    This is really a shame. First, the uncivil behavior on the part of Mosby and others. Second, electing Lyons who is one of the notably uncivil BOE members from the previous term. Disgusting.

  16. Granny

    It is and has been standard procedure for the Mayor to swear in the new members. Don’t recall a time the Mayor hasn’t. Although there may have been. Far as a member feeling frustrated by the power plays, maybe “pulling nose hairs out” would have been more appropiate to express a figure of speech. Lets ask Jack? Jack is good expressing himself. Ms. Mosby has vast support from all over town and a mandate to help Dr. Rivera and kick tail if need be and do what it takes to get equal educational opportunites for all Norwalks children. Black, white, brown, pink SPED/LD, all Norwalks children. As for the the constant vitriol and personal attacks that seems to be increasing on here from the usual suspects. How about contributing something to the discussions or presnt questions or suggestions anything but the constant negative attacks. This type of public display of such consistent, immature, nonsensical, repeated personal attacks and mindless comments are what destroyed previous forums attempts to involve and interact readers. The same half a dozen or so people slinging mud and challenging eachother to midget mind duels, will also make this opportunity, to communicate, interact and learn from and with eachother, also evaporate, if it isnt tempered.
    Can we raise the bar here people? Please? This is an important source of information and communication and the only place we can get accurate and timely news that we need to know. Dont blow it. There is nobody commentng over at the Hour, they have staff to monitor and moderate comments. Vent and rant till you feel better, over there. NON is a small family start up, which we need more of round here. NON does not have the staff or resouces to stop and take the time to tell each one of us to, grow up, already. And to the NON owners, these rants and personal attacks are embarassing, at times, please excuse some of us, as some of us missed civics class in HS.

  17. M Allen

    If given the choice between civility and results, I’ll take results. I’d prefer both, but we have more than enough people who can be civil and achieve nothing. They pretty much reside in the US Senate.
    And it funny how civility is interpreted differently, depending on the outcome. Those on the losing end often see their treatment from a much different perspective. Everyone is a victim these days.

  18. bsmith

    EveT you must be thinking about a different Lyons or have the names mixed up with another board member. Lyons is known for his professionalism and decorum.

  19. Mr. Ludlow

    Thank you, Eve T, for being a voice of reason for the nonpolitical among these readers.
    A lot of credit must go to Rosa Murray who recognized (unlike the GOP) that Kassimis could bring peace to the BOE and who nominated him for vice-chairperson. Sadly, he’ll be serving with a chairperson who takes his orders from GOP Central.

  20. David

    I would tend to agree with bsmith – I have never heard of “uncivil” charges made against Mike Lyons. I’ve seen him present at various school meetings and he’s always come across as professional and deliberate. After some rocky years, the BOE has stabilized under his chairmanship.
    That doesn’t mean I have, or will, agree with every position Mr. Lyons puts forward, but that’s different. As a parent invested in Norwalks schools, I feel confident with Mr. Lyons as the current chair of the BOE.

  21. LWitherspoon

    Since nobody here seems to know of a time when Mr. Lyons was uncivil, can you please provide a few examples?

  22. M Allen

    Does anyone know why the Mayor didn’t stay and swear in the members in the first place? If, as Granny says, it was standard procedure, why did he fail to do it? Why did he have to be dragged back after the kids started acting up? Not casting any aspersions, by the way. Just asking how it happened. Because he was there, then he wasn’t.

  23. JustAsking

    What a disgraceful way for this Board to begin! Get over yourselves and your perceived sense of individual importance. Come together as a united Board and put Norwalk first!

  24. Charlie

    @M Allen

    He was in another meeting swearing in other individuals that were elected.

  25. @Granny,
    MAllen has a point, now that the liberals are really showing their true colors, it’s all “lets overlook this behavior”.
    But where were you when the libbies were cutting up the republicans over every little thing – including what former Mayor Moccia did or did not do.
    NoN is only getting back what was they put out since they began this liberal publication. All her attacks on the former mayor was fair game then — OHHHH but not now???!!! Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.
    Criminal behavior (along with bad behavior) needs to be called out on – regardless of politcal party – even NoN readers liberal lefties (and NoN itself).
    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  26. carolyn Chiodo

    Interesting article from the former mayor on Mosby’s father and how he wasted time money and resources. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1916&dat=19960322&id=KypJAAAAIBAJ&sjid=pAYNAAAAIBAJ&pg=1750,2869156

  27. M Allen

    nonono – M Allen didn’t really have a point there. M Allen had a question about what began this brouhaha. According to the story…
    “Rilling made a speech to begin the meeting, welcoming the board members… The mayor then headed over to the council chambers for the council meeting, only to have Migdalia Rivas protest that the swearing in ceremony needed to be done by the mayor… As Mosby stalked out of the room, Lyons said, “What are you shaking your head for? We had the conversation, that’s what he told me.”

    He was there first, and then left without swearing anyone in. That is what started all this, forcing Mosby to run across the way and yank him out of the CC meeting. The reporting made it sound like Mike Lyons had something to do with it. I’m just tyring to understand: why? Why didn’t he do what apparently some think is standard procedure? Did he do wrong? Did Mike Lyons do wrong? Was it just a mixup on the first day of being Mayor? Were people just hurt they weren’t going to get to raise their hands in front of a camera without “their” mayor?
    The issue here really isn’t why or how it happened. The issue that people need to be concerned with is the day-one antics and what we should expect down the road. Cry civility all you want. But if this is how it begins, we’re all in afor quite the sideshow in the next couple of years. Rulers on knuckles.

  28. Granny

    Libbies? lol. Need a libby mascot. Really, Irishgirl if you find this site not to your tastes, perhaps a conservative site or an extreme right tea bagger site would help you relax and just discuss issues, as opposed to avoiding all issues and simply attacking the messengers and commenters, oftentimes walking the line and too often crossing the line of common respect and trampling with vicious relish, civil statemanship altogether. I find many of these irrational rants unwarrented, distasteful and frankly childish but only by the small few that post daily on every thread and often run the thread count way up bickering back and fourth over nothing of substance and that are really non isues to most reasonable rational thinking folks. Honestly its stale and agravatng to see the same names posting the same rants over and over and over and having to read them over and over to get to any informative posts. Thats all your gonna get out of me Irish girl and your fortunate to even get even that from me. And BTW I am Irish and your giving us a bad rap. How about some new material, say, about, issues rather than fabricating attacks on folks, fashion preference and facial expressions. Folks that are doing allot more than sitting alone at the screen and ranking on everyone, everyone, accept the GOP that is. If you believe this is a biased site, which rational minds know for a fact NON is not biased and is INDEPENDENT but if you believe that than why are you even here? Why all the hostility, the bitterness? Try and relax IG. It’s going to be ok.

  29. M Allen

    Granny, this isn’t CNN. There aren’t thousands of readers. And have you read the comments out there? Yikes, that is some terrible stuff some of those people say. Regardless of the numbers, there will always be a percentage of anonymous trolls mixed in with serious commenters. It’s the nature of the beast.

  30. Piberman

    What a wonderful outcome to re- elect the best BOE leadership in memory. Hats off to those Democrats who understood that competence and outcomes overshadow party. And to Ms Mosby time for you to retire. Your brand of BOE politics is out of fashion in the new Norwalk. We respect only those who are respectful of other elected officials. Such a poor example you have set at the outset. How could you possibly imagined yourself as a BOE Chair ?

  31. M Allen

    League of Women Voters Candidate Questions. Seems so long ago.
    LWV: Beyond the Code of Civility, how have you or would you connect and listen to staff, parents, community and fellow board members in order to foster collaborative relationships?
    SM: As a BOE member, I will not establish divisions. It is not the BOE against the staff, BOE members against one another, or the BOE and the city in unrest situations. While we may not always agree, we must disagree in an agreeable manner and work to resolve matters.

  32. iAFSTAR

    The democrats on the BOE HATE each other so much that they would prefer to vote in two Republicans. Good or Bad, at least they can’t accuse Norwalk of partisan politics.

    LWV response from Mosby … with the family history she might think that behavior is being civil. The article was from the Superintendent not the mayor.

  33. Don’t Panic

    The BOE swearing in was scheduled for 7:45 and the CC scheduled for 8:00. Apparently, the scheduling was too tight and the Mayor opted not to be late for the second as a result of the first.
    Since the swearing in is only once, it might’ve been a good idea not to delegate it out. Pretty much a damned if you do situation.

  34. LWitherspoon

    @M Allen
    I wonder whether or not Ms. Mosby’s comment would constitute bullying under the BoE’s bullying policy. Certainly it’s out of compliance with the civility code recently passed by the BoE. Perhaps it’s time to cleanse with yet another Bruce Morris press conference.
    Do you think it counts as an “unrest situation” when someone threatens to “pull every white hair out of his head”? There is always the possibility that this is all a big misunderstanding, and Ms. Mosby was just advising Mr. Lyons that the Telly Savalas look would work well for him.
    Whatever the case, kudos to NoN for a more detailed write-up than we saw in other local papers. However I remain disappointed that there was no request for comment from Mayor Rilling, who chaired the BoE meeting and made civility a theme of his campaign. We need ALL elected officials held accountable for their promises and their actions, not just the ones who get into conflicts with the Chapmans.

  35. Charger

    The Union bosses Bruce Mellion/NFT and Tony Ditrio/NASA endorsed Mosby. What does that tell you about their judgement?

  36. Casey Smith

    Carolyn – Just a quick point of clarification. The article about John Mosby was written by Ralph Sloan, the former Superintendent of Schools. He never was a Norwalk mayor.
    And many, many, many, many thanks for that link to Google Newspapers. I was able to find a very important article I’d been searching for. Kudos to you!

  37. Lifelong Teacher

    Yes Carolyn, thanks for that. I had heard about it for more than a decade and was glad to finally see it in black and white.

    As far as Ms. Mosby’s behavior last night, unfortunately it IS EXACTLY in character. Anyone who was around and attended BOE meetings during the last couple of Dr. Corda’s years witnessed it. NoN, it was before your time. Although I certainly wasn’t his greatest fan during that time period, as a Norwalk citizen I was mortified. Neck jerking, name calling, comments under the breath, I could go on and on. Agree with him or not, he was the superintendent and a human being. Never in my life have I seen such common behavior and flagrant disrespect. I had hoped for a change, but evidently not.

    This is what we voted in, and I am so sorry.

  38. Piberman

    Nancy’s omitted that the two votes for Ms Mosley were by members who objected to hiring Dr Rivera. Now that’s real leadership. All 3 members belong to the earlier dysfunctional BOE times and bring no luster now.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Just to get the facts straight, Ms. Rivas voted against the appointment but said to me later, when I questioned her vote, that it was about the process, not the candidate. Ms. Murray abstained, again citing the process. What follows is from the July 9 BOE meeting minutes which can be found on the NPS site. Also, we have addressed what is said with Mr. Lyons, who denies any exclusion in the process. From the minutes:

      “Ms. Rivas asked for a point of clarification on the approval of appointment and contract, and Mr. Lyons replied that the item is a vote for the appointment. She then stated that she had concerns with the Search Firm and she had protested the $250,000 figure at the last Board meeting. She stated that Norwalk cannot afford the salary, but her major complaint concerned the process by which the choice was made. She explained that there was a lot of uncivil behavior going on in the emails between the board members and, and that it seemed like it was conducting Board meetings in the e-mail. She stated that she would be voting no and that she feels the public was denied certain things that they requested.

      “Ms. Murray said she had no problem with Dr. Rivera as the candidate, but she felt excluded from the process. She said there were times when information was not shared with all Board members, and added that we really do need to understand better how we can work as a nine member Board. She stated that they need to learn how not to divide but to be able to respect, fully listen to each other, and to evaluate what is being said as far as what’s in the best interest of all students.”

  39. “I’m going to pull every white hair out of his head,”
    — Shirley Mosby, newly elected democratic BoE member, talking to Jack Chiaramonte after the very first BoE meeting. The democratic party’s platform for this election was “civility”.
    Seriously, if I were in Mike Lyon’s shoes, I would get a restraining order against Mosby; she has already proven herself to be incapable of controlling her emotions from day ONE. We all know that Rilling will support her if she clenches her fists with a set of car keys in-between her fingers and pummels Lyons – much like her violent buddy on the democratic team, Brown.
    Lyons should use all measures available to ensure his safety against this uncontrollable, dangerous, and politically liable democrat.

  40. LWitherspoon

    “Well, change is what you are about to get, whether in development, education, poverty program oversight or civility, there is change coming down the pike.”
    Source: http://www.rillingformayor.com

  41. bsmith

    Disagree with website owner, there is a pattern. A one time vote against the hiring of a Superintendent for vague reasons is questionable but might fit within a spin cycle. These two voted against Rivera’s hire two times. Both Murray and Rivas worked at and voted to stall the superintendent search too. If it walks like a duck-

    1. Mark Chapman


      We’re dealing in facts, not ducks. It’s a news piece. We deal with ducks in opinion pieces, clearly labeled. There are ducks galore. Here in the comment section, there are ducks and there are unicorns and dragons — fantasy creatures conjured up by those not bound by the rules of journalism, or even good taste and decorum. Such is life online. When we get called out by someone using “facts” instead of facts, we respond. Unless of course the calling out is the typically angry partisan poop that permeates the web. That’s not worth a response.

  42. lael

    Someone I know was present at the meeting and was appalled by her angry demeanor and obvious animus toward Lyons. I think the police should investigate her threatening and menacing behavior. Verbal threats of bodily harm these days needs to be taken seriously. She needs to get control of her behavior or get arrested and resign.

  43. bsmith

    Mark Chapman. More facts written by Nancy on Norwalk reporters would bring more balance to discussion it would seem—-
    The appointment of a superintendent was delayed by Norwalk Federation of Teachers Bruce Mellion, who reminded the board that the union had the right to look over a new superintendent’s contract for four days before it could be approved.

    Lyons said the board had differed about the candidates but, “It was clear that the one candidate that could generate the greatest degree of consensus on the board was Dr. Manny Rivera.”

    No one had been excluded, he said, as he forwarded every document he got from Proact to every board member.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ bsmith

      Yes. We wrote that story when it was news.The purpose of the response to Mr. Berman was to correct a fact, not to rewrite a story we spent plenty of time on in the past.

  44. SOOO the SPIN on this NoN is that…
    “Ms. Murray said she had no problem with Dr. Rivera as the candidate, but she felt excluded from the process. She said there were times when information was not shared with all Board members, and added that we really do need to understand better how we can work as a nine member Board.”
    BUT YET she she voted AGAINST a VERY capable candidate because of the PROCESS (EVEN though the process was followed and SHE dropped the ball?).
    Wow, that is working “for the children”.
    Sound like she is a child herself.

  45. Ark

    Lyons ain’t from Republican central. He certainly does not take his cues from Art Scialabba head of the RTC. He is kind of a free agent who is conservative but believes in good education and wants a good BoE in Norwalk. The irony of all this was that Lyons was supporting democrat Mike Barbis for chair. Word on the street is that Mosby and Murray apparently did not want Barbis for chair for some strange personal or party reason. (reverse discrimination maybe?) Lyons only got the nod and support of 2 democrats when Mosby turned her accusations on Barbis. Very strange and does not bode well for the coming years of this BoE.

  46. Just Rosa & Shirley? Did you not see the black Community at that meeting out in force along with the unions? Poor Sherelle was badgered (and threatened I hear) by them not to vote for Barbis. They all showed up expecting Rosa to be coronated chairman, instead they got a coronary! Lyons, Chiaramonte, Barbis & Keyes have not let the party designation letter that follows their names get in the way of doing whays best for Norwalk’s education of it’s children and have worked in a bipartisan manner putting All of Norwalk’s children first and they have supported Manny Rivera from the start. They certainly were not the ones causing the brouhaha at the last meeting over who swears who in like spoiled little children. Can’t say that about Mosby, Murray & Rivas. All they ever talk about is the Hispanic and black children whenever they are not screaming, accusing or just not cooperating with the rest of the board.

  47. LWitherspoon

    It would be interesting to know where the Teachers Union influence is in all of this. The day before the meeting over at Norwalk Speaks, a blog that consists largely of BoE employees bashing the BoE, somebody posted a long list of comments by Mike Barbis which they found offensive. Could it be that for some reason the NFT didn’t want Barbis as Chair and that’s what led to the last-minute switch to Lyons?

  48. Casey Smith

    @ Ziggy – I deeply appreciate your comments since I wasn’t there at the meeting, but had a very strong suspicion that the scenario you described was what went down. I was at a number of BOE meetings in 09-10 and have to say that you called it as I saw it. Sad.

  49. @ Casey Smith. Yes, it is the way it went down and yes, it is sad the the ones who accuse the “apples” of having some sort of hidden agenda, are actually the ones who have much to hide. They say “When you point your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.” In this case, those three fingers are pointing at Murray, Mosby & Rivas. Poor Shirelle. I hear she is a fair good hearted person. She has only been to one meeting and she has already been badgered, threatened and exposed to the vile vitriol of these 3 and the company they keep.

    @ LWitherspoon. In addition to the black community that did not want Barbis, the NFT was right there as well tarnishing Barbis. The NFT does not only NOT want Barbis as chairman, they don’t want Lyons, Keyes or especially Chiaramonte. The NFT and Administrators unions both have to negotiate their contracts this summer and would love to have a pushover chair their negotiations. I can guarantee Mellion & Ditrio were not happy after that meeting.

  50. LWitherspoon

    What makes you think that Murray or Mosby would be pushovers during teacher negotiations?

  51. nwkprobate

    @LWitherspoon … look at the history books. Murray gave away the store with her friend Bishop-Pullan … they never took one contract to arbitration … check out what the arbitrators said at the last NFT arbitration. It’s scary!

  52. Murray was part of those past Boards that gave the unions everything. Mosby has a father and brother that are in the school custodial union and is very pro union. Ask Mellion or Ditrio who they would prefer as chair, Murray or any one of the four I mentioned. They would take Rosa in a heart beat.

  53. Casey Smith

    Oh, man! Nancy and Mark, keep on top of this, please!!! I can’t wait for the next exciting episode!

  54. Deidra Davis

    Ziggy? Are you making fun of the Rastafarian culture? That really is not appreciated. Nancy you should register people before they can post. I can tell by Ziggy’s email that the person behind the email don’t know her or wouldn’t have written that mess. Ziggy did you mean well or are you just trying to conquer and divide. She is kind-hearted, but Sherelle is a big girl. I’ve worked with her in the community. I know her heart and have seen her personality. She is highly favored and she can take care of herself. What pissed me off about the whole thing is that on the day that should have been happy for her, so many made it hell. Ignorance and selfish. I am a life-long resident and I know things. Sherelle, you don’t owe nobody but those children. Hear me sis. Use the block on your phone and email and keep doing what you have always done. Don’t get caught up. There no one way to be black. You are a happy and smart. Don’t let people bring you down and if they try then that tell you what they about. If people come at you don’t wait until you had enough, tell them where to go now.

  55. @ Deidra Davis. WHAT??? I happen to like David Bowie One of his albums is called “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”. I am NOT making fun of the Rastafarian culture. You must be thinking of Ziggy Marley, who’s music, by the way, I also enjoy as much as his father Bob Marley. There are many people who share the name Ziggy, just like there are other “Deidra’s” in the world.

    And yes, I did mean well. I know Sherelle Is a good hearted woman and I said so. Why would you think I meant otherwise?

  56. @Granny,
    Just a fyi for your snarky response “please excuse some of us, as some of us missed civics class in HS.”
    Civics is a subject taught about government as it relates to the city or town.
    It does seem like some of “us” (i.e. – you) missed civics in HS because then you would know what was taught.

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