New Haven lawmaker pitches candy tax

HARTFORD, Conn. – Connecticut might become the first state to impose a special tax on candy under a bill proposed by Rep. Juan Candelaria, D-New Haven, who hopes to curb childhood obesity by taxing sweets and soft drinks.

The legislature’s Committee on Children will schedule a public hearing on the bill, which would impose a new one cent per-ounce tax on sugary soft drinks and candy.

Candelaria said the tax would apply to high-sugar and high-calorie candies as well as soft drinks, both carbonated and uncarbonated. The new revenue would be divided evenly between municipal aid funds, a scholarship program, and efforts to reduce childhood obesity.

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6 responses to “New Haven lawmaker pitches candy tax”

  1. T2 Again

    I don’t think that chocolate and other candies are to blame for childhood obesity. It the sugar cereals and fast food joints that are to blame.

  2. Casey Smith

    I don’t think it’s the sweets and soft drinks. The schools have been serving fresh fruits and vegetables, no salt and no sugar for almost two years now. Surely we would have seen some changes. Kids needs to be outside, running around rather than glued to their cellphones texting their bff who is sitting right across the room or playing Angry Birds every chance they get.

  3. Wineshine

    Lack of exercise, lack of parental supervision, lack of nutrition education are to blame for childhood obesity. Parents these days don’t discipline their kids because, god forbid, the kids don’t look at them as “friends”. They take the easy way out by serving crappy fast food for dinner. Nutritional school lunches get thrown in the trash because kids don’t have a clue about nutrition, and they figure they’ll get their junk food fix at home, so why eat at school. Here we go again, mono-dimensional thinking. Nothing more than a money grad disguised at the government doing something good.

  4. A sweet deal!

    Rep. Candelaria is delusional if he thinks a penny tax will deter kids/adults from eating sweets and drinking soft drinks.

    Waste of time. ALSO, it’s their right to consume whatever they want. Shame on the government for controlling what goes in their mouths and penalizing them.

  5. Casey Smith

    Wineshine, have you seen some of the lunch photos that students have been posting from across the nation? If not, go to Business Insider and search “students tweeting awful photos of school lunches”. The first three that came up I wouldn’t be able to have since I’m allergic to milk and orange/mango drink and have to be very careful around gravy based stews/dishes. I spent about 6 months eating a vegetarian diet and it can be not only healthy but tasty, too!

    I want to make very clear that this is NOT a slam at the Norwalk Public Schools, as I have no idea what they serve.

  6. Wineshine

    Thanks Casey, I just lost my appetite for the next month!! Eeww. Are those really at the suggestion of the First Lady? Hard to believe. I hold a degree in culinary arts, and these photos make we wonder if whoever thought them up had any foodservice experience at all. I can’t remember what they served in my school cafeteria, but I don’t have nightmares about it.

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