New Norwalk superintendent’s ‘cabinet’ up in the air

Updated, 11:53 p.m. May 24, vacancy ad for Longo’s position

NORWALK, Conn. – The Board of Education has begun to solicit applications to replace two key school administrators, but there may not be any action taken on those positions until a new superintendent is on board, BOE Chairman Mike Lyons said.

The board accepted the resignation of Chief Operating Officer Elio Longo Tuesday night. Director of Technology Robert Polselli has also resigned. Polselli’s last day is expected to be June 20, while Longo’s resignation is effective June 30.

Meanwhile, the board is conducting interviews with superintendent candidates, one of whom will work closely with their replacements.

Lyons said no decision has been made about replacing Polselli or Longo.

“My strong preference is to wait until the permanent superintendent is named so he/she has input into the membership of the ‘cabinet,’” he said in an email. “However, no board decision has been made on this. Either way, it makes sense to post/advertise them and get applications in, and that is proceeding.”

The ad for a new COO/school business administrator was posted May 21. The pay is listed as $166,222 and the job is available July 1, the ad says.


2 responses to “New Norwalk superintendent’s ‘cabinet’ up in the air”

  1. SB

    This is a sensible approach. I lived through a time when the BOE did the opposite and it was disastrous as the new super didn’t trust the assisatants who were hired previously.

  2. piberman

    For the first time in decades an incoming Supt. will have a major influence on the selection of the COO and reportedly a HR chief as well. Unfortunately the new Supt. will have Asst. Supt. Dadonna in place whose unsuccessful candidacy was reportedly pushed hard by the teachers union and several members of the BOE – Mr. Colarossi in particular. Mr. Dadonna reportedly has an extended contract. Working with an unsuccessful reported candidate for the top job will be challenging. Curiously Mr. Dadonna nor NFT union chief Mellion have “worked well” with each, a far cry from Mr. Mellion’s harsh and unprofessional criticisms of former Supt. Marks who bore the brunt of his diatribes with uncommon dignity.

    The real challenge for the incoming Supt. will be “holding the fort” against the most hostile teachers union in the state. On the plus side the new Supt. will have the most capable and well functioning BOE in recent memory. It will be interesting to watch whether the “pro-union” members of the BOE will be re-elected.

    All in all there’s good news for the NPSS. But after their disastrous defeat in the Arbitration Panel we should expect a full frontal assault by the NFT on the new Supt., the BOE and most certainly on the City’s Treasury.

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