New Norwalker alarmed by Cranbury Park rumor

Finley, a two-and-a-half year old Bernedoodle, in Cranbury Park. (Contributed)
Finley, a two-and-a-half year old Bernedoodle, in Cranbury Park. (Contributed)

A new Norwalk resident got a rude surprise this week when a fellow Cranbury Park aficionado told him the park’s woods were going to be removed in favor of disc golf.

Not true, according to Norwalk Director of Communications Michelle Woods Matthews.

The resident said he and his wife love walking their dog in Cranbury Park but a fellow dogwalker “stopped us to say that the town is planning on converting all of the woodlands to an expanded Disc Golf course (even claiming that they were deliberately poisoning trees to do so, which seems quite far-fetched).”

Woods Mathews said, “There aren’t any plans to expand the disc golf area at Cranbury Park.”

On Wednesday, NancyOnNorwalk received an email from Whit Cooper, who said he takes care of Cranbury’s disc golf course. “I am writing to assure you we aren’t expanding or poisoning trees!” he wrote.

According to the City’s website, Cranbury Park offers 227 acres of wooded trails “and a dog-friendly environment in the orchard. The Great Lawn presents a dramatic backdrop to wedding receptions and festivals all year long. The park also features a challenging 18-hole Disc Golf Course that winds in and out of the woods.”

The new Norwalker was glad to hear that there are no plans to expand disc golf, saying, “Finley, our gigantic but adorable (biased opinion) Bernedoodle will be thrilled.”

Updated, 1;32 p.m.: More information.

Finley, a two-and-a-half year old Bernedoodle, in Cranbury Park. (Contributed)


5 responses to “New Norwalker alarmed by Cranbury Park rumor”

  1. Kevin Poruban

    Always a “conspiracy” – LOL. Dead trees may have more to do with the recent explosion of the Spotted Lanternfly population. Just ask our Town Clerk about the tree they destroyed in his yard.

    1. Rick McQuaid

      Absolutely right Kevin, there was no stopping them. Had to cut down a 50-foot Tree of Heaven in fear of any ice storms this winter. Plenty of firewood if anyone needs it…. free for the taking, kindling too!

  2. Donna King

    I’m happy that you were able to confirm that this rumor is untrue. I am a walker at Cranbury Park and enjoy it whenever I can. There is a dog problem in the park because the humans are ignoring the park rules. On a good weather day you can find many dogs running free on the Great Lawn. In addition people seem to think it is a good idea to let their dogs run off the leash on the walking paths that surround the lawn and mansion. There is a beautiful dog park area created specifically for dogs to run free and play with other dogs but there seem to be more and more humans allowing their dogs to take over the entire park.
    I recently was almost knocked off my feet by an unleashed dog and the owner seemed unfazed. I was on the path. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the park rules, dogs are not allowed on the great lawn (signs are posted) and must be on a leash as they walk them on the paths,
    I strongly recommend that the CC committee and the department take a serious look at ways to enforce the rules. This problem is unimportant until someone is injured by a dog running loose. Thank you to the people who do abide by the rules of and respect this beautiful park and make it a safe place for all of us.

  3. Donald Schroeder

    Yeah, I think I know this person who has been spreading this rumor about the Disc Golf and poisoning of trees. He’s harmless but a bit off, pay no attention to him.
    The Beech trees have been dying off for a few years now and certain areas of the woods are very thin indeed. Most noticeable perhaps is the beautiful Dark Purple beech next to the mansion florida room.

    The Beech Leaf Disease has certainly decimated large areas of the once lush forest.

    As for the Dogs on the lawn….yes we all need to be better about managing our pets around the lawn area.
    However there are many elderly pet owners who use the park as well and can not manage there walking aids and a leash at the same time. With the recent population explosion in Norwalk due to the vast number of apartment complexes, any of these people are just discovering the joys of our litttle gem and need to be properly trained in the park edicate.

    Additionally now that we are “Off Season” there are a lot of out of towners using our green space. I’ve also seen many out of state plates in the parking lot, visiting relatives for the holidays? Perhaps Cranbury needs to stay in season year round.

  4. Nicolas Dacey

    The disc golfers are not expanding anything with the course at Cranbury Park. The person who informed the new resident may have heard about the recent changes to the course, and misunderstood. Two holes were moved AWAY from the trails in order to improve the disc golf experience, and increase the safety to casual walkers. All of the disc golfers in the community are extremely thankful to the city of Norwalk for allowing the course to exist since 1998, and wish for nothing but to coexist with other park-goers so that everyone can enjoy their time in nature.

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