New security measures at state capitol complex

Rep. Pam Sawyer tries out the new turnstiles in the LOB (Christine Stuart photo)
Rep. Pam Sawyer tries out the new turnstiles in the Capitol lobby. (Christine Stuart photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – The new security measures at the state Capitol complex went live Thursday morning to mixed reviews from lawmakers and employees.

The new measures, which include metal detectors, security vestibules, and swipe card technologies, were all employed Thursday for the first time.

As with the first day of any new technology there were some glitches. Namely the shadows being cast in the vestibule used by staff and lawmakers periodically detected more than one person inside the glass booth.

The technology only allows for one person to enter at a time, so the person was asked by an electronic voice to step outside the vestibule and wait 10 seconds before trying to reenter the building. The glass around the vestibule, which is not bulletproof, is scheduled to be tinted in the next few days to resolve the issue. Other staffers had problems getting through the door with their backpacks or boxes of paperwork. It’s unclear at the moment how that problem would be solved.

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  1. EveT

    Will the legislators who support 2nd amendment gun rights be allowed to bring a gun into the building? If not, will they protest?

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