New state laws go into effect Jan. 1

HARTFORD, Conn. — With the arrival of the New Year, a handful of new laws go into effect on Wednesday including a 45-cent hike in the state minimum wage, an increase in fines for distracted driving, and elements of this year’s gun control legislation.

More than two dozen state statutes are scheduled to kick in next week, like the first phase of a two-year plan to raise Connecticut’s minimum wage to $9 an hour.

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  1. Diane C2

    Big deal that legislators saw fit to raise the minimum fine for driving while using cell phone or electronic devise from $125 to $150 – do they really think this is a deterrent? This coupled with virtually NO enforcement means people can chat and text while driving with impunity, as they do in Norwalk every day, almost in defiance. I think the first offense fine should be at least $500, the second $1,500 and the third losing your license, because clearly you are not responsible enough to be operating a deadly weapon.

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